Tours, Trekking and Camping in Gujarat

Gujarat has everything except the snow and live volcanoes. Like River, Sea, Mountains, Forest, Jungles, Tribal areas, Salt water lake, White Dessert. It gives tremendous opportunities to the Travel lover. Gujarat’s local people is super enthusiastic about the nature and traveling. In Diwali Time and Summer time, most of the Gujarati people travel in Gujarat, India or Abroad. Thus Tours trekking in Gujarat is very common.

So Considering that, I have tried to bring all available tours, trekking and hiking camp in the Gujarat from various reputed tour organizer who has proven experience and reliable to travel with.

There are multiple options like one day and multiple days as well.

One Day Camp or Multiple Days Camp

One Day Camp generally contains the activities like Walk in Mountain, Jungle, Night walk, Trekking and photography. Also sometime it has Adventure activities like river crossing, rock climbing and many more depending on the area. This kind of camp is good for the young kids to adult who loves the trekking.

This kind of camp encourage you to go near by the Nature and it intentionally does not offer the facilities/amenities like other family tours.

One Day Tours by Tour Operators

On the places like Bakor, Polo forest and Statue of Unity Tour operators generally operate tours on specific days This is good for the Low budget tour when traveling persons are less or too many.

One Day Self Managed Tours

This tours offers the destinations which you can manage your self without taking help of the Travel operators

Multiple Days Packaged Tours

During the Short/Long vacation time, diwali time, summar vacation Multiple days package tours is really helpful while self management is not possible.