Statue of Unity Guide

Why we need to introduce statue of unity guide services? Statue of Unity is top most popular tourist attractions in India and Gujarat. Earlier it was very few things to view there but now there are more than 10 attractions to see in whole premises. Still more constructions I observed and will be available for public soon.

There required well planning, schedule management and arrangement. Also all tickets are online as of now (31st January 2021) so everyone has to go with full per-planned. There are also full on Saturday Sunday.

I got 100+ calls for the guidance/directions/planning in a last month. So considering this, we have started guide services. We provide guide services from Ahmedabad. Recently we successfully organized individual family and friends.

Our Guide Services from Ahmedabad (Before travelling)

  • Schedule management
  • Multiple options to reach at Statue of unity (Click here)
  • Ticket informations & ticket selections (based on
  • Attractions information and suggestions
  • Price calculations
  • Time management
  • Ticket bookings
  • Driver + Guide from Ahmedabad for end to end traveling with smoothness

Our Guide Services at Statue of Unity (During Travelling)

  • Immidiate ticket booking (if available)
  • Time adjustment and planning and information
  • Basic information of all places and how to reach there and little history.

Group tour guide for Statue of Unity

If you travelling with group there is hard time to manage time and schedule due to multiple attractions. As of now, we are providing guide from Ahmedabad – Statue of Unity – Ahmedabad (Point to point)

  • We provides experienced guide for small, medium and large corporate groups, children groups and family groups.
  • Guide fees is 1,500 Rs/Day for group less than 80 persons. Guide will come in bus/tempo traveller with you from start to end. All responsibilities of the management, timing, places covering, bus operating will on guide.
Expert in Local Trip of Gujarat from Ahmedabad

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Rajendranagar Hill Station – on the way of Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad

If you are going to Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad and if you have 30 mins spare or you are looking for places around Shamlaji/Udaipur route. Then this is must go destination.

Currently as of 26 Nov 2020, the condition of the Road is not good in between Ahmedabad to Shamlaji. So if you divert your route little approx (10+ kms more in total kms). You will get chance to see photogenic place. Here its photo

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One day Picnic Places around Ahmedabad – For August to October (Unlock)

After 3 lockdown, Tourist from ahmedabad looking for one day safe picnic points. Temples, Monuments, Status and Sanctury are still closed (Upto 31s August, not sure about 1st September after). Resorts and hotels are opened but attractions are not opened + Monsoon is on its peak so sanctuary remain the close. One day picnic around ahmedabad

  1. Jungle Safari Near Statue of Unity
  2. Polo Forest
  3. Idar Gadh
  4. Bakor
  5. Pavagadh and Hathnimata waterfall
  6. Taranga Hill and Dharoi Dam
  7. Little Rann of Kutchh
  8. Pariyej/Matar
  9. Vishweshwar Mahadev (River)
  10. Zarwani Waterfall
  11. Mahakali Vad and Shamlaji
  12. Sunsar Waterfall
  13. Kanjari Deer Park
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Dinosaur Park of Raiyoli Balasinor Gujarat

India is consider as very ancient land. Its older than Dinosaur’s Era (65 Million years) and Evidence of it found in many area. In Gujarat, it is found near the Balasinor (100 Km from Ahmedabad).

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Swapnashrushti Water Park and Amarnath Dham

Swapna Shrushti Water Park – 52 Kms from Ahmedabad

Swapna Shrushti Water park is located 52 Kms from Ahmedabad near Amrapur Village on Gandhinagar Mahudi / Vijapur Highway on the riverbank of Sabarmati.

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Thol Lake & Kanzari Deer Park near Ahmedabad

Thol bird sanctuary and kanzari deer park are located in between 7 kms from each other. Thol lake (Thol bird wildlife sanctuary) is 35 kms from Ahmedabad. It is considered as heaven of the Birds after Nalsarovar.

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