Shiv Statue at Sursagar Lake Vadodara

Shiv Statue Vadodara at Sursagar Lake

Shiv Statue Vadodara in the middle of Sursagar lake. It opened on 18th February 2023. It is looking very tall and attractive. The gold-plated statue is the new attraction for the citizen of Vadodara city.

In the middle of the famous Sur Sagar lake, there is Shiv Statue Vadodara in the middle of Sursagar lake. It is unveiled on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri 2023. Ie. 18th February 2023. So far lots of Vadodara citizens reached the statue to see it for the first look. The lake and statue are decorated with lights. Earlier it was the stone kind of structure and Construction of the gold-plated statue was due before the corona lockdown. After a long wait, it opened for the public on 18th Feb 2023.

Shiv Statue Construction
Shiv Statue Construction

It is 111 feet tall
Plated with 17.5 Kg gold
1500 Kg Copper
700 Kg zinc
Total weight 2500 tonnes
Architecture/Sculpture by Naresh Verma

The sound gun and another protector of lightning put aside the statue to save it from the Birds and lighting.

You can visit it while visiting the Sur Sagar lake in the Mandvi area. At night, it is illuminated with the Lights surrounding lake nights.


27 years (1996), when Sur Sagar lake was planned to clean at that time, an uncompleted structure was founded here which was assumed to have Shiv Statue Vadodara or Shiv temple. Then the shiv statue has been made and that looked a like below.

Old shiv temple sursagar
Old shiv temple sursagar

After the above statue is, the gold-plated statue construction will be started.

Shiv Statue
Shiv Statue
Shiv Statue Sursagar Lake
Shiv Statue Sursagar Lake

Shiv Statue Vadodara Location

Middle of the Sursagar Lake. Sursagar lake is located in the Middle of Vadodara. Here is the location –

Last updated on 18th February 2023

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