Indroda Park Gandhinagar

Indroda Park – The Great Zoo or Jungle near Gandhinagar

Indroda Park is located at Sabarmati’s bank on west side. It is approx 4 km large zoo, dinosaur park, jungle. Here, I am trying to give information about the Indroda park gandhinagar. It’s location, things to do, timings, tips, entry fees and other useful information.

Things to See at Indroda Park

  • Fossil park
  • Dinosaur park
  • Blue whale skeleton
  • Botanical garden
  • Amphitheatre, Camping
  • Bird watching
  • Zoo

Some basic knowledge

  • Indroda is village name where this is located, so its known as Indroda park
  • Park opened 1970 around
  • The fossil or dinosaur bring here from Raiyoli Balasinor (The Rajasaurus Narmadensis)
  • It has 4 km large zoo, jungle we can see
  • Its ideal place for the Bird watching.
  • It is developed and handled by GEER foundation. GEER meaning Gujarat Environment Education Research.
  • On East side of the park, River Sabarmati is flowing and West side, the highway passing through

Indroda Park Dinosaur Park

Fossils and Large sculpture of Dinosaur. Separate park for dinosaur zone. You can visit and see the real fossil/dinosaur eggs founded in Raiyoli Dinosaur Park (100 km from Ahmedabad). The killer dinosaur Rajasaurus Narmadensis Lived there and 10,000 eggs (in form of fossil) collected from the site. It is preserved here.


Indroda Park Zoo has following attractions

  • Snake House
  • Lion, Tiger, Leopard Cage
  • Bird Aviaries
  • Deer and Antelope cage
  • Crocodile and tortoise
  • Turtle
  • Whale skeleton

Botanical values of Indroda Park

If you are student of the Botani or You are interested in Botanical subject this park has lot more things for you

  • Approx 300 species trees
  • 200 species of cacti
  • 250 Medical plants

Bird Watching

Indroda park is the large jungle too so you can see lots of birds roaming around with beautiful flowers and trees. GEER foundation regularly organize bird watching camp and even you can come early and meet the birds of Indroda.

Timings of Indroda Park

Ticket issues Timings
1st April to 30 September
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

1st October to 31st March
8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Every Monday it remains closed

Ticket prices of Indroda Park

0 to 5 years – Free
5 to 12 years – Rs. 15/Person
Above 12 – Rs. 30/Person
Institute/School Students – Rs. 8/Person
Physically disabled – Free

Two Wheeler – Rs. 15
Car – Rs. 30
Bus – Rs. 120


  • Indroda Park is very large. It is advisable to keep stroller with you if you visit with young child. Same for old age people
  • There is limited options for Food and water, please carry food with you.

Location of Indroda Park

Indroda Nature Park,
P.O. Sector -7,
Gandhinagar-382 007,
Gujarat, INDIA

Google Map Link

How to reach?

Best way to reach is self vehicle.

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