Modhera – Patan – Sidhpur (One Day Tour)

One day tour in a cab from Ahmedabad to Modhera Surya Mandir (Modhera sun temple), Patan’s historical places and Sidhpur places. All three places are very historical and interconnected. History started around 1,100. Experience the Era of Solanki, Vaghela and Chauhan (Father of Prithviraj Chauhan).


Departure from your preferred location and preferred time – Late by late 8 am 

Modhera Sun Temple

2 Hrs drive from Ahmedabad. Must visit Temple in terms of architecture and its craftmanship beauty. I am sure you will surprised to see in reality this ancient temple which was built around 1000 years ago and still has unbeatable beauty.

Approx duration: 1 to 1.5 hours to see this

Rani Ki Vav (Patan)

Rani ki vav is located 45 Mins from Modhera in the north direction. Raani ki vav has been built around 1,000 years ago by the queen. It has great architecture and it remains 5 c cooler from the outside environment. The Flood of the Saraswati river filled the stepwell with mud. In 1963 around archaeological department found and dig the entire stepwell in very well preserved form. It was so beautiful that you can see below view in the 100 Rs currency note of India.

Approx duration: 1 to 1.5 hours to see this

Sahastraling talav (Patan)

Sahastraling talav (Sahastara = 1000, Ling = Shivling, Talav = lake) means Lake with 1,000 Shivling. It is in a ruined condition and behind the stepwell. Earlier the water was flowing here from the Saraswati river. Its size is 5 km but it appears very small and ruined currently. It was also created 1,000 years back and dug by the King of Patan during that time.

Approx duration to see this: 10 to 20 mins

Patola House (Patan)

Patola is one type of saree (Traditional attire of Indian women), Patola is famous because of its quality. It is made from pure vegetarian colours which keep the life of the saree about 100 years. It takes approx 1 to 1.5 months to create 1 Patola saree. Only 3 families in the world know how to make this kind of saree. Its price is very costly. Patola house 5 mins away from the Rani ki vav.

Approx duration to see this: 30 mins

Ticket charge: 10 Rs/Person

How Patola Saree Looks a like?

See 2 recent photos which came in limelight. 1 is Urvashi rautela and the other is Rekha Jhunjhunwala (Wife of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala). Both wore the Patola Saree.

Jain Mandir and Devada Sweets (Patan)

Panchasarar Jain Mandir is a very ancient and beautiful temple. It’s in the centre of the city and has very beautiful carvings on marbles.

Devada sweet is famous in Patan, which was made in past due to a shortage of water. Now it’s made in the traditional way and tourists try it while visiting Modhera Sun Temple, Rani ki vav and Sidhpur. Bhagwati sweet mart is the authenticate sweet shop of the Devada Sweet. Which started around 1952

Sidhpur Bohra Haveli and Bindu sarovar

  • Sidhpur
    • Bindu Sarovar
    • Bohorwad or Bohra Haveli or Vora haveli
    • Rudra Mahalay
    • Unjha Umiya Mata Mandir

Famous kamariya song from the Mitron movie picturized at Bohrawad/Bohra haveli

  • Adalaj Stepwell – If reach before 5 PM 
    • Stepwell closed on 6 pm so if car reach before 5 pm, we can include adalaj stepwell.


xCent AC Car – With expert Bhavesh Dabhi
(4 person Capacity)

Rs. 4,000

xCent AC Car – With Normal Driver
(4 person Capacity)

Rs. 3,500

Ertiga AC Car
(6 person Capacity)

Rs. 4,900

Innova Crysta AC Car
(8 person Capacity)

Rs. 5,500


  • Driver Allowance
  • Toll – Tax
  • Parking Charges
  • All places


  • Entry Fees
  • All Food

Notes: The tour is completely flexible based on the schedule, interest and choices. So discuss with us for customization. Also please inform us 48 hrs before the trip.

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