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Neja tourist place – Parra Road of Goa in Gujarat

Do you have ever seen the Mini Goa or Goa kind of atmosphere in Gujarat or just 95 km from Ahmedabad? Also, it’s far from the Sea? If not, then this is the place called Neja which is considered the Mini Goa of Gujarat. Once you pass through it, you will be amazed to see lots of palm trees farms, and surroundings. Neja Tourist Place is one of the best selfie points in Gujarat.

In April 2023, I visited Goa and explored a lot about the tourist destinations of Goa. I found that Parra Road is on the top ten list. There are 2 main reasons. 1 is trees around the roads. 2nd is, the Dear Zindagi movie has been shoot here. But personally, I have found that Neja of Gujarat has a lot more potential compared to the Parra road of Goa. As the road is long, wide and more scenic. Don’t believe it? Read and watch the video below.

I have seen the Neja Tourist spot before the Dear Jindagi movie has been shoot.

On one day in August 2009, I and my friend decided to go on a road trip from Ahmedabad by bike. We both love the Natural place and Bird watching. So we started with a green belt around Ahmedabad which is Ahmedabad > Jetalpur > Vadtal Road. We went there and enjoy the greenery surrounding the road with a cloudy atmosphere.

After returning from the Vadtal, we have plenty of time so we have decided to move towards the Khambhat from the Matar. The narrow road with full of green surroundings and rice/Dangar farms. The farmers are friendly and on request, they have allowed us to enter the farm and enjoy the natural life for half an hour.

Just moved ahead and we started noticing birds surrounding us. The main thing we notice is Sarus crane birds. Everyone is a fan of Flamingoes but according to me, this bird is more beautiful and tall compare to Flamingoes. This area is popular for the Sarus crane sightings.

Finally, after 30 km of traveling, we found something wonderful in the surroundings. It’s kind of never ever such atmosphere and landscape in Gujarat. Not even near the seashore. I bet you no one can skip this place without taking a photograph for a few mins. We could not skip to and take photos.

In 2009, we did not have a good camera so I captured the scenic beauty of the Neja tourist place recently in the winter of 2021 with my mobile phone.

How’s it?

Must go there from Ahmedabad or Vadodara even though you have half a day available. It will make your day good.

Entry Fees and Timings and Best time to visit

There are no entry fees. It’s free of cost

Good timing is Morning 6 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM are idle times to visit.

The best time to visit is all months are good but best in the Monsoon.

Location of Neja Tourist Place

It is located on the Matar Khambhat highway just 5 km from the Khambhat.

How to reach Neja Tourist place

All GSRTC buses coming to and from Khambhat pass through Neja tourist places. Even you can enjoy your surrounding without leaving the bus.

A bike or private car/cab is the best option if you want to spend more time. You can take the following route.

Ahmedabad > Kheda > Matar > Pariej > Neja. If you coming from Vadodara (91 km) then you have to come to the famous Tarapur Cross road and then take a left turn towards Khambhat and reach Neja.

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2 thoughts on “Neja tourist place – Parra Road of Goa in Gujarat”

  1. Couple of corrections:
    1. This place is pretty much in the vicinity of sea. Khambhat beach is barely 5 to 7 kms from Neja.
    2. This is right outside Khambhat, not even 5 Km; you leave the city area and approach this place.
    3. The plantation was done by Nawaab of Khambhat in their ruling years; to ensure a scenic entrance to then glorious port city of Khambhat. Hence, there has been a presence of lakes and wetlands in this area.
    4. Ahmedabad is rightly mentioned 95-100 kms away but Vadodara is about 70-75 kms from Neja/Khambhat. So need correction on that too.

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