Wall City Ahmedabad Auto Rickshaw Tour by House of MG

House of MG is located next to sidi saiyad mosque and which is one of the finest Restaurants and Hotels of Ahmedabad. Along with that, they are also providing the Guided walled city tour via Auto rickshaw, Must visit this if you are visiting ahmedabad at day or night. Night options available too..

For booking call on : +91-79-2550 69 46



7 AM to 7 PM

Start From
House of MG
or pickup from hotel


  • The house of MG
  • Sidi Saiyad Jali
  • Bhadra Fort
  • Chinubhai Beronet
  • Teen Darwaja
  • Jama Masjid
  • Badshah no Hajiro
  • Rani no Hajiro
  • Manek Chawk
  • Stock Exchange
  • Mangaldas ni haveli 3
  • Mangaldas ni haveli 1
  • Rani sipri Masjid
  • Sidi Bashir Shaking Minar
  • Harkuwar Shethani ni haveli
  • Astapad Jain Derasar
  • Tankshal Haveli
  • Dalpatram
  • Sambhav Nathanadera
  • Swaminarayan Temple
  • Rani Rupmati Mosque
  • Parsi Agiyari
  • Jews Synagogue
  • Dada Hari Stepwell

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