Kankariya Carnival

Kankariya Lake

Kankariya lake is the famous tourist spot in Ahmedabad. It was created by Mughal around 500 years ago and it has perfectly round shape. It is said that SBI Bank’s logo is inspired by the design of the Kankariya lake and its island Nagina Wadi.

Kankariya carnival


Monday Kankariya Remain closed

It is located in Maninagar. It is best tourist attraction of Ahmedabad and have lot of things to do. Its called heaven for Child where he can enjoy zoo, water park, balloon and many more things described below

This place is beatiful circular lake. It is full of fun and good picnic spot. It will take approx 4-5 hours if you want to enjoy full fun of this area. It is built by the mughal king kutub before 250 years and its earlier known as Kutub-e-Hauj and then renamed as Kankariya . Ahmedabad’s municipality has converted in to beautiful lake front park package of fun. Vehicle is not alllowed inside the lake front.

Lake has lot of attraction. Entry fees for the Kankariya lake is 10 Rs. Early morning it is being used widely for the Morning walk.

  1. Balvatika & Jaldhara water park – balvatika has new attraction of the Amusement park from Nethereland. you can see various unique rides in the park. You can entry in to the park from lake side. Jaldhara water park is near by which can accessible from outside.
  2. Aquarium
  3. Kamla Nehru Zoo (Kankaria Zoo) – Remain open till 6 PM
  4. Kids city – City for kids. Tickets around 100 to 125 Rs – It gives experience to become doctor, pilot, radio jokey, police, fireman and many more things to children. It is good if you have child more than 7 years..
  5. Naginawadi – Is located in center of the lake. This has the attraction like musical fountain, small rides for children, Fountains, seats for enjoying lake beauty, boating
  6. Water and laser show – Water and Laser show starts at 7 PM
  7. Helium Balloon – Fees – 100 Rs to see ahmedabad and whole lake from sky.
  8. Toy train – Fees : 25 Rs – Run around the border of lake it will give full idea about the lakes and its activities. It remain crowded during weekend and holidays.
  9. Jalpari – The bus ride. The slow open bus rotate around the lake.
  10. Butterfly park
  11. Boating and water sports
  12. One tree hill
  13. Outside lake premises children can enjoy horse riding, marry go round and many more things.
Water Sports at Kankariya

It open early morning around 6am and closes at 10:00 pm. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of place without hurdles of the vehicles. It has 10 rs entry fees. It is good for the all age groups and if you want to spend 4+ hours in ahmedabad in single place this is right choice for this. Best time to visit is 3 PM onwards.

Night Zoo (Nocturnal Zoo)


Kankariya zoo of Ahmedabad is very innovative and always comeup with unique idea. Years ago when I went to zoo I found that wild animal like hyenas, leopard and jackal always remain tired or sleepy. Zoo authorities launched the night zoo (Nocturnal zoo). Actually concept it like they change day to night and night to day for the animals. Change the feeding pattern and provide artificial lighting effect give feeling of night to animal. So they remain active during our day time.

Its kind of glass cage so visitors can easily identify the animal’s activities. They have put the microphone inside the cage so roar of animal can be heard to visitors. Its kind of unique experience for the visitors to see wild active animals. As of now they have introduced few animals for this house but later on they will add more animals.

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Kankariya Carnival

The government organized the Kankaria Carnival every year during the 25th December to 31st December every year Which includes

  • Lots of cultural program
  • Lighting on the boarder of lakes
  • Water laser show
  • Water sports
  • Boatings
  • Fireworks at 10 PM
  • Races
  • Painting competion
  • Food courts
  • and other events.

Tips : For those who has toddlers/small kids i suggest to keep stroller with you to enjoy full park

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