Swapna Shrushti Waterpark

Swapnashrushti Water Park and Amarnath Dham

Swapna Shrushti Water Park – 52 Kms from Ahmedabad

Swapna Shrushti Water park is located 52 Kms from Ahmedabad near Amrapur Village on Gandhinagar Mahudi / Vijapur Highway on the riverbank of Sabarmati.

It has 7 interesting wonders like

  • Snow fall
  • Missisippi water ride
  • Pendulum
  • Wave Pool
  • Thrilling fog
  • Miracle Tunnel

Rides like

  • Aqua funnel ride
  • Safe cyclone
  • Rain Dance
  • Longest family rides
  • Kargil
  • Children Rides
  • Wave ball
  • Other rides

This waterpark is a good option while in Summer (March to July). You can easily spend 4 to 6 hours here. Also, it is 1 Km away from the Amarnath Dham. Which is really must visit if you go to Swapna shrushti.

Tickets: Rs. 600/Person (Verified on 20th June 2021)
Gents Costume Rent Rs. 80/-
Ladies Costume Rent Rs. 100/-
Locker Rent Rs. 50/-
Tube Rent 200/-

See prices of costume and other on this link – https://www.swapnasrushtiwaterpark.in/

Amarnath Dham – 53 Kms from Ahmedabad

There is a 5 feet high ‘shiv-ling’ (ICE-LINGAM) of pure ice. The pious icelingan of Amarnath Dham is available for worship throughout the year.

We reached swapnashrushti and then a little ahead it is a parking area Available. From there you can reach Amarnath by walking or in a jeep. Jeep charges (including return) was 30 rs/ person. The temple is large and the ling inside is actually made from ice. By giving some amount you can touch to ling.

Behind it, there is caved which has 12 jyotirlinga darshan. It will take approx 20-25 mins to visit it. Near to temple, there is downstairs which takes you to river Sabarmati. There is a refreshments area where you can have snacks and tea. There are children rides too where kids can have a lot of fun.

On average it takes 1.5 to 2 hours. It’s very peaceful place too.

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