Roda Temple Complex Near Khed Himmatnagar

Roda Temples very ancient temple complex near Khed-Himmatnagar

Roda temple, or Roda Shiv Temple, and Khed Temples are very ancient temples and are considered older than the Modhera Sun temple and Rani ki Vav. Roda (રોડા) = Stones. As per the Archeologist, all 7 temples had built between the 6th to 10th Sanctuary with structures like Gurjara-Pratihara or Rashtrakuta period. Temples are amazing.

When I was returning from the Polo forest to Ahmedabad, I had enough time and planned to visit something new place. I have already been to Hadmat Sunset Point so Roda temples were new to me. I and my friend decided to go there. We first went to Vireshwar Mahadev near Polo Forest and then searched for Roda Temple and takes towards it.

Roda Temples are located in the interior part of the Village Khed. The temples are made from Stones. The site was discovered in 1926. and it’s considered older than the famous Modhera Sun Temple. The arts and architecture are marvelous considering that era.

Quick Fact about Roda Temples

Total Temples: 7
Age: Eight to Night Century Structure
Scuplture Type: Gurjara-Pratihara or Rashtrakuta style
Facing: East
Current Conditions: Ruined

1 – Shiv Temple
2 – Pakshi Mandir
3 – Shiv Temple
4 – Vishnu Temple
5 – Ladushah Kund
6 – Navgrah Update
7 – Shiv Temple
8 – Nagrani Stepwell

About Roda Temples and how to reach

Roda Temples complex (રોડા મંદિર સમૂહ) is located 16 km from Himmatnagar towards the Khed Village. It can be reached by car and bike. Start with the order given below and observe the map accordingly.

Roda Temples Map
Roda Temples Map

(1) Shiv Temple and (2) Pakshi Mandir (Bird Temple)

Starting from the Shiv Temple and Pakshi Mandir. When you come from Himmatnagar and take a turn as given in the above image, You can first notice these 2 temples on the turning of the road. To help you, here is its google location.

Both temples are protected monuments and are surrounded by farms. There is very less knowledge local about the temples. These temples can be reached by car and then by walking around 100 meters. Easily noticeable from the road. It is easily reachable with around a 50-meter walk.

Bird Temple is the only temple in India dedicated to Birds. Indicated points 1 and 2 on the map. There is little or almost no knowledge about this temple when, how, and why created such kind of temple and its purposes. I have asked locals about that but no one has any idea.

Bird Temple/Pakshi temple
Bird Temple/Pakshi temple

(3) Shiv Temple and (4) Vishnu Temples, 1 total ruined temple

Out of all the temples, only Shiv temple is still in use. Devotees from the surrounding villages come here and offer prayer and also do the Pooja in Shiv temple. Shivling is still present inside the temple. While next to it, there is a ruined temple that has no idea to which god it’s dedicated. Also, I have noticed that it is quite smaller than the other 2 temples so I assume that the temple is dedicated to something or a different purpose.

Both temples faced the East and Ladushah Kund is in front of it. The Nandi without a head is there in front of the Shiv Temple. It is assumed that the temple is destroyed during the 2001 earthquake. Temple has no joint with any material.

A similar kind of temple architecture was found in the northern tribal area of Gujarat and South Rajasthan. Like in Polo forest, Poshina, Sabli, etc area I have observed the same patterned temples. So the architecture spread over this area during the 8 to 10th century before the Solanki era.

(5) Ladushah Kund

Ladushah Kund is a very nicely created Kund. It is on the premises of the Shiv Temple and Vishnu temple. In front of both of the temples. Kund has the 3 sides of stairs and 1 side flat wall kind of structure. I assumed that it was kept flat on the side so villagers can pull water directly without stepping down. Kund has a total of 4 temples on each corner and on top of it, we can see the temple’s top. The round structure on top will amaze you with its wheel kind of structure.

One of the 4 temples 1 is not in good condition. The geometry of the stairs is similar to the Modhera sun temple, Akhaj Kund, and Kaleshwari Kund near Lavana.

(6) Navgrah Mandir and (7) Shiv Mandir

These 2 temples can be reached mainly from the main shiv temple. In parallel to the local stream. But when we visited it, it was filled with water so there was no direct approach to reach there.

We then moved to Pakshi Mandir and asked the Local about these 2 temples, passing through multiple farms and walking through bushes we reached the first temple (Navgrah temple). It is easy to identify the Navgrah temple by checking its door. There are 9 murtis of the Grah.

Navgrah temples are typically famous in South India and there are approx 18+ famous temples in India dedicated to Navgrah. Those temples consist of the following Grahs.

Navgrah Roda Temple
Navgrah Roda Temple
  • Surya (Sun)
  • Chandra (Moon)
  • Rahu
  • Mangal – Mars
  • Budh – Mercury
  • Guru – Jupiter
  • Shukra – Venus
  • Shani – Saturn
  • Ketu

It’s hard for me to Identify the Grah as it appears the same. I have found similarities between a few temples in that area. See Image below

Left side – Navgrah Mandir of the Roda Complex.
Right side – Navgrah Mandir of Navgrah Mandir near Poshina

Navgrah Mandir at Roda Temples ComplexNavgrah mandir near Poshina
Left side – Navgrah Mandir of the Roda Complex.
Right side – Navgrah Mandir of Navgrah Mandir near Poshina

The Shiv Temple is the largest among the most in ruined condition. It was broken during the 2001 earthquake. It has many structures scattered around the temples. Please check photos

Location of Roda Temples

It’s near Khed village. It is 16 km from Himmatnagar. Here are google maps.

Himmatnagar to Roda Temples 16 km
Ahmedabad to Roda Temples 100 km

Going by bike or car is the only option to reach there.

Fees and Nearby places around Roda Temples


  • Bring water and food
  • Cold drinks
  • Shoes as some temples required walking on the farms
  • Learn about the temple before going there as Local has no knowledge about the temple so no one will guide you there.
  • Ask locals to reach the temple. Do not rely on Google Maps for internal parts.

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