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Ugati Oxygen Park Ahmedabad

During the Second Wave of the corona (April 2021), the world realized the values of Oxygen. AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Commission) has developed an oxygen park Ahmedabad in the Science City area at Ugati Lake named Ugati Oxygen Park. It’s in the middle of the concrete jungle but still, if you visit it once, you will feel like walking in the Dense forest. It has 25,000+ trees and spreaded over 11,000 It has 45 species of trees in the oxygen park.

Acacia Eco has executed this oxygen park and start a plantation in June 2019 and completed it in August 2019 (Just only 3 months) using the Japanese Miyawaki Forestattion method.

Dr Akira Miyawaki is the Japanese scientist who founded this method. This method helps plants to grow faster. The study said in 20 years forest can take place instead of 200 years. First-year trees reach 10 to 15 feet and in the second year, they reach 20 to 25 feet.

Now, let’s move to Oxygen Park Ahmedabad or Ugati Oxygen park Ahmedabad.

About Park

The total park size is around 11,000 Sq. meter out of it 5,600 Sq. meter covered by the Miyawaki Technique. It’s So dense that you will not fill the sunlight when you pass through the walkway. There is a total of 45 species of trees and plants are there.

If you walk from the trees, you will forget about the hustle-bustle of city life and enjoy the real natural oxygen park. It has Yoga, Meditation, Children play area and natural lake sections where you can spend quality time.

It has more oxygen so it’s great to have daily walked in this park. It’s a boon for the people staying near the science city area. We have added this place as a tourist attraction while visiting the Science City area.

We can consider this place as one day tour to Ahmedabad or Ahmedabad Darshan

Children Play area

It has beautiful children play area in the Ugati Oxygen Park. There is a small hut at the last. It has small cute rabbits. Visitors can feed them as well. So bring carrots if you are going with the kids.

Yoga, Excercise and Medication Area

I have visited in July 2021 and have captured a photo of it. The photo, it is showing the Yoga and Meditation Garden. also, it has a seating arrangement so you can spend some quality time here.

Ugati Lake

Ugati lake in oxygen park appears really like a hill station especially in the season like monsoon. I personally feel it should have Boating, Ducks, Fountains and a foot bridge over the lake to make it a perfect tourist destination. But I think govt has decided to keep it open for the local people who want peace and avoid tourists.


Ugati oxygen park Ahmedabad is very green and I am sure you will love it. It has very green plants and trees and you can see it everywhere. Walking through the trees is the best experience.

Timings and Fees

It has normal routine time as other Parks / Gardens of Ahmedabad (6 AM to 9 PM). There are no fees to enter.



Oxygen park Ahmedabad Located 500 meters before the science city if you are coming from the sola. And if you are coming from the SP Ring road it will come after 500 Meter after.

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