Aeroplane Cafe Ahmedabad

After the Aeroplane Hotel at Vadodara, another aeroplane cafe come up in Ahmedabad. Near Shilaj Circle, the new Aeroplane cafe is about to open. It will add more charm to the theme-based restaurants and cafes. It is currently under development. I will give an update once it will be opened.

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Aeroplane restaurant near Vadodara

After the Train theme, Ship theme, Robot theme, Bus theme and Theater restaurant. Gujarat has now its first Aeroplane Restaurant near Vadodara or Aeroplane Hotel in Vadodara. It is a unique concept to take lunch or dinner in the Aeroplane. Please note that it is not a miniature of the Aeroplane but it is an actual A380 Airbus aeroplane brought (Worth Rs. 1.40 Crores) from Bangaluru and modified to make it suitable for restaurants. It’s near the Tarsali bypass in Hotel Legend. Aeroplane hotel in vadodara. Name of the restaurant given as “Highfly”

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