Baobab tree vadodara

Baobab Tree Vadodara

Have you ever heard about “Kalpvruksh” (કલ્પવૃક્ષ)? We all listen to the story of the Kalpvruksh but it exists that we never know. This tree is known as the “Kalpvruksh”. When govt declares the price of the tree then one tree came in limelight. Its name is Baobab Tree of Vadodara (In Gujarati: રૂખડો). Scientific name Adansonia. The reason was this tree carbon dating showing 950 years old. Its price is estimated at 9 Cr + by the govt. It means, if anyone cut this tree, they have to pay 9 crores rs to govt for the same. After the limelight, govt has protected it and it became a tourist attraction. It’s just 15 km from Vadodara.

ganpatpura tree
ganpatpura baobab tree

What to do at Baobab Tree Vadodara

  • It has No FEES to visit view the tree.
  • Enjoy the unique tree. You can see tree facts below why you see it.
  • Enjoy natural village and environment
  • Play around/up tree
  • Take photos
  • Visit village and explore their life.
  • Approx duration to see 30 Mins.
  • There is no water or food facilities. Keep it with you while visiting

Interesting Facts

  • Its is 950 years Old and oldest in India.
  • Its trunk diameter around 50 ft (15 Meter)
  • Approximately its contains 50,000 Litre water in trunk.
  • Its not easily burnt. Even in forest burning.
  • Its fruit powder is good for the Blood Sugar control.
  • Its flower bloom in the Evening quickly you can see with naked eyes without waiting. In Early morning it goes down.
  • Approx 15 to 20 Trees available in India. This is one of them.
  • Leaf remain on it for 6 months around and 6 months it remains without leaf

Various names and origin of Baobab Tree

Many researchers said that it is from Africa. Theory said ancient traders brought plants from Africa and survive. But in ved and Puran, it’s mentioned as “Kalpvruksh” the tree which fulfils the wishes. So it is expected to be an Indian origin tree.

There are the various name of Baobab Tree

  • In Gujarati – Rukhdo or Gheluvruksh (ઘેલુંવૃક્ષ), Mahavruksh (મહાવૃક્ષ)
  • English – Baobab
  • Hindi – Kalpvruksha, बोआबोआ, बोतल वृक्ष, उल्टा पेड़
  • Scientific – Adansonia Digitata

How to reach Baobab tree of Vadodara

It is located in a remote area in the village name Ganpatpura. The village and the road to reach is very beautiful and natural.

Here is the Google Maps location

Here is the distance from Various famous tree

  • Vadodara: 15 Km
  • Anand: 45 Km
  • Ahmedabad: 120 Km
Baobab tree location from vadodara
Baobab tree location from vadodara

Surrounding Area and Village Ganpatpura

Beautiful Natural village. If you are travelling with kids then bring them and show them the farm and scarecrow on the way. The villagers are very kind and gentle, you can spend some time with them.

Nearby places around Baobab tree Vadodara

It is a good place for Half day picnic from Vadodara or Ahmedabad. People search for Baroda Tree too. If you want to plan to cover more places in the trip, then I suggest following places

  • Sindhrot checkdam – 10 Kms
  • EERDA Gokarting – 10 Kms
  • Hinglot Stepwell (vav) – 7 Kms
  • Mahi watergate resort camp – 15 Kms
  • Vadodara and its attractions – 15 Kms
  • Ravines Eco Park – 16 Kms
  • Enjoy City Waterpark and Adventure park – 32 Kms

Request: This is a less explored or Unknown tourist place near Baroda. Whenever you go do not throw plastic or paper and try to keep it clean

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