Statue of Unity Tourist Spots

Places to see at Statue Of Unity

Places to visit near the statue of unity. To know the places of the statue of unity, you need to understand the bus system first so you can enjoy all the places easily.

Bus and Parking Information at Statue of Unity

There are 2 Car Parking areas. Parking 1 is 6 Km before the statue of unity and Parking 2 is in between the Statue of unity and the Valley of flowers.

To reach the statue of unity, if you park the car at Parking 1, which is 6 km before the statue. Statue of Unity runs 60 buses from the parking area in 5 to 15 mins duration. You can pick up or drop from any attraction points.

Latest Update: From 15th August 2021, cars and any vehicles are allowed to enter till parking 1. So you have to go all attractions by their bus. Bus ticket is including Entry ticket, Viewing gallery ticket and Express ticket.

Parking 1 (6 Kms before the statue of Unity) – Parking Fees 50 Rs/Car.
Parking 2 (Near valley of flowers) – Parking Fees 150 Rs/Car

Often I noticed that tourists were confused about which one to buy. Viewing Gallery ticket or express ticket. Both tickets are almost the same except priority in Express ticket. This means if you have an Express ticket, you get first priority in each attraction and bus. Here is a difference between both tickets. You need to buy any of them to reach the viewing gallery. You can buy from

Viewing Gallery
– 350 Rs/Adult and 230 Rs/Child
– Normal priority in the bus and other attractions including a viewing gallery
– 1260 Persons/Slot for viewing gallery

Express Ticket
– 1000 Rs/Person
– First Priority in the bus and other attractions including a viewing gallery
– 60 Persons/Slot for viewing gallery

Tourist places map of Statue of Unity

The map is based on 1 August 2021. I have tried to cover all points which are available at the present moment. The red star indicates that to reach here you need a prior online ticket. If you have pre-booked online ticket then only they are allowed to visit those places.

Statue of Unity Tourist Spots
Statue of Unity Tourist Spots

Tickets price – as per 21 Sept 2021

Kids age = 3 to 15 years

  1. Statue of Unity Viewing Gallery – Rs. 380 (Adult) | Rs. 230 (Kids)
  2. Unity Glow Garden – Rs. 100 | Rs. 50
  3. Jungle Safari – Rs. 200 | Rs. 125
  4. Ekta Cruise – Rs. 413 | Rs. 207 (0 to 6 Years)
  5. River Rafting – Rs. 1,000 (14+ Years only)
  6. Butterfly Park and Cactus Garden – Rs. 60 | Rs. 40
  7. Ekta Nursery – Rs. 30 | Rs. 20
  8. Vishwa Van – Rs. 30 | Rs. 20
  9. Eco Bus – Rs. 300 | Rs. 250
  10. Nauka Vihar – Rs. 413 (6+ Years)
  11. Arogya Van – Rs. 30 | Rs. 20
  12. Children Nutrition Park – Rs. 200 | Rs. 125
  13. Pet Zone – Rs. 50 | Rs.25
  14. Dinner Cruise – Rs. 1,416 (12+ Years) | Rs 708 (6 to 12 Years)
  15. Riverfront Couple Cycling – Rs. 400/Adult
  16. Riverfront Electric Cycleing – Rs. 400/Adult
  17. Riverfront Cycling – Rs. 250/Adult
  18. Attractions Bus (17 Places from outside) – Rs. 50 / Person

It seems tough to judge but you can easily calculate price from our Smart Price Calculator – Click here

Places to visit near/around from Statue of Unity

  1. Shoolpaneshwar Temple – 5 Km
  2. Zarwani Waterfall – 18 km
  3. Rajvant Palace – 25 Km
  4. Poicha Swaminarayan Temple – 40 Km
  5. Kuber Bhandari Temple – 45 Km
  6. Garudeshwar Guru Datt Mandir – 10 Km
  7. Mandan Lake Near Netrang – 80 Km

To know in-depth details of each palce please read below

1.1 – Statue of Unity

After reaching at main attraction by bus. It has many parts to see. Let me explain.

Wall of Unity

A huge wall 50 feet x 15 feet is built near the statue of unity. The Soil collected from 1,69,000+ villages of different states of India has been used in construction symbolization the unity in diversity.

Exhibition Hall/Museum

Exact below the statue, it has an Exhibition/Museum. Which exhibit the life of Shree Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his contribution to the freedom movement against British rule.

Audio Visual Show

The museum itself, it has an audiovisual show about surrounding areas and culture. Tourist likes it a lot.

Viewing Gallery

This is the main attraction of the statue of unity. Every tourist wants to reach here which is high as 135 Meters via lift. It gives a spectacular view of the River Narmada, Dam and the Surrounding mountain range of Satpura.

Viewing Gallery/Observation Desk at Height of 135 Meter

When you buy the ticket for the viewing gallery, you need to select the time slot to reach Here. You need to reach here in that given time slot. Most Sunday or Public holidays remained full so it is advisable to buy online tickets at least 4-5 days before travelling if you are planning to reach there on weekends or public holidays.

Time slots for Viewing Gallery

– 8 am to 10 am
– 10 am to 12 pm
– 12 pm to 2 pm
– 2 pm to 4 pm
– 4 pm to 6 pm
– 6 pm to 7 pm

1.2 – Valley of Flowers and Selfie Point at Statue of Unity
Ticket of the valley of flowers included in the Viewing gallery ticket

Valley of flowers offering verities of flowers and large garden stretched over 17 km on the bank of Narmada river. This is a beautiful place and it is near to Sardar Sarovar dam, food court and statue of unity. If you want to take the perfect picture of the statue of unity and dam this is the right place.

selfie point at statue of unity
selfie point at the statue of unity
View of Statue of Unity from Valley of the flower.

1.3 – Sardar Sarovar Dam View Point
Ticket of valley of flowers included in the Viewing gallery ticket

Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewpoint is located next to the Valley of Flowers.

Sardar Sarovar Dam is

  • 138 Meter height & 1200 meter wide
  • Lifeline of Gujarat
  • World’s Second largest dam considering its water storage capacity
  • Its canal considered as world’s longest canal with gravity force
  • Engineering Marvel for world by Indian engineers

So it will give you the proud moment when you see it closely.

1.4 – Laser Show at Statue of Unity
Ticket of the valley of flowers included in the Viewing gallery ticket

The laser show starts around 7:30 pm or 8 PM for 15 mins. Projection on the main statue of unity. It does not have any ticket to see it, you can see it from any place. But ideally, the place sou campus is considered as the best one. Its reservation is required.

Laser show at statue of unity
Laser show at statue of unity

2 – Glow Garden at Statue of Unity – Rs 100/Adult, Rs. 50/Kid

glow garden at statue of unity
glow garden at statue of unity

Glow garden is located just opposite of Valley of flowers. It illuminated just after sunset. Must watch this before visiting the laser show.

3 – Jungle Safari at Statue of Unity – Rs 200/Adult, Rs. 125/Kid

4 – Ekta Cruise at Statue of Unity – Rs 413/Person (6+ Years), Rs. 125/Kid (0 to 6 years)

5 – River rafting at Statue of Unity – Rs 1,000/Person (14+ Years)

Near the Godbole gate (Canal gate) it has an outlet of water to create an all-season water flow suitable for river rafting. Recently the private vendor starts the services for river rafting. Tourists can enjoy river rafting. This service has also a time slot to visit it. I will share more information soon. You can buy online tickets from

6 – Butterfly Park & Cactus Garden – Rs. 60/Adult, Rs. 40/Kid

Butterfly park and cactus garden is located next to each other. It is must visit place if you have child/children with you

Butterfly Park near Statue Of Unity

7 – Ekta Nursery – Rs. 30/Adult, Rs. 20/Kid

This nursery is being developed in the vicinity of the Statue of Unity, in line with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision that visitors, when they return, should take back with them seedlings as a Plant of Unity. The distribution of plants will be done at the entry gate where a stall has been put up for this purpose. Local youth are involved in the growing, development and sale of these plants.

8 – Vishwa van at Statue Of Unity – Rs. 30/Adult, Rs. 20/Kid

Vishwa van is opposite at statue of unity and it has a separate ticket for this. It contains herbs, shrubs and trees native to all 7 continents signifying the underlying theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’ in the global context.

Vishwa Van at Statue of Unity
Vishwa Van at Statue of Unity

9 – ECO Bus – Rs. 300/Adult, Rs. 250/Kid

10 – Boating at Statue of Unity – 413 Rs per person (6+ years)

Sardar Sarovar dam has outlet the canal from the medium of 3 lakes on the leftmost side of the dam. In the lakes now visitors can enjoy the boating. It has also a time slot of 1 hour for boating You can reach there by running buses. You can buy its ticket online in advance from

11 – Arogya Van – Rs. 30/Adult, Rs. 20/Kid

12 – Children Nutrition Parks – Rs. 200/Adult, Rs. 125/Kid

Children nutrient park is located before the parking area. It is showing nutrition information regarding the children on the train so it’s a fun-loving activity for children. Must visit it if you are travelling with a child/children.

13 – Pet House – Rs. 50/Adult, Rs. 25/Kid

14 – Dinner Cruise – Rs. 1,416/Adult (12+ Years), Rs. 708/Kid (6 to 12 Years)

15 – Riverfront Couple Cycling – Rs. 400/Adult

16 – Riverfront Electric Cycling – Rs. 400/Adult

17 – Riverfront Cycling – Rs. 250/Adult

Cycling near the Dam and Lakes is a pleasure. Private vendors offerer various kinds of cycling at various places including the Valley of flowers, Khalwani and Zarwani which includes Family cycling, individual cycling.

18 – Attractions Bus (17 Places from outside)- Rs. 50/Person

Places to visit near by Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is located in the middle of the mountain ranges of Vindhyachal and Satpuda with Narmada Valley. When you will go Statue of unity from Ahmedabad by car, you can explore more.

1 – Shulpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary (Zarwani is inside this sanctuary) – 17 Kms (July 15 to November Depending on Rain)

Shoolpaneshware temple is considered a very ancient temple. The original temple is drawn in the dam. So its idol and ling shifted at this place. You can see this in Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary

I suggest going in between August to November to see the full flow of water and lush green surroundings.

If you want to reach there by personal vehicle or cab, you have to pay wildlife sanctuary entry fees which are around 500 Rs/Car

  • Zarwani waterfall (14 km)
  • Zarwani eco campsite (16 km)
  • Kalbhairav Temple (On the way of Zarwani)

Zarwani waterfall generally runs from Mid July to November end. It is a nice waterfall. Bathing is not officially allowed. It has a very natural view so must visit to enjoy the Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary, temple along with the Zarwani waterfall.

Zarwani campsite offers a night stay and local lunch as well. They take 1 hr to build lunch so inform them 1 hr in advance to get local delicious lunch. For night stay you can contact there too.

2 – Rajwant Palace Rajpipla (25 Kms) On the way of Ahmedabad

Rajpipla was the princely state before 1947. It was a prosperous state during that time. If you are really keen on history and want to explore the era of that time, Must visit this place.

3 – Very beautiful Poicha Swaminarayan temple & Sahjananad Universe (40 km)

Excellent Temple giving wow effect every time you visit. It is a place located near the Narmada river. Beautiful temple, Sahjanand universe and many things to see.

4 – Chandod / kuber bhandari (43 km)

Kuber Bhandari

Please check the Schedule and car hire package from this link
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