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Entartica Seaworld – Ahmedabad Riverfront Watersports Timing and Prices

Riverfront Ahmedabad is the new destination for the hangout. It’s a gem of the Sabarmati Riverfront. It has many things to do. Almost 10+ things. Watersports are one of the things to do at the riverfront. Entartica Seaworld is the company name that operates the riverfront watersports. It has cruise, riverfront restaurants and many more watersports to spend a good time. It’s a good place for the kids/children.

Activities & Prices of Riverfront Watersports

  • Aqua Cycle
    • Up to 2 Persons – ₹ 200/Cycle
    • Up to 4 Persons – ₹ 500/Cycle
  • Sabarmati River cruise – ₹ 250/person
  • Aqua Roller – ₹ 150/Person
  • Speed Boat
    • Up to 2 persons – ₹ 1,100/Boat
    • Up to 4 persons – ₹ 1,500/Boat
    • Up to 6 persons – ₹ 2,000/Boat
    • Up to 8 persons – ₹ 2,500/Boat
  • Pontoon Boat – ₹ 300/Person
  • Kids Pedal Boat – ₹ 150/person
  • Kids Bumper Boat – ₹ 200/person
  • Jet Ski – ₹ 500/person
  • Yacht
    • 1 to 3 persons – ₹ 2,400/Yacht
    • Up to 4 persons – ₹ 3,000/Yacht
    • Up to 5 persons – ₹ 3,500/Yacht
    • Up to 6 persons – ₹ 4,000/Yacht

It has open restaurants as well as birthday, and anniversary celebrations packages. You can directly reach them by calling 09712104051

You can book all activities online too in advance. Please go through this link to book in advance. Even you can book offline at the ticket counter too.

Online booking link – https://booking.entartica.com/

Entartica Seaworld Watersports timing

10 AM to 10 PM Every day

Sabarmati River Cruise

Sabarmati River Cruise is a major attraction of the Entartica Seaworld. It has a capacity of 60 persons and operates every hour. Please check the timings below and

Riverfront Cruise Timings are every half an hour from 10:30 AM morning to 8:30 Night.

Location of Entartica Seaworld

The water sports Location is near Vallabh Sadan Ahmedabad.

Here is the Google Map Link – https://g.page/entartica-seaworld-watersports?share


There are many things to do at Riverfront.

Riverfront footbridge

Read here for more details of each available attraction on the riverfront.

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