Pavagadh – Jambughoda – Hathanimata Waterfall One Day Tour

Pavagadh, Jambughoda, Champaner and Hathnimata waterfall are the one-day picnic spot near Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Pavagadh is the Great hill of Mahakali Devi. Champaner is the archaeological site of India where you can see amazing artwork.

There are more than 23 Monuments to see due to that which is declared as World Heritage Site in 2004 by UNESCO.

What to do in Pavagadh, Champaner, Jambughodha and Hathanimata Waterfall

  • Visit UNESCO world heritage site – Champaner
  • Heaven for the history lover
  • Ropeway for Pavagadh
  • Pavagadh Darshan
  • Street shopping on top of the hill
  • Cloudy mountains, rains and Lots of waterfalls (Monsoon only)
  • Hathnimata waterfall
  • Natural place Jambughoda
  • Drive car in the river

Plan trip schedule for jambughoda and hathnimata waterfall

Departure from your preferred location – 7 am

1- Ek Minar Ni Masjid – Just after halol . Good for photography and has historical values. Location – Google Map Link

3 – Sakar Khan ni dargahGoogle Map Link

2 – Helical Stepwell – Just after Ek Minar Ni Masjid – Google Map Link

4 – Saat KamaanGoogle Map Link

Pavagadh (161 Km)

pavagadh temple
pavagadh temple

Pavagadh is 700+ meters in height and has the option to reach on top by foot and ropeway. It has the temple of Kalika Devi (Kali Mata). Situated amid dense forest cover on a cliff, the temple is believed to be one of the 51 Shakti Peeths. Maa Mahakalika Udan Khotala ( A Passenger Ropeway ) is operating since 1986 and takes you quickly and comfortably from Manchi to the hilltop near the Maha Kalika Temple in about 6 minutes, whereas, the steep climb on foot takes over one hour.

  • Places to Visit at Pavagadh Hill
    • Dudhiya talav (lake)
    • Dudhiya talav nu lakulish mandir
    • Mahakali Mandir
    • Navlakha kothar
    • Teliya Talav
    • Street shops

There are lots of the waterfall in monsoon around Pavagadh hill. Popular waterfalls are

  • Gupteshwar waterfall
  • Asoba waterfall
  • Khuneshwar Waterfall
Khuneshwar Mahadev Waterfall
Khuneshwar Mahadev Waterfall – Photo by Dr Mohan banker

Champaner Heritage site

champaner hertitage site
champaner hertitage site

It is said that the Gurjar king Vanraj Chavda established Champaner at the foot of Pavagadh in fond memory of his wise minister Champa. Later, the Patai Raval family ruled it and took care of the boundary

Mahmud Begada shifted his capital from Ahmedabad to Champaner for some time for reasons of diplomacy. He developed the town by constructing buildings such as the fort of Champaner, Uohra mosque, Mandavi, Kirtistambh, the temple of Shalkh, Jama Masjid, Nagina Mosque and Kevda Mosque.

Champaner remained the capital of Gujarat until 1535 when it was looted and conquered by the army of the Mughal Humayun. After it the city was abandoned

6.1 – Champaner Archeological park – Google Map Link

6.2 – Champaner’s Nagina Masjid – Google Map Link

6.3 – Champaner’s Kevada Masjid

6.4 – Champaner’s Jami MasjidGoogle Map Link Next to that, you can see Octagonal Stepwell

6.5 – Kabutarkhana Pavilion & vadatalav. Pavagadh’s full view you can see from this place. Which is located on the by pass road – Google Map Link

Vada Talav Pavagadh viewpoint
Vada Talav Pavagadh viewpoint – Photo by Ravi Tilekar

Jambughoda (50 Km from Pavagadh) – 3 PM to 5 PM

Targol Lake
Targol Lake

The most striking feature of the area is the undulating hills having a good forest cover, with the valleys having small human settlements. The places of interest are Kada, Targol and Jhand Hanuman temple. 

Please note that It has 500 Rs/Car fees additional. As entry fees of the wildlife sanctuary.

7.1 – Dhanpari Eco Camp Site & Kada damGoogle Map Link

7.2 – Zund Hanuman templeGoogle Map Link

Jhand Hanuman Mandir
Jhand Hanuman Mandir

7.3 – Targol Lake and Eco campsite

Hathnimata Waterfall

(22 Km from jambughoda) – 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
(July – August – September – October)

Hathni Mata Waterfall (September to November) – Photo by Bhaumik Gadani

Flanked by richly green hills, a known haven of divine beauty. Mainly running in Monsoons and after monsoons. Its water body is around 100 Meters. Read more every detail of Waterfall by clicking here

Drop at Ahmedabad between 11 PM to 11:30 PM

Pavagadh Jambughoda champaner and hathnimata waterfall Prices for one day trip

Toll tax, Entry fees and parking charges are not included in given prices. Also we have counted 420 Km tentative.

Xcent/i10 AC Car
(4 Persons capacity)
420 km x 10 Rs/km = 4,200 Rs
+ 300 Driver Allowance
+ 300 Rs Toll tax + Parking
+ 400 Rs /Car Entry ticket of Wildlife Sanctuary:
5,200 Rs

Ertiga AC Car
(6 Persons capacity)
420 km x 13 Rs/km = 5,460 Rs
+ 300 Driver Allowance
+ 300 Rs Toll tax + Parking
+ 400 Rs/Car entry ticket of Wildlife Sanctuary
6,460 Rs

Innova Crysta AC Car
(8 Persons capacity)
420 km x 15 Rs/km = 6,300 Rs
+ 300 Driver Allowance
+ 300 Rs Toll tax + Parking
+ 400 Rs/Car entry ticket of Wildlife Sanctuary
7,600 Rs


  • As this is historical place, we are providing guide with nominal cost to explore the places to get real historical knowledge.
  • The tour is completely flexible based on the schedule, interest and choices. So discuss with us for customization.

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