Blackbucks at Velavadar

Velavadar Blackbuck National Park – One day picnic from Ahmedabad

Would you like to see 1000 of Blackbucks at one place, Savana grassland kind of land in Gujarat and the world’s largest communal roosting site for harrier? If yes, Velavadar Blackbuck national park is the best suitable place for you. And it’s great news that you can visit it for one day trip or picnic from Ahmedabad. Velavadar blackbuck national park is 150 Kms from Ahmedabad and 170 km from Vadodara.

Please note that it remains closed during the monsoon so the best time to visit is October to March month. In early morning or evening.

What to see or what to do at Velavadar blackbuck national park

  • Blackbucks sightings
  • Safari
  • Other animals like Nilgai, Jungle cat, fox, wolf and others
  • Various local and migratory birds including Harrier (in winter)
  • Salangpur Hanumanji temple
  • Ganeshpura Popular Ganeshji Temple
  • Lothal Harrapian site
  • Dholera Temple and Natural Hot water spring

Update Note on 25 July 2021: Velavadar National Park Remains closed during 15 July to 15 Oct Every year due to blackbuck’s breeding season. Lothal Harappian Site’s museum is under redevelopment, It will be opened soon for the public. Till then tourist can enjoy natural site of the Lothal.

How to Manage tour?

Tour can be organized for half-day and full-day from Ahmedabad. Here I have tried to give an explanation of the tour considering a full day. This can be customized and skip places based on your interest.

Departure 9 AM around

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM – Lothal Harrapian Site, Lothal Port

Lothal port or Lothal Harappan site is 4,500 Years old site and the second largest after Dholavira in Gujarat. Its preserved very nice way. Currently (Mar 2021) the museum is closed but visitors can roam around the places in the same form as it found during excavations. The museum is expected to be open in Mar 2022.

1 PM – 3:30 PM – Salangpur Hanumanji Temple (સાળંગપુર હનુમાનજી મંદિર)

Location –

This is a very famous and huge temple of Gujarat. Lots of devotees coming here on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. It’s popular amongst the devotees. It has Dharamshala, food, prasad facilities. Also, there are other Swaminarayan temples available including the BAPS Swaminarayan temple.

4:30 PM – 6 PM – Velavadar Blackbuck (કાળિયાર) National Park

Velavadar Blackbuck National park is famous for the harrier roosting site, Blackbuck and Nilgai (નીલગાય). Harrier is a bird-like eagle and it’s generally coming in winter from Europe and Russia. Roosting site means they are resting at night here in Velavadar national park. It’s considered the largest site in the world.

Velavadar national park has entry fees of around 400 Rs on weekdays and 500 Rs at weekends. I suggest hiring a guide as well from here otherwise there are rare chances to sighting the animals. You can take your own car inside the national park or hire a jeep safari. which takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to view. Contact us for the booking of safari and guide.

6:30 PM – Dholera Swaminarayan Temple and Hot water pond

Dholera temple is a beautiful temple in Dholera town. This can be clubbed in this tour. It has a nice environment, natural hot spring bath area.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Koth Ganpatipura – Ganesh Temple

Ganpatipura (Koth village) is a famous and huge temple of Ganeshji. Lots of devotees are coming specially on Tuesday and Choth. Visitors can take darshan of god, take prasad. It has a small street for shopping as well. Do shopping and also live banana wafer is famous here so you can enjoy it too.

Ganeshpura koth mandir

11:30 PM – Drop

xCent AC
(4 Max)

With Salangpur
4,600 Rs

Without Salangpur
4,100 Rs

Ertiga AC
(6 Max)

With Slangpur
5,750 Rs

Without Salangpur
5,100 Rs

Inova Crsta AC
(8 Max)

With Salangpur
6,500 Rs

Without Salangpur
5,750 Rs

– Home to home travelling
– Driver allowance
– Toll tax
– Parking
– 500 Rs Entry fee of Velavadar national park

– Food

The above trip is fully customized and can be changed based on your choices and interest. Discuss with us. Even though you are not travelling with us, you can take our inputs for this tour.

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