Places to visit in and around Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat and one of the Greenest cities in India. Also, it has many places to visit in and around. For Ahmedabad, It is common to roam around Gandhinagar. If you are planning to arrange a picnic from Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar for 1 day within 80 km, it is a really good approach to use this route. List of places for One day picnic from Gandhinagar. Read more about Places to visit in Gandhinagar.

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Akshardham Mandir Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar Akshardham (Monday Closed) The beautiful temple is located in the city. It has many things to do. It may take more than 4 hours if you want to cover everything. Many have a question about What to see in Akshardham Gandhinagar and how to manage it. Security officers will take the mobiles and metal things before you enter the premises. It was constructed in 1992. Timings, Things to See, Prices and How to reach.

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