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MyByk has introduced the cycle on rent in 2014. Now a days its becoming famous due to hi-tech cycles. March 2020 onward due to lock down, people of ahmedabad got conscious more about health and in result of that the usage of the cycle has been increased significance.

Initially they have started near by the BRTS bus stand but when they grow, they are available at various places. 

Its pleasure to have cycle in the places like Lakes, River, Campus and narrow street. Keep this concept in mind MyByk had started services.

  • Kankariya Lake
  • River Front
  • Walled city
  • Many Campuses
  • Near BRTS Bus Stands
  • Residential and corporate flats

In places like lakes and river front you can enjoy for nominal hourly rates. They also offer for the monthly basis based on the cycle types. MyByk – cycle on rent

MyByk Charges as 13 Sep 2020

MyByk Charges
MyByk Charges

500 Rs Security amount. They are not accepting the wallet as of now so keep netbanking and credit card with you.

Minimum charge is Rs 10.


  • If you take cycle it will charge Rs 10 as minimum if you travel for 1 min or 1 hr.
  • Each time of renewal you have to reach nearest MyByk hub to renew.
  • You can lock the cycle anywhere but your mobile must be near to unlock. Unlock only possible from the mobile as it has no key.
  • To lock cycle, lock by pressing lock of the cycle.
  • To unlock cycel, press Unlock from mobile app.

How to use MyByk cycle on rent

Step 1 – Download APP and register. (Do this steps before going there to save time).

Step 2 – Go to nearest MyByk Point. After login into the application, you can see the nearest place with count of the cycle available. Reach to points near to you.

Find Cycle Near by You
Find Cycle Near by You

Step 3 – Click on the number available It will open popup with cycle listing.

Select Cycle from the MyByk
Select Cycle from the MyByk

Step 4 – Check the cycle in the rack and match numbers. Go near to that and press unlock. It will open the lock of cycle. You can select subscription and start using. It will take subscription amount and security deposit upfront.

Step 5 – In app, it will show the hours which you are using until you press END RIDE. You can press end ride when you want to put back again.

Contact Information :

Website : http://mybyk.in/


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  1. In Ahmedabad at River front, you are charging Rs30 per 30 min for single seat cycle and Rs100 per 30 min for double seat cycle.. Is ok OK ?? This is ur official rate or local guy charging extra amount ?? I just want your confirmation..

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