Kayavarohan – The ancient town of Gujarat

Kayavarohan (કાયાવરોહણ) is an ancient town near Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Around 2015, I lead towards the Poicha Mandir from Ahmedabad, I had reached there once by forgetting the road and stopped for a tea in Kayavarohan. I feel positive vibes in this town which amaze me and my guts feeling told me that this is not a simple town. There must be something must be special about this.

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Statue of Unity Guide

Why do we need to introduce the statue of unity guide services? The Statue of Unity is the top most popular tourist attraction in India and Gujarat. Earlier it was very few things to view there but now there are more than 10 attractions to see on the whole premises. Still have more constructions observed and will be available for the public soon.

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Zarwani Waterfall & Shoolpaneshware wildlife Sanctuary

Shulpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary and Zarwani waterfall – (July To November) 500 Rs Additional as Entry fee of the Wildlife Sanctuary. When the sardar Sarovar dam is overflowing, this remains close.

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Balasinor Dinosaur Park

India is a very ancient land. It’s older than Dinosaur’s Era (65 Million years). It’s evidence found in many areas. In Gujarat, it is found near the Balasinor (100 Km from Ahmedabad). Balasinor dinosaur park has Balasinor Fossil Park and Dinosaur Museum.

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