Corona Diya Jalao 5 Apirl - Photo By Divyabhaskar

Corona and Lockdown Ahmedabad Positive Impacts

In 2020, Corona virus has created havoc. The first and worst effective industry was the Travel Industries all over the world. Its said that, 180+ countries affected with corona virus which started from Wuhan City, China. WHO declared it as Pandemic. Please read more about in detail from this link.

Event 1 – Janta Curfew & Clapping (22 March)

In this lock down situations few Events happened which was unique and historical.

In India first case noted on 30th January 2020. On 19th March 2020, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked for Janta curfew on 22 March (Self Curfew). Also asked for clapping for 5 minutes at 5 PM. Watch video here

At 5 pm Sunday, people come out to their doorsteps or windows to express gratitude to those who have been working in the frontlines during this health crisis.

“India is grateful to them, and citizens should express their gratitude to these people on Sunday.” He appealed citizen to do this by clapping or ringing bells for five minutes at their doorsteps on March 22.

It was surprised to see everyone participated and united and perform which was asked for. As you know Indian people are creative, so please see 2 videos

Funny Video Clip of Janta Curfew 2nd clip.

In Ahmedabad, Khadiya area, People played garba in this situation. Please check videos below

Event 2 – First Lockdown (24 Marh 2020 to 14 April 2020)

Then after checking the critical situation and increasing cases in India Narendra Modi imposed 21 Days Lockdown Nationwise from 24 March 2020 to 14 April 2020.

Means All business and tourist places closed except emergency services, agriculture and some vehicles. It was hard time for the people who never live in houses for 24 hours x 21 days without going outside. Most challenging time for the Elderly people and Young children. They can’t meet anyone or can’t go anywhere for playing or other activities.

India Corona Lockdown Positive Impact – My Observations

New learning

  • People understood how virus spread
  • Understood important of ventilators and sanitizers
  • People heard Wuhan city first time.
  • Learned new words and its meaning
    • Isolation
    • Home Quarantine
    • Janta Curfew
    • Lockdown
    • Flaunt
    • Corona/Covid-19


First positive effect of Lockdown which easily appeared was the Pollution.

Harmony and Unity

People of India shown tremendous unity, activeness and spirit to fight with virus from youngest to oldest. Many have been experienced this kind of situation never before. It may be recall of 1940 – 1950 era of independence.

People appear to stand united and help each other in every condition.


In this situations, many sectors works very hard to maintain health, supply chain, law and orders. People of India experienced first time such a massive efforts from every sectors.

  • Doctors, Nurses
  • Police force
  • Governments every department activeness and promptness (State and Central)
  • Medical Shops
  • Transporters
  • Health workers
  • Agriculture and Supply Chain
  • Cleaning staff and Cleaning workers


Main impact of the lockdown on the Companies of various industries. Many has given work from home where as possible. Other companies where its not possible, given salary without cutting leaving. Also companies did not fire anyone due to lockdown.

Many giant company offers donations and other help in this situation.

Healthcare, Pharma and IT sectors were in semi or fully working condition including work from home.

  • LIC has extended date of Premium
  • EMI of the houseloan can be extended for 3 months
  • Minimum balance is not required to maintain for March, April, May and June for any Bank.
  • You can withdraw amount number of times with any ATM .

Many companies and officer got enough time to think out of box for upcoming planning.


In lockdown the Movie theatre and everything were closed to poeple used to spend time on mobile by watching TV, old series. Also Tiktok, whatsapp creative videos was the funny enough for the day to day basis entertainment.

As you know Mahabharat and Ramayan was the most popular TV seriouse in 1987 – 1990 around. Since many days people asked to start again this series and government started this series immediately from 1st April 2020.

Ramayan and Mahabharat old age serials started again (140 Million users watched it on DD Bharati and DD National).

List of Popular TV Serials which started during lockdown

  • Ramayan 9 AM
  • Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 10 AM
  • Khichdi 11 AM
  • Mahabharat 12 PM
  • Buniyad
  • Shriman Shrimati 4 PM
  • Mahabharat 7 PM
  • Shaktiman 8 PM
  • Ramayan 9 PM
  • Circus
  • Chankya


Central and State government given too much activeness and promptness on each of the minor issues and they have tried there best to give services.

Donations & Social welfare

After lockdown, major issue was the immigrant inter state workers. In Ahmedabad and Surat, lots of workers coming from Kvant, Chhota Udaipur, Rajasthan, Bihar, Dungarpur, Uttarpradesh. When they heard about lockdown, they started walking to reach their hometown as all transport were ordered to shut down.

Many major NGO and Local families shown sympathy and provided them Food until government helped them.

For the packages and possible losses on industries, PM Cares account opened for the donations. Within a day money flow started coming


Rajkot’s company Jyoti CNC has created Make In India Ventilators in 1 Lac in 10 Days and planned to create 1,000 Ventilators

Research increased for Corona, Created many labs (Public/Private) for testing.

Apps for tracking Isolated people or home quarantine. GPS enabled app created with GIS Fencing to detect activities of the isolated people also informed to subscriber if any Corona Positive detected people living near by. Click here to read more

Corona also impacted a major on education and study. March and April month is considered as Final exams. In school, colleges and private institutes they have started the online videos for the remaining syllabus and share with students.

Police used Drons to detect people on the terrace and societies.

Police used Corona virus Mask to educate and aware people about its seriousness.

Family and Individuals

  • Family Gathered, Bonding increased
  • Most of population got 21 days long vacations
  • No Hotel or outings. Only home’s food
  • Self Hygienic awareness
  • Reduced number of other common illness
  • Reduced expenses
  • People invested time in self exploration and other hobby (In Houses) which was stopped due to the work or study.
  • Tiktok and Whatsapp was the point of the communication and creativity. Many meme
  • All show cooperation and join/help in household work in day to day works specially male.

Kids and Students

  • Kids got 3 Months of vacations
  • Students got mass promotion and appear in next class without giving exam.
  • Kids engaged a lot with parents and grand parents.
  • Created so many videos in TikTok.
  • Other games were not allowed so played Badminton, mobile games, Old games like top, marbles, playing card.
  • Some kids helped in household activities too.
  • Some kids became corona fighters

Event 3 – Deep Jalao (5 April 2020 | 9 PM for 9 Mins)

Responding to PM Modi’s voluntary call, India lights diyas at 9 pm

Corona Diya Jalao 5 Apirl - Photo By Divyabhaskar
  • Corona Diya Jalao 5 Apirl – Photo By Divyabhaskar

Will add more on More updates.

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