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Dholavira – Indus Valley Civilisation – Places to visit

Dholavira is located in the Khadirbet of Lake of Kutchh Gujarat. It is known for the largest Harappan site of Indus valley civilisation site of India and the Second largest after Harappa of Pakistan. In 2021, It is declared a world heritage site. It has also many other things to do and see apart from the Harappan site. When I visited, I’ve found that Khadirbet is a very interesting place to see. When you visit Rannutsav (White Rann) you must visit this.

What to do at Dholavira

  • Indus valley civilisation Museum
  • World Heritage Site – Dholavira Harappan Site
  • Sunset Point and Karni Mata Temple
  • Wood Fossil Park
  • Flamingo Lake and Full Moon View Point
  • Heaven Road or Infinity Road
  • Chipper Point

Note: There are no FEES at any point except Archaeological museum.

World Heritage Site – Dholavira Harappan Site and Museum

You may hear a lot about the Harappan site. If you are not a lover of History and archaeology, you will love it by visiting this UNESCO world heritage site. But keep any guide with you. This site has special things from other sites

  • Most of the site has the Brick structure while this made from Stone structure. Due to that many things remain intact and its original form.
  • Unique master plan for water management and town planning. Which is helpful to today’s engineer.
  • Excavation stopped in 2005 and its considered that almost 60% excavation pending.
  • UNESCO world heritage site declared in 2021.
  • Site is 5,000 (starting) to 2,500 (ending) years old.
  • Museum consist lots of items founded during the excavation.
  • Unique large signboard founded here which is considered as worlds first signboard. Its words are still unknown by experts.If you decode this text, you will be rewarded 🙂
Worlds first signboard
Worlds first signboard

Here is the site of the Indus Valley Civilisation. You can visit it free of cost and Experience the era of 5,000 years old.

Sunset Point and Karni Mata Mandir

Sunset point is around 8 km from the Indus valley civilisation museum and it’s located at the Lake of Kutchh. The view of the sunset from here is excellent. In the centre of the lake Bhanjno island (Mountain) add beauty. Dholavira Tent City is located here too. The Karni Mandir is located here which is very good too.

Wood Fossil Park

The Khadirbet is a volcanic island and contains wood fossils of around 17 crore years. Its 3 km from Sunset Point and 8 km from the Indus Valley Civilisation site.

  • Site founded around 2006
  • This kind of wood fossil available only 2 places in India. Jaisalmer and Kutchh.
  • 8 Meter long and 1 meter width Wood fossil 17 crores preserved here in glass.
  • The road to reach is not solid. Its kind of dirt road as of now
  • Atmosphere of this place is awsome – Lake near fossil park will give feeling of Sea.

Flamingo Lake and Full Moon View Point

Flamingo lake and Full Moon viewpoint are near to Harappan site its 3 Km from it. Currently, the water in the lake is not sufficient so a flamingo is not appearing but when you visit, you can try it. In the full moon viewpoint, you can see the moon rising on a full moon date. Also, this place is best for Star Gazing.

Heaven Road. Khavda – Dholavira New Road known as road of heaven dholavira

The new road name is given as heaven road or road of heaven Dholavira and it’s really like heaven. I have captured some photos and video but believe me, the Camera is not able to judge the beauty. It connects the Khavda and Khadirbet. And new road length is around 30 Kms which pass through the Lake of Kutchh. You can see mountains, Mud, Water and White crystal of Salt, Blue sky and the Great Sunset.

Construction of this road of heaven Dholavira is near to end then it will be Great road and paradise for the bike riders.

Chipper Point Dholavira

Chipper point Dholavira is a newly discovered point. As per my information, this point is discovered by Bharatbhai Manvar the Local passionate guide/residence of Khadirbet.

Chipper point Dholavira
Chipper point Dholavira

The beauty of this point is in the stone in the air. It’s a thrilling experience to stand on the stone and capture photos. It’s around 200 ft above sea level so it’s risky for young children. From the Chipper point stone, you can see a breathtaking view of the Rann of Kutchh lake. In the same direction, the Pakistan border is around 30 km (Air Distance).

The road to reach there is passing through the open field. No solid road. Also, there is no signboard to reach there. Only you can reach it through google map. Search for Chipper point Dholavira.

Travelling Tips and Useful information

  • Please make sure there is no Open restaurants available near by. So either keep food with you or stay in available places.
  • Must fill the fuel tank either Khavda (60 Kms west) or Balasar (60 km east) as there is no Petrol pump between Khavda and Balasar (total stretch of 120 km.
  • Select date of Full moon or No moon (For star gazing).
  • Winter is best time to visit. Particularly – December to February.
  • If you want to experience the authntic experience of Kutchh and Local village life, go for Homestay. There are many homestay available with Minimum cost and minimum facilities. But wonderful tasty food.
  • Veg food available only.
  • Vodafone, Jio and BSNL has better connectivity in this area.
  • Must hire good guide for Indus Valley Civilisation Site Visit.

Accommodation at Dholavira

There are 4 prominent places where you can stay at Dholavira.

1 – Tent City Dholavira or Dholavira tent city

Dholavira tent city Approx 8 km from IVC Site. At sunset point.

Approx cost of Dholavira tent city is ₹ 6,500 / Couple. Including food.
Booking website of Tent City Dholavira –

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2 – Dholavira Tourism Resort

Dholavira Tourism Resort is located just 100 meter before IVC Dholavira Site

Approx rate per night

Rajwadi AC Bhunga – ₹ 5,000/Couple
Normal Tent – ₹ 3,500/Couple
Standar Room – ₹ 4,000/Couple
Basic Room – ₹ 1,200/Person

Food charges additional. Approx ₹ 600/Day per person.

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3 – Dholavira Homestay

Location – Near the Chipper point. Approx Rs. 1,500 / Couple

4 – Rann Resort Dholavira

Near the heaven road. Approx 3.5 km from Indus Valley Civilisation site.

Approx charges per night Rs. 6,500/Couple

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Dholavira is located in the Khadir Bet of Kutchh. Khadirbet is located in the Rann of kutch lake. Dholavira is located leftmost part (western part) of the Khadir bet. Pakistan is approx 40 km from Dholavira.

  • Bhuj – Khavda – 130 Kms
  • Mandvi – 190 Kms
  • Ahmedabad – Balasar – 370 Kms

Google Map –

Distance and Nearby places

  • Jamkunariya Village (Lagaan Movie Shooting place) – 45 Kms
  • Khavda (Gandhi Nu gam) – 60 Kms
  • Kalo Dungar – 80 Kms
  • Dhordo (white rann) – 88 Kms
  • Bhuj – Khavda – 130 Kms
  • Mandvi – 190 Kms

Schedule and Route

There are 2 options to reach Dholavira
Option 1 – From Khavda (White Rann/Rannutsav/Kalodungar) – Dhordo (White Rann) – Khavda – Heaven Road. If you are at Rannutsav or Bhuj side then use this route. Fill up the fuel tank at Khavda.

Option 2 – From Rapar Kutchh. Ahmedabad – Rapar – Balasar – Dholavira. If you are going to Rannutsav or direct plan to reach Dholavira then go for this route.

Travelling to Dholavira from Ahmedabad

Approx schedule

Day 1
– 4 AM – Leave from Ahmedabad
– 7:30 AM – Breakfast halt
– 1 PM – Reach Dholavira, check-in at the hotel and take lunch
– 3 PM – Fossil Park
– 5 PM – Sunset point, Karni Mandir
– Night stay and Stargazing or full moon viewpoint

Day 2
– 9:00 AM – Breakfast
– 10 AM – Dholavira IVC site & Museum
– 1 PM Lunch and Checkout
– 2:30 PM – Heaven Road visit
– 4:00 PM – Chipper point
– 8:00 PM – Dinner halt
– 1 AM – Drop

Fully customisable

Travelling Cost

Sedan Car (Max 4 persons)
₹ 9,900

Ertiga AC (Max 6 persons)
₹ 12,800

Innova Crysta AC (Max 8 persons)
₹ 15,500

– Travelling home to home
– Toll, Parking, Driver Allowance

– Stay, Food charges
– Any tickets

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Last updated on 22 January 2022

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