Zen Garden in Ahmedabad

Zen Garden Ahmedabad

Recently Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated (Still not open for the Public) the Zen garden Ahmedabad. It’s specially created similar to the Japanese Zen garden. It’s in the Panjrapol area opposite the IIM Ahmedabad in the AMA Campus.

Narendra Modi has shared the photos of Zen Garden Ahmedabad on his Instagram and Twitter account.

Traditional Japanese gardens are replicated here in the area of 5,000 square feet around. It has most of the elements of Japanese Gardens. Hyogo is the city in Japan and Ahmedabad and Hyogo is the sister cities so it shows the friendship between these 2 cities. This beautiful creation has been created by 2 local architects with the help of the Japanese Architects.

Kaizen hall (Conference hall) for the learning purpose with a good feeling of the Japanese Touch. It’s construction has been started in 2019 and ready in 2021

Yet this is not open to the public, so I have not written much about its personal experience, I will share more information whenever it will be open to the public.

We will add this place to one day trip to Ahmedabad Gandhinagar for the tourist whenever it will be available. I will share more about Zen Garden Ahmedabad fees and timing later. As per the current situation, I think it will be free of cost or it’s only for the AMA conferences only. Still, let’s wait to open soon.

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