Polo Forest

Polo Forest is one of the best tourist spot near Ahmedabad, himmatnagar specially in Monsoon and Winter seasons (August to Feb). It is located north side of Gujarat near Rajasthan border in the south most mountain range of Aravalli. Forest is located near vijaynagar. Its around 168km from Ahmedabad towards Idar town.

The river harnav passing through the forest and it is considered that the habitat lived many years in ancient time. You can see ruined temple of shiva and jainism.

Things to do in polo forest

  • Ancient Shiva temple, Jain Temples
  • Bath in river/checkdam near polo camp
  • Hiranya/Harnav dam
  • Adventure activities like Trekking, Rock climbing, Cycling/bike rides
  • If you stay in night you can enjoy jugnu (aagiya) and lots of stars including gallaxy (akash ganga)
  • Visit farms and houses of villagers
  • Big spiders when you look forward sky under trees
  • In January month, Gujarat tourism organize bicycle races


There are not much travel options available so better to Travel by car / bus / bike

Accomodation and foods

There are 3 known private resorts and 1 government resort available.

Private resorts are

  • Polo retreat
  • Ambika exotica –
  • Polo tent city

It is good destination for the one day picnic with friends and family.

Request: its really green forest with clean river our duty to not make it dirty by throwing plastic/paper waste. Please avoid plastic and paper.

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  1. Polo forest is one of the most attractive tourist places near Ahmedabad. There are some places near polo forest are actually good to visit. I would like to give you one suggestion that if you could add the photo of each place under the title of the place and also would like to draw your attention that there are few grammatical mistakes in the article. Otherwise you have given good information about the polo forest and it’s temples.

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