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Science City Aquarium – Aquatic and Robotic Gallery

Science City located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) will get a new Major Attraction for the Kids and Every Visitors. The more advanced Aquarium and will be India’s biggest Aquarium Aquiatic Gallery and Robotics Gallery. It is going to open soon for the Public. Science city is not open right now due to Corona. Expected opening from 16th July 2021. It is news that PM Narendra Modi is coming to inaugurate this new move of the science city of Gujarat.

Aquatic Gallery – Science City Aquarium

New Attraction Science city’s Aquatic Gallery Aquarium will have excellent varieties of Fishes and Marine life and has advanced Kind of Aquarium including the underwater tunnel.

Aquarium has a glass tunnel which will be a major tourist attraction and attract 1000 tourists to Ahmedabad.

Science city underwater tunnel
Science city underwater tunnel – Photo by

Robotics Gallery at Science City

Along with the Aquatic, Robotics is the other attraction of the Science City. Robotics and Artificial intelligence is the new feature of the advanced technology. This Gallery’s aim is to encourage children/young generation to learn about Robotics and its real-life usage. Robotics gallery will have various kinds of robots like Dancer Robot, Virtual device, Cars, Healthcare, Cleaner, Sports and many more kind of Robots.

When this will be ready, there will be more than 9 attractions in the Gujarat Science city including the IMAX3D Theater.

Tourist generally does not prefer to go to Science city earlier. After these 2 attractions, they will definitely add this place to the itinerary along with tourist’s most favourite Gandhi Ashram, Akshardham and Adalaj Stepwell.

By seeing all this progress of adding new tourists places like science city robotics gallery and science city aquarium (Aquatics Gallery), I can assume that Ahmedabad and Gujarat will be major tourist hubs in upcoming years.

Nature park at Science City

It is news that Nature park is also going to be opened with this. It will have a large nature park with having 15 life size sculptures. I will add more information here once opened.

Timing of Science city attractions

10 AM to 8:30 PM Everyday

Science City Aquarium, Robotics Gallery and other Tickets Prices of New Attractions

Rate per person above 3 years old.

  • Science city entry – 50 Rs (Compulsory)
  • Aquatics Gallery – 200 Rs
  • Robotics Gallery – 250 Rs
  • Parking – 2 Wheel – 20 Rs | 4 Wheel – 50 Rs | Bus – 100 Rs
  • 3D Scanner and Printer – 500 Rs
  • 5D Theatre Aquatic Gallery – 150 Rs
  • Air hockey – 50 Rs
  • AR Show – 200 Rs
  • Mission to Mars Ride – 40 Rs
  • Thrill Ride – 30 Rs
  • Robo Painter – 200 Rs
  • VR Car- 200 Rs
  • VR Cinema – 200 Rs
  • VR Educational App – 200 Rs
  • VR Jurrasic World Game – 200 Rs
  • VR Medical App – 200 Rs
  • VR Shooting Game – 200 Rs
  • VR Walk through game – 200 Rs
  • Planaterium – 20 Rs
  • Coal Mine – 20 Rs
  • Earthquake Experience Ride – 40 Rs.

Gujarat Science City is opened for Public from 17th July 2021 onwards. Timings: 10:00 AM to 08:30 PM. Tickets are also available at various ticket counters of Science City through Digital Payments. Also you can book through their website and mobile app

Booking Website –

You can book the following 4 attractions online. There is a heavy rush on weekends and limited entries allowed so we advise you to book tickets in advance.

– Aquatic
– Robotics
– Parking
– Entry

IMAX 3D Theatre Science City

Science City has the largest 3D Theater and is now open for the public after a long break from the corona. Its timings as follow as of 12th August 2021

Duration of each show of IMAX 3D Theater: 30 to 45 Mins

Show Timings of IMAX 3D Theater

1 PM – TREX Movie
2 PM – Born in a Wild Movie
4 PM – Spacewalk Movie
5 PM – Madagaskar Movie

Ticket price: Approx Rs 125 per person. (I do not know the exact price after lockdown)

IMAX 3D theater Science city
IMAX 3D theater Science city

Here are the videos from

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