The best time to visit Gujarat

The Best time to visit Gujarat

Many tourists ask me the best time to visit Gujarat? After getting so many questions, I have decided to write information about this. Some small but important information can save you time and planning. It will help you to decide the day, schedule and seasons to choose from.


Which is the best month to visit Gujarat?

Short answer
15th October to 15th March is the best time to visit Gujarat or Ahmedabad

Which Day you should avoid during your visit Ahmedabad Gujarat?


In Ahmedabad and gandhinagar, following places are remains open on Monday and Closed on monday. If your journey is on Monday, please read the places which you can visit on monday and which you can’t on monday

Closed on Monday

– Kankariya Lake
– Akshardham Gandhinagar
– Science City
– Heritage walk
– Dekho Amdavad Bus
– Sardar Patel Memorial
– Calico Museum
– Vikram Sarabhai Space Museum
– Sundarvan
– Indroda park

Open on Monday

– Adalaj Stepwell
– Gandhi Ashram
– Sarkhej Roja
– Riverfront
– Sidi saiyad mosque
– Swaminarayan mandir Kalupur
– Auto world vintage car museum
– Iskon Mandir
– Vaishnavdevi mandir
– Thol lake

Around Ahmedabad, following places are remains close and open on Monday

Closed on Monday

– Statue of Unity
– Laser show/Lighting at Modhera sun temple
– Dinosaur park patan
– Balasinor dinosaur park
– Laxmi Vilas palace
– Nadabet
– Akshardham Gandhinagar
– Indroda Park Gandhinagar

Open on Monday

– Nalsarovar
– Modhera Sun Temple
– Rani ki vav, Patola house
– AATAPI wonderland
– All Resorts
– Bakor, Polo Forest
– Pavagadh, Champaner
– Jambughoda
– Poicha mandir
– Mini poicha

Wildlife sanctuaries remains closed during Monsoon

Most of the wildlife sanctuaries remains close during 16th June to 15th October each year

– Velavadar Blackbuck National Park
– Little rann of Kutchh Wildas sanctuary
– Jessore sloth bear sanctuary
– Gir lion sanctuary

Which are the best places to visit in Summer around Ahmedabad?

1st March to July is Considered Summer. List of the good summer places around Ahmedabad

  1. Aatapi wonderland
  2. Waterparks
  3. Orsang camp
  4. Riparian camp
  5. Dev camp
  6. Camp dilly
  7. Statue of unity

Which are the best places to visit in Monsoon around Ahmedabad?

15th July to 15th September considered a Monsoon. List of the good monsoon places around ahmedabad.

  1. Polo forest
  2. Bakor
  3. Pavagadh and Jambughoda
  4. Ratanmahal
  5. Many Waterfalls
  6. Statue of unity
  7. Hingolgadh
  8. Modhera Sun Temple, Rani ki Vav
  9. Taranga and Dharoi
  10. Neja Tourist spot
  11. Jessore
  12. Saputara
  13. Dudhni Silvasa
  14. Junagadh – Girnar
  15. Dediapada
  16. Poicha

Which are the best places to visit in Winter around Ahmedabad?

15th November to 15th March considered winter

  1. Nalsarovar
  2. Thol lake
  3. Modhera Sun Temple, rani ki vav
  4. Little rann of kutchh wildass sanctuary
  5. Poicha, Mini Poicha
  6. Statue of unity
  7. Koliyak Nishkalank Mahadev
  8. Lothal
  9. Velavadar Blackbuck sanctuary
  10. Jessore slothbear sanctuary
  11. Pavagadh and Champaner
  12. Vadnagar
  13. Nadabet
  14. Somnath, Dwarka
  15. Mandvi, Bhuj, Rannutsav
  16. Dholavira

Tourism related fairs

The best time to visit in Gujarat.

Uttarardh Mahotsav – Modhera Sun Temple – January

2 Days dance Indian classical dance festival at night at Modhera Sun Temple. If you have keen interest in Indian traditional dance, this festival is for you. Next festival will be on 20 to 24 January 2024

Kite Festival – January

One of the favourite festival – This celebrates on 14 and 15 January each year. Gujarat govt organize international kite festival on various location in Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Statue of unity, Vadodara and other places for 3 days before Kite festival.

Megh Malhar Festival – Saputara – August

In Saputara, gujarat tourism organized 1 month festival from 1st Aug to 31st Aug each year. It includes, Events, Performance, Shopping, Celebrations, Kids activities and many more.

Navratri Festival – October

Navratri is considered as longest festival (10 Days). It is celebrated in Gujarat with different vibe and atmosphere. It celebrated in Society, apartments, open plots, party plots. To give free access to Tourist, gujarat tourism organized 10 days festival in free at ahmedabad GMDC ground.

Rannutsav – Bhuj – Kutchh – November to February

Rannutsav is celebrated in White desert Kutchh. Its 4 months long festival with having white rann visit, food stalls, events, kids activities and many more. Its starts in October end and close at February end. Best time to visit it is Poonal (Full moon). or No moon (Amavasya)

Kankariya Carnival – Ahmedabad – December

Kankariya Carnival celebrate at Kankariya lake ahmedabad. From 25 Dec and 31st December. It has Live performance, Kids activities, Shopping, water activities, adventure activities and many more.

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