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Ahmedabad travel update. Ahmedabad The Heritage City of India has many things do. It is heritage as well as Modern. The AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Commission) is very active in development of the Ahmedbad’s tourist spots. Which includes Riverfront, Kankariya Lake, Gandhi Ashram Redevelopment, Metro, Happy Street and many more.

The youth and now senior citizens are very techno savvy and using the technology as much as possible. Apart from that, government has given priority to the facilities of the public which you can see here.

India’s First Heritage City

Ahmedabad is India’s first heritage city considering the criteria like the culture and heritage and its preservation.

Bala Hanuman Express – FREE bus service

If you want to visit Heritage ahmedabad, You can roam freely in this bus which will take you to the many places without any cost.

Bala Hanuman Express - Photo by
Bala Hanuman Express – Photo by

Ahmedabad MyByk – Bicycle on Rent

Night Zoo in Kankariya

Night zoo is one kind of good experience. Generally nocturnal animal used to sleep in day time and active in night time. So kankariya zoo has created a special area which change the Day to Night and Night to day for animal. In result of that, if you visit zoo in day time, you can see most of animals in active condition like owl, cats and others.

Food Truck Parks – Recent Concept of Food Junction

Food truck parks in ahmedabad is very famouse, specially on the SG Highway for weekend. Which gives the open air experience with variety of food.

Gandhinagar Rajbhawan Visit

You can visit Rajbhawan with advanced booking, it will be great experience to see rajbhawan.

Chhotu Maharaj Restaurants cum Theater

Chhotu Maharaj is unique theatre chain which has the restaurants. Get more information above.

Above points are all about Ahmedabad travel update. Please visit for getting places around ahmedabad.

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