Shankus Waterpark

Shankus Waterpark is a newly renovated waterpark near Ahmedabad and Mahesana. It’s around 80 Km from Ahmedabad and 5 km from Mahesana. It’s a good waterpark with clean water and a decent crowd. You can spend some quality time here in the heat time of summer.

Water Rides of Shankus Waterpark

Timings of Shankus Waterpark

10 AM to 5 PM Open every day

Price & Packages of Shakus Waterpark

Latest update on 22nd May 2023

Monday to Saturday
₹ 1,000/Person
(Above 3 ft height)

₹ 1,200/Person
(Above 3 ft height)

Below 3 ft height is FREE.

The above prices do not include:

Locker Charges, Food Charges, Costume Charges

ઉપર જણાવેલ કિંમત માં લોકર, જમવાનો અને કોસ્ચ્યુમ ની કિંમત નો સમાવેશ થતો નથી

Costume & Locker charges of Shankus Waterpark

Male (Gents): Rs. 100 (Rent) + Rs. 100 (Deposit)
Female (Ladies): Rs. 100 (Rent) + Rs. 100 (Deposit)
Locker: Rs. 200 (Rent) + Rs. 100 (Deposit)
Towel: Rs. 50 (Rent) + Rs. 100 (Deposit)

રેન્ટ ની કિંમત પાછી મળશે નહિ
ડિપોઝિટ ની કિંમત જયારે તમે કોસ્ચ્યુમ સહી સલામત પાછો આપશો ત્યારે પાછી મળશે

Dining Options

Waterpark has dining options available from there, you can take lunch and hi-tea. Outside food is not allowed.

Contact Number of Shankus waterpark Mahesana

9099080080, 9099080090

Location & How to reach Shankus waterpark

Amipura, Ahmedabad- Mehsana Highway,, Mehsana, Gujarat 384435

Google Map Location –

  • Ahmedabad to shankus waterpark is 80 Km
  • Mahesana to shankus waterpark is 5 km

You can reach in your own car or you can take buses from Adalaj or Ahmedabad which go to Mahesana, Patan, Sidhpur, Modhera or Palanpur. You can drop by there. From Adalaj you can get a Jeep. You can drop at Shankus

Last updated on 27th April 2023

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