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Science City Aquarium – Aquatic and Robotic Gallery

Science City located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) will get a new Major Attraction for the Kids and Every Visitors. The more advanced Aquarium will be India’s biggest Aquarium Aquatic Gallery and Robotics Gallery. It is now open to the public. Science City got an overwhelming response from the Tourists and it became a hot destination for the young kids and all age groups. Must visit it.

EVERY MONDAY CLOSE – Sciencecity will remain close completely.

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Lemon Shark PC :

March 2023 – New introduced Lemon Shark in Shark Tunnel.

MyByk Cycle, Electric Vehicle like Segway and Golfcart are now available at Science City Science city announced combo plan. 499 in weekdays, 699 in Weekend.

New Attraction Science City Aquarium or Science city’s Aquatic Gallery Aquarium will have excellent varieties of Fishes and Marine life and has advanced Kind of Aquarium including the underwater tunnel.

Tea post at Science City
Tea post at Science City

Things to do at Aquatic Gallery – Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad

1 – Attractive Entrance

The entrance of the Aquatic Gallery is very interesting and very modern. The building is also very unique in terms of architecture.

2 – Internal Dome to View Fishes closely

This is a unique feature where visitors can go middle of the Aquarium and can see fish very closely.

3 – Shark Tunnel

The key attraction of the Aquatic gallery is the shark tunnel where visitors can go in the tunnel and experience life under the water. Also, visitors can see the person/diver feed to fish. During my visit, I noticed lots of visitors enjoyed this and taking lots of photos. Must visit this.

4 – Touch screen

The interactive kiosk allows choosing fish and displaying them on a large LCD.

5 – Touch pool

A unique area of aquatic gallery where Children or tourists can touch the Starfish and water.

6 – Live Feeding to fish

They have sessions every few hours for live feeding to fish. It has a seating arrangement to see live feeding too.

Aquarium has a glass tunnel which will be a major tourist attraction and attract 1000 tourists to Ahmedabad.

EVERY MONDAY CLOSE – Sciencecity will remain close completely.

Along with the Aquatic, Robotics is the other attraction of the Science City. Robotics and Artificial intelligence is the new feature of advanced technology. This Gallery’s aim is to encourage children/young generation to learn about Robotics and its real-life usage. Robotics gallery will have various kinds of robots like Dancer Robot, Virtual device, Cars, Healthcare, Cleaner, Sports and many more kind of Robots.

  • Attractive enterance for photo capturing
  • Robo Cafe – Robot serve the tea/coffee (additional charge activities)
  • 8 to 10 sections of Robots to explore like
    • Indian Robotics
    • Achievement of Gujarat’s Student
    • Agreeculture Robots
    • Defence/DRDO Robots
    • Medical and other Robots
    • Playing robots
    • Dancing robotos
  • Extra activities like
    • Play with robot
    • Commanding robot
    • 3D Printing and photos
  • Sovenior shop

Tourist generally does not prefer to go to Science city earlier. After these 2 attractions, they will definitely add this place to the itinerary along with tourists’ most favourite Gandhi Ashram, Akshardham and Adalaj Stepwell.

Robotic galleries organize FREE Tour every day to share details about each robot. An executive with a robot come to each section and make each robot active and show it to tourist. It is useful because without them you can see the robot idle (Without action)

Robotics Tour Time
Robotics Tour Time

By seeing all this progress of adding new tourists places like science city robotics gallery and Ahmedabad science city aquarium (Aquatics Gallery), I can assume that Ahmedabad and Gujarat will be major tourist hubs in upcoming years.

EVERY MONDAY CLOSE – Sciencecity will remain close completely.

Nature park at Science City

It is news that Nature park is also going to be opened with this. It will have a large nature park with having 15 life-size sculptures. There are many things to see, minimum of 1 hr to see all places.

Things to do in Nature park of Science City

  • Photo Points
    • Globe/Earth
    • Fountains
    • Murals
    • Gazebo
    • Bridge
    • I love nature park
  • Walking facilities
    • Jogging track
    • Walking track
  • For Kids
    • Children Play area
    • Prehistoric Sculpture
    • Maze Garden
    • Butterfly Garden
    • Chess Garden
    • Open Gym
    • Termite Mount & Honey Comb Cross Section
  • Nature / Gardens
    • Garden of colors
    • Mist Forest
    • Block plantation
    • Ficus Garden
    • Boughanvillea Garden
    • Oxygen Park
    • Champa Garden
    • Aroma Garden
    • Palmatum
    • Cactus Garden
    • Star Garden
    • Ceremorial Plantation
  • Water
    • Waterbody

Timing of Science city attractions

10 AM to 8:00 PM every day except Monday. Monday it remains close
Aquatic gallery and robotics gallery entry close at 7 PM

EVERY MONDAY CLOSE – Sciencecity remains close completely.

Science City Aquarium, Robotics Gallery and other Tickets Prices of New Attractions

Please read here about the rate of the each attractions including Aquatic gallery and Robotic gallery here.


– There are lots of walking. Keep stroller for kids and wheelchair for aged people. Or hire e-vehicle
– Keep bottled water with you.
– Online ticket is advisable to avoid long walking
– There is a tea post parlour available in the aquarium section.
– Robotics Gallery is good with the Tour Guide (FREE). They have a tour guide on each hour 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM till 7 PM. Join it to get full knowledge.
– If you want to cover all places reach there around 12 PM then only you can cover all places till 8 pm.

Booking Website –

You can book the following 4 attractions online. There is a heavy rush on weekends and limited entries allowed so we advise you to book tickets in advance.

– Aquatic
– Robotics
– Parking
– Entry
– Combo ticket

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