Helicopter ride ahmedabad

Helicopter ride Ahmedabad

After the cruise and seaplane in the Sabarmati river of Ahmedabad, one more attraction is added at the Sabarmati riverfront to enhance the tourism of Ahmedabad to Attract more tourists. A new attraction is the Helicopter ride in Ahmedabad. The aerial view of Ahmedabad and experience the ride in the Helicopter. It is managed by Aerotrans aviation company (Ahmedabad Based). The name of the project is Joy-Ride

Helicopter Ride Ahmedabad is Open Now and Running Successfully. It was opened to the public on 1st January 2022. It will run only Saturday and Sunday as of now.

Duration and Time

  • At a time maximum of 5 persons can seat
  • Runs only on SATURDAY & SUNDAY
  • The duration of a Joy ride will be 6 to 7 Mins.
  • Slots Start from 1 PM to 5:00 PM

Price of Helicopter Ride Ahmedabad

Helicopter ride Ahmedabad price is Rs. 2,360 Per person including tax. Price is same for Child and Infant

How to register Helicopter ride in Ahmedabad

Booking is only possible through this website – https://booking.aerotrans.in/

Steps to a book Helicopter ride

  • Step 1 – Go to the website https://booking.aerotrans.in/
  • Step 2 – Select the date
  • Step 3 – Select Slot and members
  • Step 4 – Enter the information of Each Member
  • Step 5 – Make payment
  • Step 6 – Download the receipt and boarding pass

What to do after payment

  • Step 1 – Arrange aadhar card of each member to show on mobile
  • Step 2 – Keep ready boarding pass
  • Step 3 –

Here are the rules

  1. Passengers must carry a valid government Aadhaar Card / Passport / Driving License / PAN Card.
  2. Reach 30 Mins before
  3. No Cancel, No Refund, No Date change
  4. No carry baggage or equipment

Route of Helicopter ride Ahmedabad

It has the following 2 routes. Depends on the weather, season they choose the route to keep

Option 1 – Sabarmati Riverfront – Narendramodi Motera Stadium – Sabarmati Riverfront

Option 2 – Sabarmati Riverfront – Science City – Sabarmati Riverfront


It is at the Waterdom in the Paldi area. Next to water dome/seaplane port https://goo.gl/maps/LhbVSmq6iKSYBcHT6

IT will be a good place to add while you travel to Ahmedabad. One day trip to Ahmedabad. Whenever you plan to visit Ahmedabad, please visit joy-ride.

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