Kayavarohan Gate

Kayavarohan – The ancient town of Gujarat

Kayavarohan (કાયાવરોહણ) is an ancient town near Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Around 2015, I lead towards the Poicha Mandir from Ahmedabad, I had reached there once by forgetting the road and stopped for a tea in Kayavarohan. I feel positive vibes in this town which amaze me and my guts feeling told me that this is not a simple town. There must be something must be special about this.

After coming back I have started reading about Kayavarohan and it made me wonder about the place and my curiosity increased.

About Kayavarohan

Kaya(Body) + Avarohan(Descent) = Kayavarohan (Where the body of the Lord has descended). Here, the God Shiv entered into the body of the child as Lord Lakulish (in the 2nd century, around 1,900 years before). So its name became Kayavarohan.

It is believed the main place of pilgrimage

  • Ichhapuri in Satya yug
  • Mayapuri in Treta yug
  • Meghavati in Dvarpar yug
  • Kayavarohan in Kali yug

This temple has a Lingam of Lord Shiva, made up of black stone installed by Mahashri Vishvamitra during the Ramayan Period.

What to do at Kayavarohan

  • Temple visit
  • Archaelogical Site visit
  • Feel the atmosphere
  • Undertand the story of Lakulish
  • Yog and Pranayam
  • Kayavarohan lake

About Lakulish Bhagwan

Lakulish Bhagwan is the considered 28th Avatar of Shivji. He is also the Propounder of Yog and To believed the founder of Pasupat Sect of Shaive

Lakulish Bhagwan
Lakulish Bhagwan

Lakulish Shiv Temple

Lakulish shiv temple is the heart of the Kayavarohan. It is one of the Beautiful + Divine temples of the Shivji. Also a very important pilgrim place for the pasupat sect. Temple has a large gate and garden.

Temple Timing

Lakulish Shiv Temple Remains open from 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM Everyday

Temple has beautiful carving all around

The temple was destroyed by Muslim invaders around the 11 century. After that Kumarpal has reconstructed the temple. Recently the Gujarat Yatradham board has given the final finish of the temple. and made it a beautiful carving.

Best time to visit

Every season is good. But on Shivratri, the male of the village gather at the temple in the attire of Shivji.

Location of Kayavarohan

It is located on the Vadodara – poicha highway


Nearby Locations from Kayavarohan gujarat

  • Vadodara to Kayavarohan – 30 Km
  • Poicha swaminaryan mandir to Kayavarohan – 35 kms
  • Statue of unity to kayavarohan – 35 Kms

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