Ahmedabad Riverfront – Things to do

Ahmedabad Riverfront is not becoming the identity of Ahmedabad. Its located on both sides of the Sabarmati River in the middle of the City. Ahmedabad Riverfront is approx 11 km on each side. It means a total of 22 Kms long. It has approx 10+ attractions done so far also a lot more pending. Phase 2 is coming soon which extends till Indira bridge and Motera stadium.

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Dinosaur Park and Science Museum at Patan

Patan is famous for the heritage Rani Ki Vav, Patola Sarees, Devda Sweet and Panchsara Jain Temple. Now one more feather of the new attraction is going to add for the locals and tourists who travel the rani ki vav. The government is developing the Dinosaur Park Patan, Science museum, Human Science Gallery, Hydropronix Gallery, Noble prize chemistry gallery and optics gallery near Patan at Samalpati Chormarpura village 10 km from Rani ki vav. Developing in 10 acres land and with the approx cost of 100 crores.

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Helicopter ride Ahmedabad

After cruise and seaplane in Sabarmati river of Ahmedabad, one more attraction is going to add at Sabarmati riverfront to enhance the tourism of Ahmedabad to Attract more tourists. A new attraction going to open is the Helicopter ride Ahmedabad. Very soon, visitors and Amdavadi can enjoy the Helicopter ride to Ahmedabad. The aerial view of Ahmedabad and experience the ride in the Helicopter. It is managed by blue ray aviation company (Ahmedabad Based). The name of the project is Joy-Ride

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Aeroplane restaurant near Vadodara

After the Train theme, Ship theme, Robot theme, Bus theme and Theater restaurant. Gujarat has now its first Aeroplane Restaurant near Vadodara. It is a unique concept to take lunch or dinner in the Aeroplane. Please note that it is not a miniature of the Aeroplane but it is an actual A380 Airbus aeroplane brought (Worth Rs. 1.40 Crores) from Bangaluru and modified to make it suitable for restaurants. It’s near the Tarsali bypass in Hotel Legend. Name of the restaurant given as “Highfly”

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Gandhi Ashram is going to Rennovate

Gandhi Ashram or Satyagrah Ashram Ahmedabad is a famous and iconic place for the visitors of Ahmedabad. Mahatma Gandhi set up 17th June 1917 Almost (100 years back) on the riverbank of the Sabarmati. There are many historical events like the Dandi march, Rowlatt Act, Champaran Satyagrah, Khadi movement and many others. Recently PM Narendra Modi visited Gandhi Ashram and decided to renovate it to make it more attractive. Here is the plan..

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Symphony Forest Park

Symphony Forest park is a newly developed (in 2020) Municipal Garden developed by Ahmedabad’s famous Company Symphony in the Bodakdev area. Thus the name of the Park became popular as Symphony Forest Park. Even on Google Maps, you can find Symphony Forest Park. The park has beautiful landscaping that makes your day perfect while you go for walk and the nature trail of the forest park. As the name suggests it’s a kind of forest and you will get a feeling of the forest.

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Zen Garden Ahmedabad

Recently Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated (Still not open for the Public) the Zen garden Ahmedabad. It’s specially created similar to the Japanese Zen garden. It’s in the Panjrapol area opposite the IIM Ahmedabad in the AMA Campus.

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Jessore trekking Experience by Shivang Joshi

We went to Jessore hills (for Jessore trekking) with “Pikniks”.

જેસોર અભ્યારણ્ય….

કુદરતના ખોળે પથ્થરના ડુંગરો ભમવાની મજા જ કંઈક અલગ છે. જેસોર અભ્યારણ્ય ને તેનું નામ અરવલ્લી પર્વતમાળાની જેસોર ગિરીમાળાઓ ઉપરથી મળ્યું છે.

ગુજરાતના દ્વિતિય ક્રમના એવા 3750 ફૂટના ઊંચા શિખર સાથે જેસોરની ગિરીમાળાઓ સમગ્ર અભ્યારણ્યમાં ફેલાયેલી છે.

Jessore Hill or Jessore Sloth bear sanctuary is in Gujarat located in between Palanpur and Mount abu (Abu road). While visiting Mount Abu, must visit this.

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Statue of Unity Guide

Why we need to introduce statue of unity guide services? Statue of Unity is top most popular tourist attractions in India and Gujarat. Earlier it was very few things to view there but now there are more than 10 attractions to see in whole premises. Still more constructions I observed and will be available for public soon.

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Rajendranagar Hill Station – on the way of Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad

If you are going to Shamlaji or Udaipur from Ahmedabad and if you have 30 mins spare or you are looking for places around Shamlaji/Udaipur route. Then Rajendranagar Hill is must go destination. Its small hill and having beautiful view of the indrasi resorvior.

Currently as of 26 Nov 2020, the condition of the Road is not good in between Ahmedabad to Shamlaji. So if you divert your route little approx (10+ kms more in total kms). You will get chance to see photogenic place. Here its photo

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