Bakor Camp, Adadari Waterfall & Heritage Kalesharwari Temple One Day Tour

If you want to see Typical Village life and Enjoy the natural environment with the Waterfall, Bakor is one of the best places in Gujarat to Visit. It is 150 km away from Ahmedabad in the Mountain range of Aravali. It is located near Modasa. It is the same 160 km from Vadodara too.

Especially in Monsoon, everyone should visit once to see the beauty of the waterfall and Jungle. Along with that many campsites are available to provide facilities for Local Food and Adventure Activities.

What to see/do in the Bakor?

  • Sightseeing
    • Waterfall (Jun to Feb)
    • Dodavanta Lake & Jungle Trek
    • Kaleshwari Mandir
    • Kadana Dam site visit (30 km Away)
  • At Farms of bakor
    • Activities at the farm like Archery, Rifle shooting
    • Burma bridge, outdoor games
    • Children play area
    • Swimming pool
    • DJ and Garba (If more people)
    • Campfire (Winter)

નોંધ: મુલાકાતીઓ એડવાન્સ બુકિંગs વિના સીધા બાકોર પહોંચે છે અને ભોજન અને અન્ય પ્રવૃત્તિઓની વ્યવસ્થા માટે અમને ત્યાંથી કૉલ કરે છે. બાકોર ખાતેના તમામ ફાર્મમાં સીમિત બેઠકો છે અને તરત જ મુલાકાતીઓને સમાયોજિત કરી શકતા નથી. આમ અગાઉથી ફાર્મ બુક કરાવવાની સલાહ આપવામાં આવે છે. (Advanced booking is required)

Please note that many tourists call me after reaching Bakor and we became helpless at the last moment. It’s advisable to book at least 1 day in advance.

Facts about Bakor

  • Bakor waterfall is open for all and you can visit it without Booking.
  • But there are no open restaurants available at Bakor so it’s best to book through the farms nearby.
  • To spend a good day with the facility it is compulsory to book the farm in advance and then go to avoid disappointment at the last minute.
  • There is no Bakor resort available. There are only farms available.
  • One day picnic is the best option to visit Bakor

Bakor Package Charges

Ex. Bakor means – Bakor to Bakor (બાકોર થી બાકોર). Someone searched for Bakor resort price or bakor adventure park but its actually Bakor farm. Its prices are given below. Bakor nature camp price

One Day Package
(Morning to Night)

(Bakor to Bakor)
Without Transportation
Check-in Time 8:00 AM Onwards
Checkout Time: 9 PM

All farm has the same prices. Aranakya Farm, Mahuvan Farm and Bakor Nature camp

Rs. 850 per Adult
Rs. 550 per Child
(5 to 10 Years)

– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Hi-Tea
– Dinner
– Activities – Swimming pool, Adventure activities, Indoor games (board games), Outdoor games,
– Guide for Sightseeing (Waterfall, Kaleshwari Mata Mandir)

One Night 2 Days Package
(Bakor to Bakor)
(11 AM Check-in – 10 AM Checkout) – Twin sharing basis. Room with attached toilet

Price of the following farms are as below: Aranakya Farm, Mahuvan Farm and Bakor Nature camp

Non-AC Room
Rs. 1,400 per Adult
Rs. 980 per Child
(5 to 10 Years)

AC Room
Rs. 1,700 per Adult
Rs. 1,100 per Child
(5 to 10 Years)

– Day 1 –
– 11 AM Check-in
– Lunch
– Activities, swimming pool at the farm
– High Tea
– Dinner
– Guide for Sightseeing
– Campfire (Winter)
– Non AC Room

Day 2
– Breakfast
– 10 AM Checkout

– Breakfast – Tea, Coffee, Poha
– Lunch – One Punjabi, One Guajrati Subji, Rice, Daal, Salad, Papad, Puri or chapati
– High Tea – Tea, Coffee
– Dinner – Chhole Puri Pulav or Kathiyawadi or Khichi kadhi or Bhajipau

To get a quick reply (Within 15 mins) please press the green button given below.

Ahmedabad to Bakor Package Car Charges

અમદાવાદ, વડોદરા અથવા ગાંધીનગર થી બાકોર . Vadodara to Bakor, Gandhinagar to Bakor, and Ahmedabad to Bakor have the same rate as the total km is same. If you want car arrangements from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar or Bakor then the following cost will be additional :

Tripcode: 0722380BAK & 0722450BAK

AC Car Charges for 1 day – Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad

xCent AC Car – ₹ 4,400
(Max 4 person)
Kadana dam – ₹ 700 additional

Ertiga AC Car – ₹ 5,600
(Max 6 Persons)
Kadana Dam – ₹ 950 additional

Innova AC Car – ₹ 6,000
(Max 7 Persons)
Kadana Dam – ₹ 1,000 additional

Innova Crysta AC – ₹ 6,400
(Max 8 person )
Kadana Dam – ₹ 1,100 additional

AC Car Charges for 2 days – Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad

xCent AC Car- ₹ 7,200
(4-person capacity)

Ertiga AC Car – ₹ 9,000
(6 Persons Capacity)

Innova AC Car – ₹ 9,600
(7 Persons Capacity)

Innova Crysta AC – ₹ 10,200
(7 person capacity)

To get a quick reply (Within 15 mins) please press the green button given below.

Please check all details about all available campsites at Bakor. Prices, Car, and bus options to reach there

One-day trip to Bakor via Group Tour/Bus Tour from Ahmedabad

Operated on every Sunday only + NON-AC Bus

Rs. 1,250/Adult,
Rs. 1,000/Child (5 to 9 Years)

– 5:00 AM – Pickup from Navrangpura
– 5:15 AM – Pickup from Shahibaug
– 5:30 AM – Pickup from Naroda Patiya
– 9:30 AM – Reach Camp Site
– 9:45 AM – Breakfast
– 10:15 AM – Dodavanta Lake Trekking
– 12:30 PM – Lunch
– 1:30 PM – Waterfall
– 4:30 PM – High Tea
– 5:00 to 7:30 PM – Activities – Archery, rifle shooting, Burma bridge, swimming pool
– 7:30 PM – Dinner
– 8:30 PM – Depart
– 11:30 PM – Drop

Breakfast – Poha, Tea, Coffee
– Lunch – Gujarati Dish
– High Tea – Mix Bhajiya, Tea, and Coffee
Dinner – Chhole Puri, Pulav, Kadi Salad

To get a quick reply (Within 15 mins) please press the green button given below.

Bakor Private Family/Corporate tours from Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar

If you are planning for a private group tour with your friend, family, office, or society members we can arrange that in AC tempo traveller by bus.

– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Hi-tea
– Dinner
– Activities – Archery, Rifle Shooting and many other
– Swimming Pool
– AC Tempo traveller or AC Bus
– Sightseeing – Dodavanta Lake Trekking or Kaleshwari Mandir, Waterfall
– Toll, Parking, Driver Allowance

Not Including
– Kadana dam sightseeing

– 6 AM – Pickup
– Breakfast
– Waterfall or Jungle Trek
– Lunch
– Swimming pool, Activities at Farm
– Hi-Tea
– Kaleshwari Mata Mandir
– Dinner
– Depart
– Drop

The schedule can be customized. Discuss with us for modification.

For pricing, please click on the given button below and discuss on WhatsApp.

To get a quick reply (Within 15 mins) please press the green button given below.


  • Kadana dam visit is not included in one day price.
  • The tour is completely flexible based on the schedule, interests and choices. So discuss with us for customization.

Bakor Location

Aranakya Farm Address, Mahuvan farm address, and Bakor nature camp address

  • Ahmedabad to Bakor – 150 km
  • Vadodara to Bakor – 150 Km
Bakor is 150 Kms away from Ahmedabad

There is no access to Public Transport or Food or stay. So everyone needs to rely on the campsite which is affordable and close to nature (do not expect many facilities). You can reach there by Private Vehicle, Our private Cab and Our Non AC bus (only Sunday)

All attraction details are given below

1 – Adadari Waterfall or Bakor Waterfall

Reach Morning 10 AM or 2 PM Noon. In Google, it is not showing the correct road. You can reach there by taking the help of any farm or the guidance of locals. Ideally, tourists take approx 2 hrs to enjoy a bath. It’s 10 km from the campsite.

Bakor waterfall is a famous and long-running waterfall in Gujarat. it’s running for more than 9 months in a year. It has a low-risk waterfall too so everyone can enjoy a bath in the waterfall. Beautiful waterfall with pictures landscaping.

Bakor Waterfall is in Running Status of 21 August 2022

2 – Dodavanta Lake

After Breakfast or Noon reach here.

Dodavanta lake is a few km away from the campsite. It’s the best to place for trekking. There is no direct road to reach there so everyone has to go through walk/trekking. Beautiful landscape and atmosphere.

Dodavanta lake bakor
Dodavanta lake bakor

3 – Bakor Camp

There are 3 Bakor camps (See all available camps) available. Each has almost the same price and features for a Full day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Hi-tea, Activities, and Swimming pool). It is ideal to stay there. Night stay options are also available. I have mentioned it below. Advanced booking is required. You can contact me for a booking.

Bakor is a tribal area, and there is no availability of standard hotels around. To explore and enjoy a day or two, Camps are the best option. Do not expect the high resort kind of facility. Camps are made in such a way which will give you more of nature’s touch.

Some photos of Bakor Camp

Each campsite has the following activities
– Rifle Shooting
– Archery
– Children’s Play area
– Swimming pool
– Rope Adventure activities
– Delicious veg/Jain/Swaminarayan food
– Music DJ
– Campfire (winter)

4 – Kaleshwari Temple / Lavana Complex

Visit after hi-tea approx 3 km from the campsite

Kaleshwari Temple is a very old heritage temple with historical values. It has kind with beautiful stepwell. The government is going to take initiative to improve the infrastructure and tourist places. Kaleshwari mata photo

4 – Kadana Dam Sunset point

You have to skip the Kaleshwari mandir to go here if you are coming for 1 day. Leave campsite around 4 PM and reach Kadana dam around 5 PM (30 Kms from the campsite). Enjoy the sunset and come back to the farm.

There is Kadana Dam, 30 km away from the Campsite. Monsoon and Sunset are the best time to visit it. Seat and relax at Kadana dam and enjoy the beauty.

Kadana dam Sunset Point
Kadana dam Sunset Point – Photo by Divya Bhoi

A video glimpse of waterfall and Kaleshwari mandir

List of all Waterfalls & Riverbath around Ahmedabad & Vadodara

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