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Top 10 Places for kids in and around from Ahmedabad

Every parent wants to know some good new places where children can enjoy and spend quality time with them. Nowadays there are many businesses focused on children. There are many places for kids around Ahmedabad. Kids need a variety of play or activities. I have tried to gather information about Kids activities near Ahmedabad based on my knowledge. If you have any new place in mind, you can write it in a comment.

Here is a list of places for kids around Ahmedabad

1 – Fun Blast – The sports arena, trampoline park and adventure

Kids play area

Approx Duration: 2 hrs
Kids Activity type: Toy train, Adventure park, Trampoline Park, Game zone, Zip line, Sky cycling.
Kids Key feature: Trampoline Park
Good for: 1 to 35 years
Food Zone: Yes
Price: ₹₹₹ (Moderate to Expensive)

Read more –

2 – Sugarrush Outdoor and Cafe near Bopal

Approx Duration: 2 hrs
Kids Activity type: Pet animal, Outdoor play area, Adventure activity for kids
Kids Key feature: Playing with Pets
Good for: 1 to 15 years kids
Food Zone: Yes
Price: ₹₹₹ (Moderate to Expensive)

Sugar Rush Cafe
Sugar Rush Cafe

Sugar rush outdoor is a good place for the kids where they can spend some time with Animals and Live feed there. It’s a unique concept and must try it. It is located in the Bopal area. It has Cafe and adventure activities area for the kids too. Places for kids around Ahmedabad – Click here to read more

3 – Shott on Sindhu Bhawan Road

Approx Duration: 1 to 1.5 hrs
Kids Activity type: Game zone, Adventure zone and Go carting
Kids Key feature: Game zone
Good for : 3 and above kids + adults
Food Zone: Yes
Price: ₹₹₹ (Moderate to Expensive)

Children Area Shott

Shotts is located on Sindhubhavan road near hotel taj. It has go-carting and other games for the kids (3+). It has very nice collections of games which you and your child can enjoy, it has an adventure zone as well where young kids can do adventure activities. Read more click here

4 – Kankariya Lake (Maninagar)
– Kids City
– Butterfly Park
– Kankariya Zoo & Nocturnal Zoo (Night Zoo)
– Nagina Wadi and Laser show
– Amusement Park
– Watersports and Boating

Kankariya is considered the best place for kids in Ahmedabad

Approx Duration: 4 to 5 hrs
Kids Activity type: Game zone, Adventure zone, Lake, Zoo, Watersports, Kids City, Toy Train, Play area, Boating, Laser show, Butterfly park
Kids Key feature: Zoo, Toy train
Good for: 1 and above kids + adults
Food Zone: Yes
Price: ₹ (Low to Moderate)

Kankariya Carnival
Kankariya Carnival During 25th to 31st December every year

Kankariya lake – This has many things to do it may take 4+ hours to enjoy everything in Kankariya. Tourists with kids must visit this place. Make sure it remains close on Monday. Good for ages from 1 year to 15 years kidsClick here to read more 

5 – Gujarat Science City

Gujarat science city is considered the best place for a child in Ahmedabad

Approx Duration: 4 to 5 hrs
Kids Activity type: Aquatic gallery, Robotic Gallery, 3D Theatre, Planetarium, Nature Park, Science Park, Bio Diversity Park
Kids Key feature: Penguin, Shark Tunnel of Aquatic Gallery.
Good for: 1 and above kids + adults
Food Zone: Yes (Tea Post counter)
Price: ₹₹ (Low to Expensive)

Science City Penguin
Science City Penguin Photo By

Science city – This is also one of the best attractions for the kids where you can spend more than 5+ hours. It is best for the curios / the child for the science, 3d movies, fountains, thrill rides and many more. It is good for ages 4 years to 15 years even parents can enjoy a lot with 3d Movie and science experiments – Click here to read more

Aquatic Gallery + Robotic Gallery at Science city is a new kids’ attraction and a must-visit place. – Read more

6 – Ahmedabad One Mall Vastrapur
– Snow World
– Funkey Monkey
– Fun City

Approx Duration: 3 to 4 hrs
Kids Activity type: Snow park, Fun city game zone, Humpty bumpety play area, Hamleys toy shop
Kids Key feature: Fun city Game zone,
Good for: 1 and above kids + adults
Flood Zone: Yes
Price: ₹₹₹ (Moderate to Expensive)

Ahmedabad (Alpha) one mall at Vastrapur lake – This is another favourite happening place in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad One mall has Fun City, Snow World, Humpty Bumpty and Hamleys stores. Please read more about the Snow World Here

Ahmedabad One Mall Location –

7 – Adventure park near Vastrarpur Lake

Approx Duration: 1 to 2 hrs
Kids Activity type: Adventure parks, Marry Go Round and other small big rides
Kids Key features: Small and Big rides, Toy Trains
Good for: 1 and above kids + adults
Flood Zone: Yes
Price: ₹₹ (Low to Moderate)

AMC has Adventure Park at Vastrapur Lake – Where everyone can have fun, food and shops around the area. It is located between the university area and S.G.Highway. 

There is a lake and surrounding areas are popular.

Location –

8 – ISRO Museum / Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition

Approx Duration: 1 hrs
Kids Activity type: Science and Space knowledge, Increase Curiosity, Learning about ISRO and Space, Kids area, Quiz
Kids Key feature: Rocket understanding, Play area, Animations, Interactive Learning
Good for: 8+ years kids and adults
Food Zone: No
Price: FREE

ISRO Museum (Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition) – This is located next to the Sundarvan. Children from 8 years + should go to this museum if they are eager to know about India’s achievements in space programs. It explained about various satellites and many more things in the museum. Timings are 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Monday Closed)

9 – Sundarvan – Mini Zoo

Approx Duration: 3 to 4 hrs
Kids Activity type: Mini Zoo, Play with Rabbit and duck or feed them. Snake show
Kids Key feature: Snake show, Play with Rabbit and ducks
Good for: 1 and above kids + adults
Food Zone: No
Price: ₹ (Very Low)

Jodhpur tekra – It covers 3 places Sundarvan, Bhav nirzar and ISRO museum (Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition) – These 3 places are located on the Jodhpur tekra area in between Iskon crossroad and Shivrajani crossroad. It is a famous area.

Sundarvan is the cool forest kind of area maintained by CEE (Center for Environment Education). It has a unique kind of animals you can find in it. it has many trees and education-related things. On a Sunday evening, it has the snakes show which is very popular with young children. Timings for Sundarvan are 9 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM. Good for kids having ages from 2 years to 15 years. I suggest must go to know about the environment.

Bhavnirzar – In front of the Museum there is a nice temple where children can play in the garden and it gives a good view of Ahmedabad. it is a peaceful temple and good to spare a few mins.

10 – Entartica Seaworld – Watersports at Riverfront Ahmedabad

Approx Duration: 1 to 3 hrs
Kids Activity type: Entartica water sports, Cruise
Good for: 3 and above kids
Food Zone: No
Price: ₹₹ (Low to Expensive)

Riverfront has now major adventure sports, boating, cycling and many more things. You can ask for the Vallabh Sadan side of the riverfront where you can get

  • Watersports like roller, water cycle
  • Cruise
  • Jet ski
  • Yacht
  • & More

Read More about Entartica Seaworlds in details

11 – Riverfront children’s activity places

Riverfront has many things to do especially kids’ activities. For kids, there are many attractions like cycling to the play area and many more Places for kids around Ahmedabad

1 – Flower park
2 – Biodiversity park
3 – Helicopter Ride – Read More
4 – Riverfront footbridge – Read More
5 – Riverfront garden
6 – Riverfront Children Park

Check all attractions of the Riverfront on this link

12 – Kids Garden and Children Play area in Ahmedabad

There are lots of gardens and places for kids in Ahmedabad along with the Children’s Play area. The list is too long, I have written here the garden which is good and unique.

Ugati Oxygen Park near Science City (Science City)

Ugati Oxygen Park
Ugati Oxygen Park – Walkway

Oxygen Park is full of trees and a children’s play area + Lake. You can enjoy here the evening and spend a good time. Read more about Oxygen Park

Symphony Forest Park (Bodakdev)

Lake at Symphony Forest Park
Lake at Symphony Forest Park

Symphony forest park is developed by the Famous Symfony company opposite their Head office in Ahmedabad in the Bodakdev area.

Read more about it here

Law Garden / Happy Street (Law Garden)

Chiti bang law garden – This is located at Ellis bridge area this is good for all ages it has shopping, eating street food, kids rides in chiti bang, horse ridings, camel ridings, jumping and toys. It is good for aged 1 to 15 years kids

13 – Kids world Play area (Naranpura)

Kids world is located near the Naranpura Ankur area which has many games to play well for the young kids. Location – Kids world, Mirambica School Road, Opposite Municipal Garden, Krishnavan Society, Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013

Map –

Other places for kids around Ahmedabad

  • Fun rides at Prahlad Nagar garden
  • Riverfront Park and garden
  • The fun world near Ankur crossroad
  • Many Amul gardens
  • Garden near airport
  • Aeroplane landing view behind the airport on the road towards Naroda /himmatnagar

Here is the list of the places for kids around Ahmedabad (20+ km)

Gandhinagar’s Indroda Park, Sarita Udhyan

Indroda Park has many things to do and see. Please check here about more details

Kanjari Deer Park


Mahakali Vad (Second Largest Banyan Tree in Gujarat) In between Chiloda and Pratij

Kantharpur Mahakali Vad

Balasinor Dinosaur Park

Balasinor Dinosaur Park
Balasinor Dinosaur Park

Balasinor is heaven for kids who love dinosaurs. Please check more details by clicking here

Amarnath, Tirupati Rushivan, Sapteshwar


AATAPI Wonderland (130 Kms)

places for kids around Ahmedabad –

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