Polo Forest ancient ruins

Polo Forest

Polo Forest is one of the best tourist spots near Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Himmatnagar, especially in the Monsoon and Winter seasons (July to Feb). It is located north side of Gujarat near the Rajasthan border in the southmost mountain range of Aravalli. Forest is located near Vijaynagar. It’s around 168km from Ahmedabad towards Idar town.

The river Harnav passes through the forest and it is considered that the habitat lived many years in ancient times.

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Things to do in the polo forest

  • Visit Ancient Shiv temple, Jain Temples
  • Bath in river/check dam near polo camp
  • Enjoy Harnav river and Harnav dam
  • Adventure activities like Trekking, Rock climbing, Cycling/bike rides
  • Visit farms and houses of villagers
  • Big spiders when you look forward sky under trees
  • In January month, Gujarat tourism organize bicycle races

On the map below you can see the things to do in the forest.

Places to Visit in Polo Forest Gujarat

Polo Forest timings

Polo forest Gujarat remains open from 6 AM to 6 PM
Monsoon (July to January month is the best time to visit Polo Forest)

Entry fees of Poloforest

There are NO Entry Fees to visit the Polo Forest

If you want to visit the polo forest, you can hire E-rickshaw from the Parking area. It will take ₹ 50 per person to cover each point.

If you want to do trekking, you can ask the E-Rickshaw driver, he will take you for the trekking by taking extra charges.

What to do in Polo Forest

It is good for 1 day if you want to visit all the places. But if you want to enjoy natural relaxation + Full of oxygen and dense forest. You should stay here at least for 1 night. If you are planning for a 1-day trip, here is the way how you can spend the day.

If you are coming from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar or nearby places. Start the journey between 6 to 7 AM in the morning. Reach here and start exploring the places which I have shown above.

1 – Trekking & Rock Climbing at Polo Forest

Forest is best for trekking. It has a safe route for trekking. If you are a lover of Rock climbing, it’s also the right place. If you have enough time you can do activities like rock climbing and rope climbing.

Trekking at polo forest
Trekking at polo forest

2 – Enjoy the Nature, Village and Lifestyle

The jungle area was part of the Vijaynagar state before the independence of India (1947). The state has heritage values. Villages are untouched by modern amenities and lifestyles. So you can really enjoy the beautiful Village life in a natural environment which you can’t experience in the city or town nowadays.

3 – River and Check Dam

All attractions are located inshore of the river. There are various check dams available too. A clean, small and shallow river is best for taking bath. Take bath in the river (Do not use soap), and spend some time for relaxation. Enjoy flowing water on the check dam and cross it to reach the Ruined sun temple.

4 – Experience the Rich Heritage Arts and Structure

King of Vijaynagar and people had created a stunning Temple (15th Century) full of arts and structure. It’s now ruined, but you will love the beauty of the arts when you see it with interest. If you are a heritage lover then also it’s the best to place to go back to the 15th Century era. Shiv Mandir, Sun Temple & Jain Temples are famous places for Heritage.

5 – Explore the Flora and Fauna of Polo forest

The jungle is dense and it’s away from commercialization. Due to that, the natural atmosphere is still there. If you are looking for Bird watching and wildlife experience go on Weekdays instead of Weekends. You can explore

  • Spiders
  • Giant trees
  • Reptiles
  • Insects
  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • Plants

6 – Vanaj Dam

Vanaj Dam is a beautiful dam on the Harnav river. It’s the last point of the Forest to explore. Visit it after 5 pm to see the beautiful view of the catchment area of the dam. The road towards the dam is adventurous and fun to pass through the forest.

7 – Food, Accommodation & Other activities

Nowadays various options/packages are available to get food and stay. Many resorts, hotels and farms provide day Packages and Night packages with tents, rooms etc. If you really love nature, I suggest staying 1 night in Tent and enjoying the beautiful morning walk in nature.

You can visit polo without any package if you do not want to spend a full day. You have to just pay the E-Rickshaw charges. And if you want to spend a Good whole day, there are various options available. Mentioned below >

One Day Packages Polo to Polo

Day Package
(Polo to Polo)
(9 AM to 6 PM)

Rs. 950/Adult
Rs. 760/Child
(6 to 9 Years)

Includes :
– Veg. Breakfast
– Veg. Lunch
– High Tea
– Swimming Pool
– Adventure Activities
– Water ride
– Sightseeing Guide
– DJ
– Campfire (Winter)

Day Package without Dinner
(Polo to Polo)
(9 AM to 6 PM)

Rs. 800/Adult
Rs. 750/Child
(6 to 9 Years)

Includes :
– Veg. Breakfast
– Veg. Lunch
– High Tea
– Swimming Pool
– Sightseeing Guide

Sightseeing charge Additional : 40 – 50 Rs/Person on sharing basis, 400-500 Rs/ e-rickshaw charges on private basis.

1 Night / 2 Days Polo forest hotel Packages

Polo has many hotels and resorts available for 1 night/2 days’ stays. During monsoon, most of the resorts and campsites remain full at a weekend. Depending on your choices and budget you can select a resort and camps.

In the peak season prices are remains fluctuated based on a date so unable to provide an exact rate for 1 night 2 days

  • Fern Sattva
  • Polo Retreat
  • Polo Tent city
  • Polo Heritage resort
  • Mayur Rathod Campsite
  • Chabutaro
  • Ambica exotica

Tip: For 2 days, Advanced booking for at least 1 week is advisable in monsoon and winter.

If you do not prefer to go with the packages mentioned above, Still you can reach normal restaurants for the food.

1 – Mayur Rathod Campsite

If you are looking for raw/natural campsite, Mayur Rathod campsite is suitable for 2 days. This may have not all facilities like a resort but this will give a real natural touch.


Day 1
– Check-in 3 PM
– Welcome drink
– Dinner
– Accommodation in tent or room
– Eco-guide

Day 2
– Breakfast
– Checkout from Room At 10 AM
– Lunch
– Leave from the campsite

Prices for 1 Night 2 days at Mayur Rathod campsite at Polo forest

Without Second day Lunch
950 Rs/Person

With Second Day Lunch
1,250 Rs/Person

2 – Ambica Exotica

Day Package of Polo Forest at Ambica Exotica

(Polo to Polo)

Rs. 950/Adults
Rs. 760/Child (6 to 9 Years)

– Veg. Breakfast
– Veg. Lunch
– High Tea
– Dinner
– Adventure Activities
– Water ride (Mini waterpark)
– Sightseeing Time (charges additional 40 or 50 Rs per person on sharing basis, 400-500 per rickshaw on a private basis)
– Guide
– DJ Music
– Campfire (Winter)

To get a quick reply (Within 15 mins) please press the green button given below.

Two Days Package of Polo Forest at Ambica Exotica

(Polo to Polo)
(11 AM Checkin to 10 AM Checkout)
Photos – Same in above resort

Cottage Prices
(Polo to Polo)

Rs. 4,999/Couple
Rs. 1,699/Extra Person above 10 years
Rs. 1,199/extra child (5 to 10 Years)


Day – 1
– Check-in at 12 PM
– Veg. Lunch
– High Tea
– Dinner
– Adventure Activities
– Mini waterpark
– Sightseeing
– Guide
– Mini DJ
– Campfire (Winter)

Day – 2
– Breakfast
– Checkout 10 AM

To get a quick reply (Within 15 mins) please press the green button given below.

3 – Tent City

Will add information soon

4 – Polo Retreat

Will add information soon

5 – Fern

Will add information soon

6 – Chabutaro

Will add information soon

How to reach Polo Forest

Forest is far from the city and town so public transport is not available. It’s advisable to reach there by own vehicle or hire a taxi to reach there.

If you do not have much budget, you can go by JEEP. Go to Khedbrahma from Ahmedabad or any other place as Khedbrahma is the nearest place. Hire Jeep from Khedbrahma to Vijaynagar and drop at Polo Forest. Same for return.

Ahmedabad to Polo forest is 165 km
Vadodara to Polo Forest is 250 Km.
Gandhinagar to Polo forest is 130 Km.

You can Hire a car at the following rates. Including – Toll-Tax, Driver Allowance, Parking, Sightseeing and Ahmedabad to polo forest to Ahmadabad travelling.

Xcent/i10 AC
(Max 4 Persons)

Rs. 4,400

With Ambaji
Rs. 5,600

Ertiga AC Car
(Max 6 Persons)

Rs. 5,600

With Ambaji
Rs. 7,100

Innova AC Car
(Max 7 Persons)

Rs. 6,400

With Ambaji
Rs. 8,100

Crysta AC Car
(Max 7 Persons)

Rs. 7,150

With Ambaji
Rs. 9,000

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For Traveling and packages details & Booking, please click on the below link.

Nearby Places from Polo Forest Gujarat

  • Ambaji – 80 Km
  • Khedbrahma Mataji Mandir – Approx 40 Kms
  • Idar to Polo forest is 50 Kms
  • Phulwari Ki Nal Sanctuary (Rajasthan Side) – 50 Kms
  • Hadmat Sunset Point – 70 Kms
  • Taranga, Dharoi Dam – 80 Kms
  • Ahmedabad to Polo forest – 165 km
  • Polo forest from Ahmedabad – 165 km

To book a tour or check the schedule click here

Frequently asked Question

Do you have a polo forest contact number?


Is polo forest located in Vijaynagar?

Yes, the actual Vijay Nagar is 20 km from Polo Forest

How much time it will take to visit all attractions of Polo Forest?

Maximum 4 hours

Is the river safe to take back to Polo Forest?

Yes, but only near the check dam. Do not jump anywhere or take bath. There are chances of reptiles like snakes, particularly in monsoon.

Which animals we can see in Polo Forest?

Earlier, the polo forest had a Sloth bear. But there are no wild animals appeared for many years. Although, You can see reptiles, spiders etc.

Nice Video by Aditi Raval about Polo Forest

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