Ahmedabad In and Around Travel Update

Symphony Forest Park

Symphony Forest park is a newly developed (in 2020) Municipal Garden developed by Ahmedabad’s famous Company Symphony in the Bodakdev area. Thus the name of the Park became popular as Symphony Forest Park. Even on Google Maps, you can find Symphony Forest Park. The park has beautiful landscaping that makes your day perfect while you go for walk and the nature trail of the forest park. As the name suggests it’s a kind of forest and you will get a feeling of the forest.

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Zen Garden Ahmedabad

Recently Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated (Still not open for the Public) the Zen garden Ahmedabad. It’s specially created similar to the Japanese Zen garden. It’s in the Panjrapol area opposite the IIM Ahmedabad in the AMA Campus.

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Ugati Oxygen Park Ahmedabad

During the Second Wave of the corona (April 2021), the world realized the values of Oxygen. AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Commission) has developed an oxygen park Ahmedabad in the Science City area at Ugati Lake named Ugati Oxygen Park. It’s in the middle of the concrete jungle but still, if you visit it once, you will feel like walking in the Dense forest. It has 25,000+ trees and spreaded over 11,000 sq.mtr. It has 45 species of trees in the oxygen park.

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One Day trip to Ahmedabad with Pikniks Experienced shared by Travel Vlogger

We are providing one day trip to Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Radhika Thakrar Mam who is actually the travel vlogger has (as the name of TheTripdeBug experienced a trip with us on 14 March 2021 – Instagram account – https://www.instagram.com/thetripdebug/) experienced our one-day sightseeing of Ahmedabad and shared it here. It’s in English and Gujarati language but you can see the places and more details in the 15 mins video.

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Science City Aquarium – Aquatic and Robotic Gallery

Science City located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) will get a new Major Attraction for the Kids and Every Visitors. The more advanced Aquarium and will be India’s biggest Aquarium Aquiatic Gallery and Robotics Gallery. It is going to open soon for the Public. Science city is not open right now due to Corona. Expected opening from 16th July 2021. It is news that PM Narendra Modi is coming to inaugurate this new move of the science city of Gujarat.

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Jessore trekking Experience by Shivang Joshi

We went to Jessore hills (for Jessore trekking) with “Pikniks”.

જેસોર અભ્યારણ્ય….

કુદરતના ખોળે પથ્થરના ડુંગરો ભમવાની મજા જ કંઈક અલગ છે. જેસોર અભ્યારણ્ય ને તેનું નામ અરવલ્લી પર્વતમાળાની જેસોર ગિરીમાળાઓ ઉપરથી મળ્યું છે.

ગુજરાતના દ્વિતિય ક્રમના એવા 3750 ફૂટના ઊંચા શિખર સાથે જેસોરની ગિરીમાળાઓ સમગ્ર અભ્યારણ્યમાં ફેલાયેલી છે.

Jessore Hill or Jessore Sloth bear sanctuary is in Gujarat located in between Palanpur and Mount abu (Abu road). While visiting Mount Abu, must visit this.

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Statue of Unity Guide

Why we need to introduce statue of unity guide services? Statue of Unity is top most popular tourist attractions in India and Gujarat. Earlier it was very few things to view there but now there are more than 10 attractions to see in whole premises. Still more constructions I observed and will be available for public soon.

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Rajendranagar Hill Station – on the way of Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad

If you are going to Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad and if you have 30 mins spare or you are looking for places around Shamlaji/Udaipur route. Then Rajendranagar Hill is must go destination. Its small hill and having beautiful view of the indrasi resorvior.

Currently as of 26 Nov 2020, the condition of the Road is not good in between Ahmedabad to Shamlaji. So if you divert your route little approx (10+ kms more in total kms). You will get chance to see photogenic place. Here its photo

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One day Picnic Places around Ahmedabad – For August to October (Unlock)

After 3 lockdown, Tourist from ahmedabad looking for one day safe picnic points. Temples, Monuments, Status and Sanctury are still closed (Upto 31s August, not sure about 1st September after). Resorts and hotels are opened but attractions are not opened + Monsoon is on its peak so sanctuary remain the close. One day picnic around ahmedabad

  1. Jungle Safari Near Statue of Unity
  2. Polo Forest
  3. Idar Gadh
  4. Bakor
  5. Pavagadh and Hathnimata waterfall
  6. Taranga Hill and Dharoi Dam
  7. Little Rann of Kutchh
  8. Pariyej/Matar
  9. Vishweshwar Mahadev (River)
  10. Zarwani Waterfall
  11. Mahakali Vad and Shamlaji
  12. Sunsar Waterfall
  13. Kanjari Deer Park
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Corona and Lockdown Ahmedabad Positive Impacts

In 2020, Corona virus has created havoc. The first and worst effective industry was the Travel Industries all over the world. Its said that, 180+ countries affected with corona virus which started from Wuhan City, China. WHO declared it as Pandemic. Please read more about in detail from this link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019%E2%80%9320_coronavirus_pandemic

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