Rajendranagar Hill Station – on the way of Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad

If you are going to Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad and if you have 30 mins spare or you are looking for places around Shamlaji/Udaipur route. Then this is must go destination.

Currently as of 26 Nov, the condition of the Road is not good in between Ahmedabad to Shamlaji. So if you divert your route little approx (10+ kms more in total kms). You will get chance to see photogenic place. Here its photo

Hadmat Sunset Point
Hadmat Sunset Point

Place name is Hadmat Sunset Point or Rajendranagar Hill

How to Reach Rajedranagar Hill or Hadmat Sunset Point

If you add Hadmat Sunset Point or Rajendranagar Hill on your journey then only difference is 4 kms. Here are the distances

  • 26 Kms from Shamlaji
  • 33 Kms from Himmatnagar
  • 113 Kms from Ahmedabad

Here is the route

There is beautiful road to reach there from the village It is state highway and as per current road condition it has excellent condition compare to national highway 48 (Ahmedabad – Udaipur). There is surrounding of the Villages, Farms and Hills. At the last it has sharp curve for 1 km driving to reach on top of the hill to view sunset point

Sunset at Hadmat Sunset Point
Sunset at Hadmat Sunset Point

The water appearing in above image is the Indrasi Reservoir on the Hathmati River which merge to Sabarmati River after few km. This Reservoir very large and extend till Bhiloda.

When you reach there there is no board or nothing for food so keep arrangement of water and food

It is photogenic place and it becomes very beautiful in monsoon

Rajendranagar Hill in Monsoon - Gujarat
Rajendranagar Hill in Monsoon – Gujarat

Its famous for the sunset time so try to reach there around 5 PM in Winter and 6:30 PM in Summer. In Monsoon reach any time 🙂

Evening Surprise

While returning, In my life I have first time got chance to see nocturnal bird on the road from 6 feet distance in front of Car. Yes it was the NightJar Nocturnal Bird (નિશાચર પક્ષી). The villager said its common to sight this bird here so everyone can get chance to see it if comes in night or early morning. So please be slow in driving the car to save this bird.

NightJar Bird at Rajendranagar HIll

Then near the village, we have found Tetar which is commonly appear in the villages.

Tetar Bird

We spent around 1 hr and it was refreshing to explore the unexplored. Must visit while you visit Shamlaji or Udaipur, you will not regret.

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Full Moon Night Camp at Polo Forest and Idariyo Gadh

1 Night/2 Days Camp at Polo forest and Idariyo Gadh. Specially on the Full Moon Night of This October. Enjoy the Stars, Hill and Natural environment of the Unexplored Idar and Polo forest with unique experience away from the crowded city. Polo forest and Idariyo gadh trekking camp in full moon night dates are given below

31 Oct 2020 to 1st November 2020

Activities in the Polo Forest and Idariyo Gadh Camp

  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Meditation
  • Adventure
  • Exploration
  • Photography

Rs 1,800/- Per Person

  • Maximum 30 Participants
  • COVID-19 Protocol + Camptsite santization Everyday


  • Start Time :
  • Start Point :
  • End Time :
  • End Point :
  • Including :
  • Excluding :


To know more information or book directly please contact on given number or click on button to discuss on whatsapp.

Call / Whatsapp / Google Pay : +91- 75749 27169

Polo forest and Idariyo gadh trekking camp organized by reputed organizer from Idar who knows the in depth knowledge about the surrounding.

One day Picnic Places around Ahmedabad – For August to October (Unlock)

After 3 lockdown, Tourist from ahmedabad looking for one day safe picnic points. Temples, Monuments, Status and Sanctury are still closed (Upto 31s August, not sure about 1st September after). Resorts and hotels are opened but attractions are not opened + Monsoon is on its peak so sanctuary remain the close. One day picnic around ahmedabad

We got many calls for the 1 day points so we thought to write it here.

One day Picnic places around ahmedabad to visit. Specially in August 2020 and October Considering COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak.

1 – Jungle Safari Near Statue of Unity

Jungle Safari is located near statue of unity. It is new attraction. It was ready around March April but could not opened due to corona outbreak. Now in unlock government has officially opened for public with new normal of corona. Advanced booking is essential to visit that. Its 220 Kms from Ahmedabad. Park has more than 1000 animals and birds.

Ticket Charges – Adults – 200 Rs, Kids – 125 Rs (3 to 15 Years).

Booking Site – www.soutickets.in

Jungle safari near statue of unity

2 – Polo Forest

Polo Forest
Check Dam in Polo Forest

As per 3rd October 2020 Notice by Toursim Department of Gujarat – Polo forest will remain closed on every saturday sunday till 18 October 2020 due to Corona.

Polo Forest is 169 Kms from Ahmedabad. It’s beautiful place to see in the Monsoon. Jungle, River and Cloud gives you Refreshing atmosphere. There is many resorts and hotels available for lunch and stay and relax. For More details and price click here

3 – Idar Gadh

Idar is located 120 Kms from the Ahmedabad. You can cover this while going toward the Polo Forest. Idar gadh is good for the trekking lover and for hiking. View more on following Youtube video.

4 – Bakor

Bakor is just 120-130 Kms from Ahmedabad. Also it is beautiful during the monsoon. There are various home stay and resorts which offers the Stay and Lunch/Dinner. Advanced planning required to go there as they have limited availability. For more details and price click here

Bakor Waterfall
Bakor’s Adadari Waterfall Photo

5 – Pavagadh and Hathnimata waterfall

Hathnimata waterfall

As per 3rd October 2020 Notice by Toursim Department of Gujarat – Pavagadh temple is closed until futher notice.

Pavagadh hill is best place to visit in Monsoon. It has cloudy top, rainny all the time on the hill top, lakes near by pavagadh is really nice experience to see the natural beauty. Hathnimata waterfall is running in full flow due to the Good rain in that area. For more details and price click here

6 – Taranga Hill and Dharoi Dam

Dharoi Dam
Dharoi Dam – Photo by Manan shah

Taranga hill is around 100 kms from ahmedabad and its small beautiful hill. The road which leads to the top of the hill is excellent. Beauty nearby is excellent. Dharoi dam is also attractive in this season. For more information click here

7 – Little Rann of Kutchh

Little Rann of Kutchh

Little rann of kutchh (Dasada, Patdi, Mandal) is around 100 kms from Ahmedabad. The sanctuary remain close but you can enjoy the desert beauty in monsoon by going toward Jinjuvadiya shankheshwar. It has also number of resorts available on the way where you can take lunch and get relaxation. Click here for more details

8 – Pariyej/Matar

Birds at Pariyej
Birds at Pariyej

If you are bird lover and want to see birds with small chicks then pariyej / matar. Pariyej is on the way to Khambhat from Ahmedabad via Matar. Pariyej has shallow water lake where you can see lots of local birds. The road is very narrow and its not advisable to go during heavy rains as water running over the road. We do not have any special trip for this but if you have own vehicle you can try it.

9 – Vishweshwar Mahadev (River)

Vishweshwar Mahadev Near Palanpur

Photo by saiyam patel

Its 175 kms from Ahmedabad near palanpur Ikbalgadh. It has good view of the mountain and cloud in rainy season . Tourist generally takes bath in the river as it has shallow water. Mountains behind the river is the jassor sloth bear sanctuary.

Map Location – https://goo.gl/maps/Pg8vwYw5b3eW5rFh9

When you move ahead from the Palanpur, you can visit the Balaram (3 to 4 kms from Palanpur towards abu road). It is very natural place. Still if you have time to road go towards Ambaji from balaram. Road is narrow but good for the photography and natural surroundings.

10 – Zarwani Waterfall

Here is the photo of the Zarwani fall taken in August 2020 by Rajendra Shah


Zarwani waterfall is located 10 kms from Statue of Unity (Approx 220 kms from Ahmedabad). Statue of Unity is closed due to COVID-19 but you can go to Waterfall. Depending on the waterfall flow, local authority restrict the entry of the visitors sometimes. Even, if you don’t get chance to look Waterfall, dont worry. Surrounding and road towards it is excellent. Its also refreshing, cloudy and lush green.

You can also get chance to see Statue of Unity from distance.

11 – Mahakali Vad and Shamlaji

Shamlaji Dam
Meshwo Dam Behind Shamlaji Temple

Shamlaji is 130 kms from Ahmedabad on the Road to Udaipur via himmatnagar. It has mountains, Krishna Temple and Dam to visit in this time. Road and atmosphere is excellent. In return, you can visit to Mahakali vad in between pratij and chiloda. Its road is beautiful.

Mahakali Vad
Kantharpura Mahakali Vad near gandhinagar

Google map location of Mahakali Vad – https://goo.gl/maps/H95BBW2ecsy4oiRu6

12 – Sunsar Waterfall

Sunsar Waterfall Photo
Sunsar Waterfall – Photo by Dinesh Darji

Beautiful Sunsar Waterfall is located in between Shamlaji and Idar near Bhiloda. Its around 120 kms from Ahemedabad. Waterfall has shallow water and can take a bath. You can cover this place while visiting Shamlaji or Idar.

Google Map – https://goo.gl/maps/sR673PfvTpEsNzdn9

13 – Kanjari Deer Park

Kanjari Deer Park is 40 kms from Ahmedabad 10 kms from Thol lake. Deer park has no boundary, no ticket nothing. you can visit it from road. It is good place for short duration picnic place from ahmedabad.

one day picnic around ahmedabad

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Corona and Lockdown Ahmedabad Positive Impacts

In 2020, Corona virus has created havoc. The first and worst effective industry was the Travel Industries all over the world. Its said that, 180+ countries affected with corona virus which started from Wuhan City, China. WHO declared it as Pandemic. Please read more about in detail from this link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019%E2%80%9320_coronavirus_pandemic

Event 1 – Janta Curfew & Clapping (22 March)

In this lock down situations few Events happened which was unique and historical.

In India first case noted on 30th January 2020. On 19th March 2020, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked for Janta curfew on 22 March (Self Curfew). Also asked for clapping for 5 minutes at 5 PM. Watch video here

At 5 pm Sunday, people come out to their doorsteps or windows to express gratitude to those who have been working in the frontlines during this health crisis.

“India is grateful to them, and citizens should express their gratitude to these people on Sunday.” He appealed citizen to do this by clapping or ringing bells for five minutes at their doorsteps on March 22.

It was surprised to see everyone participated and united and perform which was asked for. As you know Indian people are creative, so please see 2 videos

Funny Video Clip of Janta Curfew 2nd clip.


In Ahmedabad, Khadiya area, People played garba in this situation. Please check videos below

Event 2 – First Lockdown (24 Marh 2020 to 14 April 2020)

Then after checking the critical situation and increasing cases in India Narendra Modi imposed 21 Days Lockdown Nationwise from 24 March 2020 to 14 April 2020.

Means All business and tourist places closed except emergency services, agriculture and some vehicles. It was hard time for the people who never live in houses for 24 hours x 21 days without going outside. Most challenging time for the Elderly people and Young children. They can’t meet anyone or can’t go anywhere for playing or other activities.

India Corona Lockdown Positive Impact – My Observations

New learning

  • People understood how virus spread
  • Understood important of ventilators and sanitizers
  • People heard Wuhan city first time.
  • Learned new words and its meaning
    • Isolation
    • Home Quarantine
    • Janta Curfew
    • Lockdown
    • Flaunt
    • Corona/Covid-19


First positive effect of Lockdown which easily appeared was the Pollution.

Harmony and Unity

People of India shown tremendous unity, activeness and spirit to fight with virus from youngest to oldest. Many have been experienced this kind of situation never before. It may be recall of 1940 – 1950 era of independence.

People appear to stand united and help each other in every condition.


In this situations, many sectors works very hard to maintain health, supply chain, law and orders. People of India experienced first time such a massive efforts from every sectors.

  • Doctors, Nurses
  • Police force
  • Governments every department activeness and promptness (State and Central)
  • Medical Shops
  • Transporters
  • Health workers
  • Agriculture and Supply Chain
  • Cleaning staff and Cleaning workers


Main impact of the lockdown on the Companies of various industries. Many has given work from home where as possible. Other companies where its not possible, given salary without cutting leaving. Also companies did not fire anyone due to lockdown.

Many giant company offers donations and other help in this situation.

Healthcare, Pharma and IT sectors were in semi or fully working condition including work from home.

  • LIC has extended date of Premium
  • EMI of the houseloan can be extended for 3 months
  • Minimum balance is not required to maintain for March, April, May and June for any Bank.
  • You can withdraw amount number of times with any ATM .

Many companies and officer got enough time to think out of box for upcoming planning.


In lockdown the Movie theatre and everything were closed to poeple used to spend time on mobile by watching TV, old series. Also Tiktok, whatsapp creative videos was the funny enough for the day to day basis entertainment.

As you know Mahabharat and Ramayan was the most popular TV seriouse in 1987 – 1990 around. Since many days people asked to start again this series and government started this series immediately from 1st April 2020.

Ramayan and Mahabharat old age serials started again (140 Million users watched it on DD Bharati and DD National).

List of Popular TV Serials which started during lockdown

  • Ramayan 9 AM
  • Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 10 AM
  • Khichdi 11 AM
  • Mahabharat 12 PM
  • Buniyad
  • Shriman Shrimati 4 PM
  • Mahabharat 7 PM
  • Shaktiman 8 PM
  • Ramayan 9 PM
  • Circus
  • Chankya


Central and State government given too much activeness and promptness on each of the minor issues and they have tried there best to give services.

Donations & Social welfare

After lockdown, major issue was the immigrant inter state workers. In Ahmedabad and Surat, lots of workers coming from Kvant, Chhota Udaipur, Rajasthan, Bihar, Dungarpur, Uttarpradesh. When they heard about lockdown, they started walking to reach their hometown as all transport were ordered to shut down.

Many major NGO and Local families shown sympathy and provided them Food until government helped them.

For the packages and possible losses on industries, PM Cares account opened for the donations. Within a day money flow started coming


Rajkot’s company Jyoti CNC has created Make In India Ventilators in 1 Lac in 10 Days and planned to create 1,000 Ventilators

Research increased for Corona, Created many labs (Public/Private) for testing.

Apps for tracking Isolated people or home quarantine. GPS enabled app created with GIS Fencing to detect activities of the isolated people also informed to subscriber if any Corona Positive detected people living near by. Click here to read more

Corona also impacted a major on education and study. March and April month is considered as Final exams. In school, colleges and private institutes they have started the online videos for the remaining syllabus and share with students.

Police used Drons to detect people on the terrace and societies.

Police used Corona virus Mask to educate and aware people about its seriousness.

Family and Individuals

  • Family Gathered, Bonding increased
  • Most of population got 21 days long vacations
  • No Hotel or outings. Only home’s food
  • Self Hygienic awareness
  • Reduced number of other common illness
  • Reduced expenses
  • People invested time in self exploration and other hobby (In Houses) which was stopped due to the work or study.
  • Tiktok and Whatsapp was the point of the communication and creativity. Many meme
  • All show cooperation and join/help in household work in day to day works specially male.

Kids and Students

  • Kids got 3 Months of vacations
  • Students got mass promotion and appear in next class without giving exam.
  • Kids engaged a lot with parents and grand parents.
  • Created so many videos in TikTok.
  • Other games were not allowed so played Badminton, mobile games, Old games like top, marbles, playing card.
  • Some kids helped in household activities too.
  • Some kids became corona fighters

Event 3 – Deep Jalao (5 April 2020 | 9 PM for 9 Mins)

Responding to PM Modi’s voluntary call, India lights diyas at 9 pm

Corona Diya Jalao 5 Apirl - Photo By Divyabhaskar
  • Corona Diya Jalao 5 Apirl – Photo By Divyabhaskar

Will add more on More updates.

Statue of Unity By Car

Statue of Unity by Car. Car options available from Ahmedabad to Statue of Unity and return back to Ahmedabad from your desired pickup points. We have Hyundai xCent, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Innova Crysta AC cars avaialble.

We have Drivers who owns the Car. In results of that, you will get Neat and clean car, nice driving, no rush, no tips.

Tour operated daily except Monday. I have defined the itineraries based on the tentative time. It can be changed based on your location.

For One Day Statue of Unity

Schedule of Travelling for 1 Day Statue of Unity from Ahmedabad by Car

07:30 AM or 08:00 AM – Departure from your preferred location

11:30 AM to 1:30 PM – Very Beautiful Poicha Swaminarayan Temple & Lunch on Highway (Lunch by your own expenses) – View more details of Poicha Swaminarayan Temple on this link (will open in new tab)

2:30 PM – Reach at Statue of Unity Parking area.

Please note that car will drop at Parking area of the statue of Unity. Parking area is 6 km before statue of Unity. Statue of Unity has 60+ buses which run in between all places. We suggest all tourists required to go by their buses. If you still want to go inside by car, there will be extra charge of 500 Rs for entering in Statue of Unity area. You can decide this during your visit there.

2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
– Sardar Sarovar Dam View Point
– Valley of Flowers & Selfie Points
– Statue of Unity & Viewing Gallery
– Glow Garden
– Laser Show (Start at 7 PM)

7:45 PM – Departure from statue of unity Parking area

9:00 PM – Dinner (your own expenses)

11:30 PM or 12:30 AM – Reach to your preferred location in Ahmedabad

Approx kms from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad is 450 including poicha temple. We operate from Ahmedabad only. The cost given below is including travelling, toll tax, parking and driver allowance. Entry tickets and meals are not included. But yes, we will help you by booking ticket in advanced.

Statue of Unity Cab Prices from Ahmedabad

Prices given below are non-negotiable. Charges not including tickets charges, please check our calculator to get full cost.

Hyundai Xcent AC₹ 4,900
Maximum – 4 Persons allowed in car
Calculation – ₹ 4,500 (10 ₹/Km x 450 Km) + ₹ 300 Driver Charge + ₹ 160 Toll + ₹ 100 Parking – ₹ 160 Discount

Maruti Ertiga AC₹ 6,400
Maximum – 6 Persons allowed in car
Calculation – ₹ 5,850 (13 ₹/Km x 450 Km) + ₹ 300 Driver Charge + ₹ 160 Toll + ₹ 100 Parking – ₹ 10 Round up.

Toyota Innova Crysta AC₹ 7,400
Maximum – 8 Persons allowed in car
Calculation – ₹ 6,750 (15 ₹/Km x 450 Km) + ₹ 300 Driver allowance + ₹ 160 Toll Tax + ₹ 100 Parking.


– Entry tickets of any places

– Food Charges


– Pickup and Drop your preferred location in Ahmedabad

– Toll tax, Driver allowance, Parking charges as mentioned above

Total and Per person Cost calculator of Statue of unity

Why you should Choose us?

  • No advanced payment, Give payment to driver on completion of trip
  • Free help in purchasing online tickets
  • Payment method – Google Pay, Phone pe, Paytm, Cash
  • Transparent Fixed Rate. No Hidden cost, no tips to driver.
  • No Cancellation charges
  • 100% Genuine drivers and best neat and clean cars. You can rely on driver for your and your belonging’s safety.
  • No rigidness, You can ask for customization. We will try our best to make custom trip as you want.
  • Completely private car.

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Dinosaur Park of Raiyoli Balasinor Gujarat

India is consider as very ancient land. Its older than Dinosaur’s Era (65 Million years) and Evidence of it found in many area. In Gujarat, it is found near the Balasinor (100 Km from Ahmedabad).

Raiyoli area of Gujarat is known to be the third largest dinosaur fossil site in the world, and also the second largest dinosaur hatchery in the world, where thousands of eggs had been found.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on 8th June 2019 inaugurated India’s first dinosaur museum and fossil park at Raiyoli village near Balasinor town of Mahisagar district.

The new museum will create a prehistoric-like era environment when dinosaurs might have roamed around freely in Raiyoli.

Google Map Link – https://goo.gl/maps/twt9Z6rErSUitdJh9

50 sculptures of dinosaurs, including a life-size one of Rajasaurus Narmadensis that was found in Gujarat, have been erected at the museum.

The museum would have

  • 3D projection
  • 360 degrees virtual reality presentations
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Gaming consoles

Next to It you can roam in the real field which is declared as Dinosaurs fossil park.

Location of the Raiyoli Dinosaurs Museum

103 Kms from Ahmedabad

103 Kms from Vadodara too

92 Kms From Himatnagar

57 Kms from Modasa

118 Kms from Gandhinagar

80 Kms from Nadiad

267 Kms from Surat

135 Kms from Dahod

Dinosaurs Museum Timings

9 AM to 6 PM Everyday

Places near by which you can visit along with Dinosaurs Museum

  • Vanakbori Dam (28 Kms)
  • Galteshwar (Dakor) – 44 Kms
  • Dakor Mandir – 47 Kms
  • Zanzari Waterfall (55 Kms) – Good in July to December
  • Bakor (55 Kms) – Natural place
  • Kadana Dam (70 Kms)

I will provide further information soon.

Swapnashrushti Water Park and Amarnath Dham

Swapna Shrushti Water Park – 52 Kms from Ahmedabad

Swapna Shrushti Water park is located 52 Kms from Ahmedabad near Amrapur Village on Gandhinagar Mahudi / Vijapur Highway on the riverbank of Sabarmati.

It has 7 interesting wonders like

  • Snow fall
  • Missisippi water ride
  • Pendulum
  • Wave Pool
  • Thrilling fog
  • Miracle Tunnel

Rides like

  • Aqua funnel ride
  • Safe cyclone
  • Rain Dance
  • Longest family rides
  • Kargil
  • Children Rides
  • Wave ball
  • Other rides

This waterpark is good option while in Summer (March to July). You can easily spend 4 to 6 Hours here. Also it is 1 Km away from the Amarnath Dham. Which is really must visit if you go to Swapna shrushti.

Tickets : Rs. 500/- (Verified on 1st January 2019)

See prices of costume and other on this link – http://www.swapnasrushtiwaterpark.in/tariff

Amarnath Dham – 53 Kms from Ahmedabad

There is a 5 feet high ‘shiv-ling’ (ICE-LINGAM) of pure ice. The pious icelingan of Amarnath Dham is available for worship throughout the year.

We reached at swapnashrushti and then little ahead it is parking area Available. From there you can reach to amarnath by walking or in jeep. Jeep charges (including return) was 30 rs/ person. The temple is large and the ling inside is actually made from ice. By giving some amount you can touch to ling.

Behind it there is caved which has 12 jyotirling darshan. It will take approx 20-25 mins to visit it. Near to temple there is downstairs which takes you to river sabarmati. There is refreshments area where you can have snacks and tea. There is children rides too where kids can have lot of fun.

On average it takes 1.5 to 2 hours. It’s very peaceful place too.

View all Waterparks near Ahmedabad

Thol Lake & Kanzari Deer Park near Ahmedabad

Thol lake (Thol bird wildlife sanctuary) is 35 kms from Ahmedabad. It is considered as heaven of the Birds after Nalsarovar.

Thol Lake is artificial lake which is believed to constructed in 1912 by Sayajirao Gayakvad for irrigation purposes for surrounding areas. It was declared as bird sanctuary in 1988. Two main prominents species recorded are Flamingoes and Sarus Cranes.

Sarus Cranes is State birds of Gujarat

150 species of birds in the sanctuary of which nearly 60% (90 species) are stated to be waterbirds which are mostly wintering birds.

During the November to February, migratory birds like great white pelicans, flamingos, a variety of waterfowl including mallards and large numbers of geese, sarus cranes and many other waders are common site at sanctuary.

Note : Boating is not permitted in the Lake.

Best time to visit : 05 to 08 AM in Morning. In evening, 3 PM to 6 PM and in most winter : Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. Also you can see the birds during the sunset while they are arriving back to the lake from fields.

Entry Fees of Thol Bird Sanctuary

There are 2 types of entry fees. With vehicle and without vehicle. I personally suggest, it is not necessary to take entry with vehicle until you want to reach at Eco tourist center. Price based on 1st March 2019

ParticularsFor IndianFor Foreigners
Individual Person Per Day40 Rs10 USD
LMV – Car Jeep (Upto 6 Persons) –
Charges includes entry charges
400 Rs40 USD
Matador, Station Wagon (Upto 15 Persons)
Charges includes entry charges
1,000 Rs100 USD
Heave Motor Vehicle Bus (Upto 60 Persons)
Charges includes entry charges
3,500 Rs350 USD

Timings of Thol Bird Sanctuary

6 AM to 5:30 PM


Kanzari Deer park near thol Ahmedabad

Kanzari is the village near the Thol Bird Sanctuary. There is no specfic entry gate or border for this deer park. You need to go in bush and search for the Deers. Even you can find it on road.

You can identify area by the board of the Bus stand near by .

You can find Deers, Blackbucks and Bluebull (Nilgai) in this area.

Location of the Kanzari Deer Park and Thol Bird Sanctuary . Kanjari Deer park is 8 kms away from the Thol Bird sanctuary which you can see in the below image.

Picnic spots on Gandhinagar – Pratij Route

Gandhinagar is capital of Gujarat and one of the Greenest city of the India. Also it has many places to visit in and around. For Ahmedabad, It is common to roam around Gandhinagar. If you are planning to arrange picnic from Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar for 1 day within 80 kms, it is really good approach to use this route.

One day picnic from Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

  • Gandhinagar (30 Kms) – Gandhinagar has several places which you can see below.
    • Dholeshwar Temple – On the way of gandhinagar
    • Indroda Park / Zoo – This Zoo have miniatures of dinosaurs. Also having animals like deer, lions, tiger, reptiles and birds. Its too huge park and need time to watch fully.
    • Sarita Udhyan – This is bird watcher’s good place
    • Akshardham (Monday Closed) – View More details of akshardham
    • Swarnim Park – Central Vista Garden – Long garden for relaxment.
    • Adalaj Stepwell – It is middle of the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar and very ancient Stepwell.

5+ places to see around. Good for all age and family or friend. You can enjoy full day in Gandhinagar and Akshardham. Best time to visit during the monsoon or after that. Monday Akshardham Remained close so plan accordingly.

Mahakali Vad (60 Kms)

This is famous vad (banyan tree) which is one of the most widest tree of the gujarat. It may be second after the Kabirwad. The temple of the Mahakali Devi situated in the middle of the trunk. This vad is spreading around 5 meters each year. Thanks to the farmers who donate the land for this tree and showing the interest in progress of vad. It is good for one day picnic from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Himmatnagar.

Mahakali Vad
Kantharpur Mahakali Vad
Mahakali Vad near gandhinagar
Kantharpura Mahakali Vad near gandhinagar

Good for 1-2 Hours time spending with family. The location is really beautiful in middle of many villages. While driving towards it, you can see the beauty of Gujarat’s villages and lush green farms. It has only few shops around so carry some food/water. Also suggest to arrange your own transportation.

Location – This vad is located near the chiloda towards the himmatnagar. After chiloda chokdi, find the board of the Mahakali vad (Kantharpur). It is 18 km from Chiloda. The Road is narrow but it is worth to enjoy it.

Galteshwar near Pratij (60 Kms)

About temple, I do not have much information 🙁 but is the good temple/view of sabarmati. Sabarmati’s sand is really amaze you when you pass through the kotar to reach galteshwar. Near to it there is bridge and check dam. Which is really amazing to see

Location – From the chiloda, go towards the pratij. before pratij take left turn towards mahudi. Mahudi is 12 km from this place but last 4 km road is not good. (As per the 15th Nov 2015)

Picnic places on Gandhinagar-Pratij Route
Galteshwar, Mahakali Vad, Pratij and Mahudi Route Map