Robotic Cafe Ahmedabad

Robotic Cafe Vastrapur Ahmedabad

On 15th February 2022, India’s first Fully automatic robotic cafe was inaugurated near Vastrapur lake Ahmedabad by Nitin Patel. Engineer Akash Gajjar and his three friends developed this with efforts over 3 years. It is a new unique experience of Robotics Gallery gifted to the people of Ahmedabad. Its new attractions of the city. There are many other robotics cafes but they are used to serve only. While here, it prepares food and serves both. That’s why it’s unique.

About Robotic Cafe Ahmedabad

Started on 15th February 2022 by Akash Gajjar and his three friends. It’s a kind of fully automatic cafe. It has been taken 3 years to develop this. In another place, the robot just served the prepared items but here it makes the items in the machine and serve them immediately. Nitin Patel (Former Deputy CM of Gujarat) was the guest while it was inaugurated. It is fully developed in India.

Concept/How it works

1 – In Robotic Cafe you have to buy a card and add a balance.
2 – Go to desired counter. Swipe card or Order online. Set your table number, Item and order.
3 – Wait at your table for your order to be prepared.
4 – The robot will serve you (For certain items). For a menu like Panipuri, you have to go there (Robot will not come to your table).

  • Bhel
  • Puff
  • Samosa
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Panipuri

The price of each item is not received by me yet, I will inform you here when available to me.

Location of Robotic cafe Ahmedabad

It is located on the Ground Floor of Himalaya Arcade (Not Himalaya mall) Besides the Famous Vastrapur Lake Ahmedabad.

Shop No. 10, Himalaya Arcade Vastrapur Lake, Gujarat 380052

Google Map Location –

Types of Robots

Various kinds of Robots in action in the shops

  • Bhelpuri Robots
  • Display robots
  • Samosa Puff Robots
  • Tea Robot / Machine
  • Panipuri Machine
  • Alu filling Machine/robot
  • Serving Robots
  • Display Robots

All robots are proudly Made in India by Indians. Must visit it and experience the Technology with Food.


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