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Dinosaur Park and Science Museum at Patan

Patan is famous for its heritage Rani Ki Vav, Patola Sarees, Devda Sweet, and Panchsara Jain Temple. Now one more feather of the new attraction is going to add for the locals and tourists who travel the rani ki vav. The government is developing the Dinosaur Park Patan, Science museum, Human Science Gallery, Hydropronix Gallery, Noble prize chemistry gallery, and optics gallery near Patan at Samalpati Chormarpura village 10 km from Rani ki vav. Developing in 10 acres land and with the approx cost of 100 crores.

The government of Gujarat is creating various Regional science museums in each district. They started at Patan Regional Science Museum. The Regional Science Museum of Bhavnagar is in progress.

5 Galleries of the Regional Science Museum of Patan

The science museum is going to develop near Patan and has many attractions. You can see details about each gallery below.

1 – Dinosaur Park Patan & 5D Theatre
2 – Human Science Gallery
3 – Hydroponix Gallery
4 – Noble price chemistry Gallery
5 – Optics Gallery
6 – Other attractions

Check the details of each gallery below

regional science musuem

1 – Dinosaur Park patan

Life-size dinosaur with animated behavior. You can see dinosaurs with moving heads and hands. It is a thrilling experience to feel the real dinosaur era. Currently, dinosaurs are installed around the science building and everyone can visit. Currently, it becomes the center of attraction of this science museum and is open to the public. While the rest of the galleries are still under development.

The development and evolution of humans and another animal will be displayed here. Also, it will display genetic information and other useful information.

Agriculture’s latest techniques and the science behind it will be displayed here. It will be helpful to Farmers too to the usage of technology on the Farm.

This gallery will display the persons who have given contributions to chemistry science and awarded Noble prizes. Give inspiration to children in chemistry.

This gallery will give the science of Light and its various equipment. Students can do experiments with lights.

6 – Other attractions

  • Sundial Clock – Time showing based on sunlight and sun movement
  • Garden with irrigation system
  • How do Sewage treatment plants work
  • Dinosaur rides
  • 5D theatre Jurrsasic Ride
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Solar plant

Timings of dinosaur park Patan

Open every day except Monday
Timing 10 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fees of dinosaur park Patan

Weekend: ₹ 50 above 5 years of age.
Weekdays: ₹ 20 above 5 years of age.

Below 5 years, there are no entry fees.

Student fees ₹ 10/Student

5D movie ticket price is ₹ 30 above age 5

Nearby Attractions of Dinosaur park patan

  • Rani ki vav
  • Sahasatraling talav
  • Patola house
  • Panchasara Jain mandir
  • Vateshwar Mahadev
  • Sidhpur and its places

Location of Science Museum Patan

Opp. Sararswati Seva Sadan, Chormarpura Village, Saraswati Taluka, Patan. It is 10 km from the Famous Rani ki vav.

Google map of Dinosaur park Patan: https://goo.gl/maps/DrMDTVXhBR6iaY9o7

How to reach Dinosaur Park patan

Reach Patan and take an auto-rickshaw or hire a cab from Patan.

If you are coming from Ahmedabad, Mahesana or Sidhpur, you can take the route of the Patan – Disa highway. We have added this place in our itinerary of Modhera Patan Sidhpur one day trip.

One day trip to Dinosaur Park Patan, Rani Ki vav, Modhera Sun Temple from Ahmedabad

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