Mahakali Vad near Gandhinagar

This is a famous vad (banyan tree) of Kantharpura near Gandhinagar known as Mahakali Vad. Which is one of the widest trees of Gujarat, probably, It may be second after the Kabirwad. The temple of the Mahakali Devi is situated in the middle of the trunk. This vad is spreading around 5 meters each year. Thanks to the farmers who donate the land for this tree and show their interest in the progress of vad. It is good for one day picnic from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Himmatnagar. It is also known as Kantharpura vad.

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Places to visit in and around Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat and one of the Greenest cities in India. Also, it has many places to visit in and around. For Ahmedabad, It is common to roam around Gandhinagar. If you are planning to arrange a picnic from Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar for 1 day within 80 km, it is a really good approach to use this route. List of places for One day picnic from Gandhinagar. Read more about Places to visit in Gandhinagar.

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