Kankariya Lake – The Jewel of Ahmedabad – The timings, Things to do

Kankariya Lake is located in Maninagar. It is the best tourist attraction in Ahmedabad and has a lot of things to do. It’s called heaven for Children where they can enjoy the zoo, water park, balloons and many more things described below. This place is a beautiful circular lake. It will take approx 4-5 hours if you want to enjoy the full fun of this area.

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Nalsarovar – The paradise of Birds

Nalsarovar is a Paradise of Birds and a Tourist attraction nearby Ahmedabad. Best places for one day picnic from Ahmedabad, Sanand, Surendranagar, Viramgam and Gandhinagar during the winter season. The best time to visit is from 1st December to 15th March early morning is best. It is the only bird sanctuary which allows the Boating.

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Snow World Ahmedabad or Snow World India a Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad becomes very hot in the summertime. Many people go to Manali, Simla and International. Now no need to go for the cool temperature as the Snow World is opened in the heart of the city Ahmedabad One Mall. Recently opened Snow World India is the new attraction for kids and all age groups and explores the Snow in the Hot time of April and May month. Even you can enjoy it any month.

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Shankus Waterpark

Shankus Waterpark is a newly renovated waterpark near Ahmedabad and Mahesana. It’s around 80 Km from Ahmedabad and 5 km from Mahesana. It’s a good waterpark with clean water and a decent crowd. You can spend some quality time here in the heat time of summer.

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7s Waterpark Near Ahmedabad

7s or 7S waterpark is 35 km from Ahmedabad and considering the nearest waterpark from Ahmedabad. To beat the heat during the summer and spend time in the water and make a fun time the summer, a waterpark is the best option to spend well day. If you are looking for the Nearest waterpark, go for this one.

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Sundarvan – The mini zoo of Ahmedabad

Sundarvan is the mini zoo in Ahmedabad. It’s the only place in Ahmedabad where you can feed different kinds of Birds, Rabbits and hamsters. It’s fun for the kids to play with the Animal and Birds. It has various zones too. Their motto is to aware children of nature, birds and animals. If you want the experience the forest in Ahmedabad must visit it. It has the Bat Colony on the thousand trees of the Sundarvan. If you have kids, try it once, they will love playing there.

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Varnindra Dham Mandir Mini Poicha near Patdi

Varnindra Dham Patdi is known as mini Poicha Patdi. It is a very beautiful temple of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan developed by Rajkot Gurukul. It’s a marvellous temple and everyone should visit Patdi Varnindra Dham Patdi. It is also known as the Varni Dham or mini Poicha. Varni Dham is 90 km from Ahmedabad and 55 km from Surendranagar. Patdi is 3 km from Varnindra Dham.

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Mahakali Vad near Gandhinagar

This is a famous vad (banyan tree) of Kantharpura near Gandhinagar known as Mahakali Vad. Which is one of the widest trees of Gujarat, probably, It may be second after the Kabirwad. The temple of the Mahakali Devi is situated in the middle of the trunk. This vad is spreading around 5 meters each year. Thanks to the farmers who donate the land for this tree and show their interest in the progress of vad. It is good for one day picnic from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Himmatnagar. It is also known as Kantharpura vad.

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Robotic Cafe Vastrapur Ahmedabad

On 15th February 2022, India’s first Fully automatic robotic cafe was inaugurated near Vastrapur lake Ahmedabad by Nitin Patel. Engineer Akash Gajjar and his three friends developed this with efforts over 3 years. It is a new unique experience of Robotics Gallery gifted to the people of Ahmedabad. Its new attractions of the city. There are many other robotics cafes but they are used to serve only. While here, it prepares food and serves both. That’s why it’s unique.

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Ujani Ghar near Nalsarovar Sanand

Ujani Ghar or Ujanighar (ઉજાણી ઘર) is a unique place for Food, Friend, Family and Fun. Word “Ujani” (ઉજાણી) means the Picnic and “Ghar” (ઘર) means house. So it’s Picnic House in English. It has many things to do and you can visit it while visiting Nalsarovar. Its located 6 kilometres before Nalsarovar around 55 km from Ahmedabad. It has a wide range of local Games for the groups. It offers Gujarati foods.

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