Mahakali Vad Kantharpura

Mahakali Vad near Gandhinagar

This is a famous vad (banyan tree) of Kantharpura near Gandhinagar known as Mahakali Vad. Which is one of the widest trees of Gujarat, probably, It may be second after the Kabirwad. The temple of the Mahakali Devi is situated in the middle of the trunk. This vad is spreading around 5 meters each year. Thanks to the farmers who donate the land for this tree and show their interest in the progress of vad. It is good for one day picnic from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Himmatnagar. It is also known as Kantharpura vad.

Things to do at Mahakali Vad

  • Enjoy the wide tree and its branches
  • Visit Mahakali Devi mandir while visiting vad
  • Visit surrounding villages (Very natural)
  • Enjoy the narrow road passing between the villages and farm

Entry fees and timing

No Fees or charges yet to visit it.
The best time to visit is Morning or Evening
Timing is Morning 6 AM to Sunset

Latest Progress Development as of 11th May 2022

Various development going on at the Mahakali Vad.

Fact about Mahakali Vad Kantharpura

While Narendra Modi was the CM of Gujarat, he suddenly visited this place without notice in 2005. Thus, he announced this as a tourist place in 2006.

Modi Visited Vad
Modi Visited Vad
  • The vad (Banyan Tree) is considered 500 years old.
  • It is declared a Tourist Place (Picnic place) in 2006
  • Its spread over half acre space
  • Mahakali Mata Mandir is in the Kantharpura Vad
  • Festival held in Navratri and lots of people around the villages coming here
  • Its spread 5 meters every year
  • It is believed that Stepwell is below the banyan tree in the past
  • It’s hard to measure or guess tree vad in one eye view
  • It’s like a small jungle of 1 tree.
  • Although, it’s challenging to identify the difference between the main trunk and the aerial (વડવાઈ).
  • This tree is declared a “Heritage Tree of Gujarat”.
  • Home of 1000+ birds and monkeys.

Location of Mahakali Vad

Location – This vad is located in between Chiloda and Himmatnagar. After chiloda chokdi, find the board of the vad (Kantharpur). It is 18 km from Chiloda. The Road is narrow but it is very beautiful

  • It is 18 Km from Chiloda
  • Gandhinagar to Mahakali vad is 30 km
  • Ahmedabad to Mahakali vad is 50 km
  • Himmatnagar to Mahakali vad is 45 km

Also, you can see its link on Google Map Location –

Galteshwar, Mahakali Vad, Pratij and Mahudi Route Map

How to reach at Kantharpura Giant Banyan Tree

There is no public transport available so you have to reach there by own vehicle and bike.

Frequently asked Question

How much time we can spend here?

Good for 1-2 Hours of time spent with family.

Are there shops available or food zone?

Very limited. It is advisable to take your own food and do a picnic here under the tree.

Which places can be covered while visiting this?

You can go to Mahudi or You can club this while visiting Shamlaji from Ahmedabad.

Nearby places

  • Pratij Galeshwar – 20 km
  • Mahudi – 30 Km
  • Gandhinagar – 30 km

Last updated on 11 May 2022

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