One Day Lambadiya Jeep Safari near Ambaji

Poshina and Phulwari ki naal is a tribal area of North Gujarat and South Rajasthan near Ambaji North Gujarat, approx 30 km away from Ambaji and 180 km from Ahmedabad. Poshina has its own cultural, natural, and tribal features. If you want to experience the unique tribal experience, the Poshina with Lambadiya Jeep safari must-visit things to do. You can roam Poshina and Phulwari ki nal without any safari or guidance but it’s not advisable. To explore it, the best option is to visit it with a local guide/person and on safari. The area is passing through the interior part of the villages and mountains.

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One day trip to Ambaji from Ahmedabad

Ambaji temple is a very auspicious and famous temple among the devotees of Ma Amba. Every year’s lacs of devotees visit Ma Ambaji mandir from all around India and Gujarat. Many devotees come to the temple by walking. It is one of 51 Shaktipeeth and it is believed that the Udar (stomach) of the Ma Parvati fell here. There are different ways to reach Ambaji from Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar. Here are the details about Ambaji from Ahmedabad via bus and car. Here I have tried to give full details about Trip to Ambaji. Ambaji temple distance from Ahmedabad is 180 km.

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Tirupati Rushivan adventure park one day trip

Tirupati Rushivan is a day trip from Ahmedabad. Tirupati Rushivan is a good and reasonable amusement park where all ages of persons can enjoy rides and waterpark. There are many things to do at Tirupati. It is very near to Vijapur and Himmatnagar so it is an ideal place for one day picnic for all seasons and all age groups.

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Polo Forest From Ahmedabad

Polo forest is the Thick dense forest in North Gujarat. Monsoon is the best season to enjoy it. Beautiful river, Dam, and ruined Jain temples and shiv Mandir. It has rich wildlife including Large spiders and other spiders. It will complete a 1-day tour from Ahmadabad which will bring you to the peaceful forest. Polo forest from Ahmedabad is 165 km approx. The best time to Visit the polo forest is in Rain. July – August is the best month.

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Modhera – Patan – Sidhpur (One Day Tour)

One day tour in a cab from Ahmedabad to Modhera Surya Mandir (Modhera sun temple), Patan’s historical places, and Sidhpur places. All three places are very historical and interconnected. History started around 1,100. Experience the Era of Solanki, Vaghela, and Chauhan (Father of Prithviraj Chauhan). You can consider this as One day tour from Gandhinagar to Modhera Sun temple, Patan’s historical places, and Sidhpur.

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