Guajrat Science City

Gujarat Science City

Gujarat science city is located 4 km from the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway towards the Sardar Patel Ring road. It is the place where the children and family can do infotainment.

Gujarat Science City Planaterium

Science city is one of the best picnic spots or attractions in Ahmedabad which is good For Children, families, Picnic Spot for spending around 4 to 7 hours.

Gujarat science city – Timings: 8 AM to 8 PM


  • Science city entry – 50 Rs (Compulsory)
  • Aquatics Gallery – 200 Rs
  • Robotics Gallery – 250 Rs
  • Parking
    • 2 Wheel – 20 Rs
    • 4 Wheel – 50 Rs
    • Bus – 100 Rs
  • 3D Scanner and Printer – 500 Rs
  • 5D Theatre Aquatic Gallery – 150 Rs
  • Air hockey – 50 Rs
  • AR Show – 200 Rs
  • Mission to Mars Ride – 40 Rs
  • Thrill Ride – 30 Rs
  • Robo Painter – 200 Rs
  • VR
    • VR Car- 200 Rs
    • VR Cinema – 200 Rs
    • VR Educational App – 200 Rs
    • VR Jurrasic World Game – 200 Rs
    • VR Medical App – 200 Rs
    • VR Shooting Game – 200 Rs
    • VR Walk through game – 200 Rs
  • Planaterium – 20 Rs
  • Coal Mine – 20 Rs
  • Earthquake Experience Ride – 40 Rs.

Gujarat Science city – Things to Do

IMAX 3D Theater

Worldclass 3D effect theatre makes you the real filling of the 3D sound and scenes. It shows various movies throughout the year. So it is better to check the current movie using the following link before going: 125 Rs Per person (As per 1st March 2019 Based on their website) Timings: First Show starts at 2 PM. Last Show start at 5 PM Duration: Average 45 Mins (depend on the movie)

Thrill Ride

Ride simulations provide the experience of riding a roller coaster, flying in an aerobatic aircraft, a journey into space and many more fees: 30 Rs Per Person (As per 16th July 2021)

Planet Earth

The Planet Earth pavilion aims to highlight the exquisite beauty and abundant truths of our planet earth and also to bring an awareness of the nature of natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides etc. Planetarium – 20 Rs Per Person Coal Mine – 20 Rs Per Person Earthquake Experience Ride – 40 Rs Per Person

Hall of Science and Space

Visitors will walk around the ways and the working models of the new vistas opened by space and communication explorations. They can explore how different types of communication signals are emitted, transformed, encoded and decoded so that they would be sent to a distance or stored. For details

Energy Park

The Energy Park exhibits are classified according to five basic elements (Panchbhuta) as propounded in ancient Indian Philosophy. These elements are (i) Tej (Energy from the Sun), (ii) Marut (Energy from the Wind), (iii) Ap (Energy from the Water), (iv) Kshiti (Energy from the Earth) and (v) Byom (Exploration of space).  For detail

Life Science Park

The main objectives of this interactive and outdoor park are to enthuse children in the study of nature and in the evolution, propagation and sustenance of life on this planet.

Aquarium (Aquiatic Gallery), Robotics gallery and Nature park

New Attraction India’s biggest Aquarium opens on 17th July 2021 for the public.

Much more attraction is coming in near future…I will keep posted here once they will have any updates.

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