Khoj Museum

KHOJ Museum – Science, Art, Innovation Museum

KHOJ Museum is one of the unique museums for Kids in Ahmedabad and Surat. There are 2 branches at Ahmedabad of KHOJ Museum. It has a unique concept that gives ideas about Science, Art, and Innovation. Kids can enjoy the Arts and Science interactive way with Nominal fees. Science + Art + Innovation = KHOJ Museum

The key idea of the museum is to have fun and build curiosity while discovering the exhibitions, in the process they will learn and understand diverse concepts in-depth and further build their own small movements to encourage the concept of innovation. I will share my experience soon.

All three Museums exhibit different themes which you can see below.

What you will expect in KHOJ Museum

  • An interactive way to understand science
  • Small experiments to help to understand innovation
  • Currently displays experiments and activities based on three scientific concepts: water, bubbles, and animation. Students, as well as adults, can explore and enjoy these wonderful activities.
  • Naranpura Center exhibit
    • Reconnecting with soil
    • Plastic play
    • Coping with Climate Change
  • Riverfont
    • Water play
    • Animation
    • Bulbule
    • Ideas Lab
    • Shadow play
  • Surat
    • Virosphere
    • Sustainable living
    • Activity aera

This is good for Children aged 5 years and above

KHOJ Museum Timings & Fees

Khoj Naranpura, Riverfront, and Surat have the same fees. Fees are given below

Every Tuesday to Sunday 
10:30AM – 5:30PM Fees

Khoj Naranpura, Riverfront, and Surat have the same fees. Fees are given below

Individual visitors: ₹ 50/visitor
School Visits: ₹ 30/student (minimum 50 students)
NGO Visits: ₹ 20/visitor


Naranpura – Contact Number: 6352998992
Riverfront – Contact Number: 9328434560

Khoj Museum Location

There are 2 locations in Ahmedabad and 1 in Surat. Please find all here

KHOJ Naranpura (Ahmedabad)

Khoj Museum Naranpura,
Near Naranpura Railway Crossing Rd, Ruby Colony,
Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013

Google Map location:

KHOJ Riverfront (Ahmedabad)

Khoj Museum Riverfront, Under Nehru Bridge, Riverfront Rd, opposite Riverfront House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Google Map Location:

KHOJ Surat

On Campus of Science Centre Surat,
Citylight Road, Maheshwari Cir. Surat

Google Map Location:

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