Shanti Suman Resorts and Club

Shanti Suman resorts near Sanand is a good place and the nearest place for a one-day picnic from Ahmedabad. It’s 35 km from Ahmedabad. It is designed and developed in such a way that kids and adults both can enjoy it. It is also an ideal location for the short distance picnic too. To spend a fun-filled day, visit Shanti Suman resorts and clubs. Read more about it here.

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Orsang Camp One Day picnic from Ahmedabad

Orsang Camp has located 60 km from Vadodara in the lap of Nature at Orsang River. Orsang River merges with the Narmada river a few km from the Orsang camp. Orsang camp is an eco-camp with lots of activities, fun, adventure, a swimming pool and food. It’s the perfect place for every season. In this blog post, you will come to know about Prices, How to reach, Things to do and location.

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Chotila from Ahmedabad – One day trip

Chotila from ahmedabad is around 175 km. With Hingolgadh from Ahmedabad is around 195 km (હિંગોળગઢ). When you visit Chotila from Ahmedabad, you can visit it during your trip. Hingolgadh has a beautiful fort, Nature education camp and Wildlife sanctuary to visit. It is more charming in the season of Monsoon. July to September is the best time to visit. It is a natural place with Lots of animal-like Chinkara, Deer, Nilgai and Birds. While Chotila is a famous temple of ma Chamunda. Many devotees come here for pilgrimage every day.

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