Riparian Resort 1 Day picnic from Ahmedabad

Mahi is a beautiful and very large river in terms of the water inflow in Gujarat. It’s flowing throughout the Year. If you are planning to take bath in any river near Ahmedabad, I suggest the Mahi river is the best option. There are many places where you can enjoy the Bath in the Mahi river-like “Galteshwar” near Dakor and near “Savli village” near Vadodara. In Savli, near Lachhanpura village, it has the option to swim in the river and enjoy the beauty of the river. In addition to that, it has excellent riverside resort Riparian. Which is one of the best riverside resorts which are 100 meters away from the river. Which allows you to enjoy the river and take Stay, Lunch, dinner, breakfast and Extra adventure activities.

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