Birds at Pariyej

Pariyej Lake or Pariej Wetland near Ahmedabad

Pariyej Lake or Pariej Wetland (પરીએજ અથવા પરીયેજ) is 55 km from Ahmedabad and around the same distance from the Vadodara. It’s a shallow water lake and considered a wetland. It is located near Matar village on the way of Khambhat from Kheda. You can see the birds easily by passing through the road. Many birds including the Sarus cranes are nesting and breeding here due to the fertile lands nearby and shallow water.

What to do at Pariyej

  • Bird Watching very closely. Specially Sarus Cranes
  • Road Trip
  • Nature Enjoy – Specially the Farm and Village life
  • Orientation Center
  • Lake Watching (Boating is not allowed), Watch Tower
  • Beautiful Road to reach

Pariyej wetland or Pariej Lake has 2 parts. 1 Part is the Ecotourism and another part is open grassland or shallow water ponds. The interesting part is the shallow water area which comes on the left side while visiting from Kheda/Matar. This part is not declared as the Bird sanctuary, it means you can see the birds without any hurdles or restrictions. You can see birds with binoculars as well on the left side of the road.

Interesting Story about Sarus Cranes

Sarus cranes are found here in open farms and found in the pair. In this area, you can get Sarus couples easily. In Gujarati, locally called Sarus Beldi (સારસ બેલડી).

Interesting fact: Sarus cranes are always found in couples. When any of the Sarus Crane dies (Male or Female), its partner Sarus commit suicide by hitting their head to the stone. It’s a symbol of the great love between couples. Observing this kind of love, locals around the Kheda town villager who are going to marry soon or just married come here to see Sarus Couple and wishes for long togetherness.

Another interesting fact is, Sarus needs a big nest on the farmland for breeding. Also, it needs lots of food which affect Farming. Due to this, Farmer used to destroy the nest immediately while it begins. While the count of the Sarus crane went down, Vanvibhag of Gujarat noticed it and created a plan. They offer farmers that, if any farmer allows the nesting, the govt will give compensation of Rs. 5,000 per nest. Then onwards, Farmers welcome the Sarus cranes and allow the nesting. Today the count is good enough. Sarus and Farmers both enjoying the co-operation.

Road Trip

The road to reach Pariej is beautiful and passes through villages. If you love the road trip and enjoy the bike ride, this road is the best destination for you. On the way, you can see the Villages, Birds, Green Trees and many other interesting things. Here are some photos which I’ve captured during my visit.

Bird Watching

While you come from the Kheda/Matar, you can notice the birds on the left side of the road in all seasons. In the monsoon water level is very high. So in the rest of the season, you can view the bird from the Road.

Here, you can see the birds roaming here and there without any restricted area. Following birds, you can notice during the visit – Purple Murhen, Cormonent, Painted Stroke, Sarus Crane, Coot, Pelican, Flamingoes, Garganey, Egret, Dusky Redshank and many others.

Watchtower and Interpretation Center

When you move forward a little bit, you will get the entry gate of the Pariej Interpretation centre and Pariej Lake. The interpretation centre has the chart of the Birds which appear in this area and also the rest area.

Next to the centre, there is a lake entry and watchtower. If you have high binoculars or a good range camera then you can see many birds from the watchtower. Also, it has a small garden for relaxing. Near the centre, there are many birds on the trees too. You can do birdwatching here too.

Pariej Lake

Pariej Main lake in shallow water lake which is best for the migratory and local birds. Many birds do breed here and stay forever. Boating or any kind of commercial activities are not allowed here which help the bird to stay here and provided the best atmosphere.

If you have good binoculars then only you can see the birds in the Marshland of the lake.


There are no fees to see the orientation centre or bird watching tower. It’s free of cost. You can see more birds from the road.

Best time to visit

In monsoon, there is water on the road so it is not advisable to visit in Monsoon. For the rest of the season, you can go. Especially October to March is the best time to visit here.

Evening and Morning is the best time to visit.


  • Going on bike is more fun so if you want bike ride, must go here.
  • The road to reach here is very beautiful and passing through villages. You can enter the farms of the villagers with their permission and take photos.
  • Please bring binoculars and high range camera to capture beautiful picture.

Where Pariyej is located?

It is just 55 km from Ahmedabad. You can come here by Bike, Activa or Car from Ahmedabad, Kheda, Anand and Vadodara. It is on the road of Kheda – Matar – Tarapur – Khambhat. Its 10 km before the famous Tarapur Chowkdi (Crossroad). Which is the junction of South Gujarat and Saurashtra. Here is the map

You can cover Neja, Khambhat, Kaneval lake and other places on this route. Please see the video for details.

Nearby places to visit around Pariyej lake or Pariej lake

  • Mahalaxmi Jain Tirth (18 Kms)
  • Khambhat (34 Kms)
  • Sikotar mata mandir and beach (40 kms)
  • Neja The Tree Landscaping (30 Kms)
  • Kaneval Lake (24 Kms)
  • Lothal (60 Kms)

Neja Photogenic Road or Neja Tourist Place

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pariej bird sanctuary?
Answer – No, Pariej is a wetland and not declared as Bird Sanctuary

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