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Guided Heritage Walks Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is declared the First Heritage City of India. The real beauty of Ahmedabad is to explore its heritage lifestyle, arts and culture. I strongly suggest to tourist who is interested to see Heritage Ahmedabad which is 600 years+ old city, Must go for Heritage Walk.

It will includes

  • Old monuments
  • Streets
  • Temples, Mosque and Jain temples
  • Havelis / Houses
  • Daily Lifestyle and Culture
  • Architecture like Chabutra, Pols to make atmosphere cooler, water storage and drainage facilities of ancient time.
  • Swaminarayan temple made by the God Swaminarayan
  • Markets and Street food running since 100+ years

There are many Guided Heritage Walks organized daily basis in Morning and Night.

I have mentioned all available Ahmedabad walled city heritage tours

Ahmedabad Heritage Walk organized by Ahmedabad Heritage Walk (Official Tour Organized)

Tour 1

Morning Heritage Walk

8 AM to 10:30 AM
More information

Tour 2

Night Heritage walk

8:45 PM to 11:30 PM
More information

Multiple Heritage Walks organized by House of MG

Tour 3

Breakfast Tours

More details

Tour 4

Night Heritage Walks

More details

Dress Code for all heritage tours as it covers religious sites :

  • Upper Wear: Must cover the shoulders, chest, navel, and upper arms
  • Lower Wear: Must be at least below knee-length.

32 thoughts on “Guided Heritage Walks Ahmedabad”

  1. One of the best experience of Heritage Walk Ahmedabad managed by The Akshar Travels Pvt. Ltd. & Supported by AMC. Fully satisfied with all the places, cover in route & the guide who describe the history of all the heritage places. I fully recommend “Heritage Walk Ahmedabad”, if you want real heritage walk & culture experience of true old city the Amdavad than enjoy Ahmedabad heritage walk.

  2. Hi Girish,
    Went through all the comments. We are a group of 30-35 students coming from Mangalore (Karnataka) and as a coordinator for them would seek your advice as to how to go about this Heritage Walk. We plan to Visit Ahmedabad around the end of November. I stayed there for two years 2004-2006 but never got to do all this. Would be really nice if you could help out.
    Thank you

  3. Yes Bhaumik I can provide ethnic home stay. I am regional tour guide approved from ministry of tourism Government of India. I have conceptualized 11 walking tours for Ahmedabad City and on the way to design 12th walking tour.

    1. Thanks girish sir. This page needs your guidance to highlight more about heritage walk

  4. Vineet Heritage walk operates on all 360 days plus during Diwali 5 days off. Enjoy home stay in old quarters of Ahmedabad city with community, enjoy midnight street food at walking distance, and buy souvenir or ethnic cotton fabric ready to wear or ready to stitch that too at walking distance. I am Girish Gupta Volunteer for Heritage Walks of Ahmedabad.

    1. Thanks girish for the info. If possible can you provide good home stay or location to stay in old city?

  5. Thanks Bhoumik. I have two questions here –
    1. Which one is better ?
    – Night or day one?
    – by AMC or by House of MG?
    2. What is frequency for these ? Is it daily or only on specific days? (as someone was telling that it is on wed and sunday so I am confused.

    I am planning to visit in July with my family (first time in Gujrat) so which area is better to stay so we could enjoy Gujrati street food and reasonable shopping too.

    1. 1. you should go by AMC. You can see live vibrant atmosphere.
      2. It is on every Sunday. Still it is better if you can call that number before coming.

      Regarding stay you can take hotel near law garden and ellisbridge. It has garden, shopping street, food street and center of city from where you can visit many happening places. For hotel booking go for Oyo, makemytrip and find hotel near law garden, Ellis bridge.

  6. I and my mother went for morning heritage walk. I am an architect by profession. I was happy with the walk and there was lot to see and learn which I had studied in the college. When I went most of the lanes were clean including manek chowk (I haven’t seen it in the night ) . People who are interested in history and heritage must go for this. You get to see Amazing wooden carving. It’s an experience different from other stuff.

    1. Sahana, I completely agree with you. Thank you Sahana for sharing your personal experience here.

  7. Hi. Do we need to book in advance for this ahmedabad heritage city walk?? I am planning to go this weekend but can not find anywhere to book in advance.

  8. I visited this heritage walk on 10th May, 2015. It was a great experience for me in knowing the architecture and lifestyle of the people. I love photography and one day I was surfing, n then I found this heritage walk which is organised in Ahmedabad. I made a plan to visit this place with my college mates. Fortunately, I was able to get good shots. To catch my updates on Instagram, follow me on uday.choudhary03 (Instagram ID). Thank you. 🙂

    1. House of MG is providing a Morning Heritage walk too –
      Morning Heritage walk (start from 7:30 end at 10:00 )
      Price – 350 Rs per person (As per 21st January 2015)
      Night Heritage walk ( start from 9:30 end at 11:00)
      Price – 250 Rs per person (As per 21st January 2015)

  9. Dear Kalpesh ; Nice reading about your offer to help – my name is Rajesh Ruparel . maare badhi j pole jovi chhey. From a quiet a long time I am planning for that & do not get anybody to help . . If please you can get me some time to take me to good places as you have mentioned in the letter aboe I’ll be highly obliged. I am from Bombay ( 09322251620 ).Planning to come around 17 /18 th January there. I can come otherwise any day you can spare some time for me. You can suggest me a good hotel nearby to you. Travelling – Photography – Food – making friends is my Hobby & Habbit – I will call me your friend now onwards ; even if you can’t spare time for me. If you come to Bombay we can meet. I am not architect by proffession but I am designing & printing brouchers for the builders & architects . .sorry to make you read so much . .please give me your number & I’ll call you. I have heard about House of MG but one of my friend said is not worth the price they are offering . Bye. Waiting for your reply . .( you can give me a misscall also . .

  10. Hello! I went on a tour to Ahmedabad and first I felt a little boring but after some time I felt very interesting . You should also go my friends.

  11. I am an architect & urban designer, got very disappointed wit experience of a’bad heritage walk .
    1rst thing what they r showimg is definately not heritage of India or Gujrat…(walk & dall dancing through shit.) Surprising thing when Modi is claiming so much development in gujrat & still such lanes with shits exists in muncipal areas of ahmdabad? only name is interesting …Frm temple 2 mosque. they r trying to do business like slum dog millionaire. Showing india dirty n win award.
    definitely this is not heritage of gujrat. , old days also people use to keep their lanes clean & may never accept dog buffalo shits in front of temple .
    Another thing 1 wrong information,, guide was telling about 1 lane in which houses of different styles sharing common wall, 1 was maharashrian/maratha’s house. on that house one mask was there. it was told dat is peshwa but actually it was sardar’s cap ,
    Y such wrong information is being spread dat is big question? 1 doubt came into mind whether this walk is to promote importance of bramhins with fake stories?
    One more wrong information was being told that 1st ug drainage system in India was done in A’bad. In fact underground drainage system exists from Indus valley civilization.
    Poet’s house deliberately taken & newly built.
    I feel india& gujrat as a part of it has rich heritage , it should be highlighted.Concept is totally fake & wrong …neither temple nor mosque is interlinked with the society.culture existing at that period..

    1. Resha if you would have walked in pole in Khadia area there are a lot of old construction and can fall in heritage site buildings. I suggest in future if you will individual visit some poles (Desai ni Pole, Jethabhai ni Pole, Magan Bhai ni Haveli in Raipur (a rich cultural architect constrution) of Khadia area. ( I am a resident of this Raipur area and can direct you these sites)

      1. It is really encouraging, I am visiting Ahmedabad in Jan’16 (12th to 15th) would certainly go to the areas enumerated by you. Thanks for providing information Kalpesh.


        Nupur Singh

      2. Thanks for appreciation… Let me know here your experience 🙂 now a days sabarmati festivals and kite festival popular so must visit in these days. Particularly in ahmedabad

    2. Regarding underground drainage-Indus valley is Pakistan, not India….Second you cant blame the company for sthe streets to be dirty. The whole of India is basically a pile of dirt and trash on where a very interesting culture live.

    3. Reshma, Thanks for your visit at Heritage walk. Basically this walking tour is a tool utilised to create awareness among citizens, tourist and visitors about cultural values, traditional dwelling & rain water harvesting system. So walking through narrow lanes where people are staying since centuries itself is an experience. Pol residents offer first cooked meal of the day to Cow & Dog hence animals found in the lanes are part of the community. At-last this walking tour is to experience and visits place of worship of Hindu, Jains and Muslims but this is not a tourist destination. Thus expectation level can be taken brought down and traditional level can be elevated. Thanks again.

    4. hey, I really appreciate what you have written here but I hope you CORRECTED the guide so that he doesnt spread wrong information.
      And sometimes we really have to ignore cow dung and concentrate on the heritage because not once you have mentioned anything about Sidi Saiyad ni Jali or Jama Masjid or the beauty of Manek Chawk how it is completely different at 12′ at noon and 12′ at night.

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