Statue of unity Schedule Feedback

Statue of Unity Guide

Why do we need to introduce the statue of unity guide services? The Statue of Unity is the top most popular tourist attraction in India and Gujarat. Earlier it was very few things to view there but now there are more than 10 attractions to see on the whole premises. Still have more constructions observed and will be available for the public soon.

There required well planning, schedule management, and arrangement. Also, all tickets are online as of now (1st December 2022) so everyone has to go with a full pre-planned. There is also a full rush on Saturday and Sunday.

I got 100+ calls for guidance/directions/planning in the last month. So considering this, we have started guide services. We provide guide services from Ahmedabad. Recently we successfully organized individual family and friends.

Statue of unity Schedule Feedback
Statue of unity Schedule Feedback

Do you know?

  • There are 22 Attractions to see in the Statue of unity for all age groups
  • Many tourists struggle in getting tickets after reaching there.
  • Many tourists spend more time traveling from one attraction to another attraction instead of visiting attractions because lack of Time management and schedule
  • Many tourists waste their advanced ticket amount because they are unable to reach time on particular attractions.

Time Management/Schedule Management

The most challenging part at the Statue of Unity is managing time and schedule. Many visitors think that it is not possible to cover a statue of unity from Ahmedabad in 1 day. We said we had done 400 trips since the statue of unity opened. We know each and every corner and how to execute which reduces the walk and back and forth inside traveling. What we can do?

  • We can suggest which places you can keep or remove based on your interest.
  • We tell which places are possible and which are not
  • Prices and time (Closing time) of the places
  • Ticket buying timing
  • Order of attractions – which attractions you should visit first
  • Which attractions you should keep on which days if you are traveling for multiple days
  • Nearest hotel suggestions and booking
  • Food options nearby and inside
  • Things that you carry and can’t carry
  • Wheelchair options are available at the statue of unity and how to get them.
  • What is a good time to visit which are considering the season?

How you can book or how it works?

  • Contact us on WhatsApp, share your date of travel
  • Share the number of persons and days
  • I will share basic possibilities
  • You can add or remove places
  • We will give the final schedule
  • Do payment
  • Get tickets on whatsapp.
  • Ask for any help during the traveling. We will buy additional tickets immediately if required.

Our Service charges

Only Suggestions and Management
Rs. 250/Group (1 to 17 persons)
Rs. 500/Group (18 and above)

All Ticket booking charges (Including suggestions and management)
Rs. 300/Group (1 to 6 persons)
Rs. 450/Group (7 to 12 persons)
Rs. 550/Group (13 to 20 persons)
Rs. 1,200/Group (21 or more persons)

Group tour guide for the Statue of Unity

If you traveling with a group there is a hard time managing time and schedule due to multiple attractions. As of now, we are providing a guide from Ahmedabad – Statue of Unity – Ahmedabad (Point to point)

  • We provide experienced guides for small, medium, and large corporate groups, children groups, and family groups.
  • The guide will come in a bus/tempo traveler with you from start to end. All responsibilities of the management, timing, place covering, and bus operating will be on the guide.

Guide Charges (Including suggestions and management)
Rs. 2,500 (From Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad)
Rs. 1,500 (From Statue of Unity to Statue of Unity)

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Last Updated on 30th November 2022

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