Statue of unity

How to reach Statue of Unity From Ahmedabad

Here are the guidance how to reach statue of unity, fees, timings and what to see nearby and make perfect trip. Statue of unity from Ahmedabad by car. Also I have shared other destinations near by.

Statue of unity 210 Kms far from Ahmedabad. You can reach easily by Car. Apart from statue of unity, you can visit near by places and complete 1 day trip from Ahmedabad to statue of unity.

What to see at Statue of Unity

There are 10+ attractions to see in the premises of the Statue of Unity. Earlier, it was 4 to 5 and now around 15 and more coming (Target is 30 or around). So then, 1 day will not be enough if you want to travel All. I have written already running attractions.

Entry Fees at Statue of Unity

There are various fees which you need to pay white traveling. I have mentioned the fees based on 20th October 2020. You have to take any one of the ticket to enter in Statue of Unity Premises.

Please note that due to covid, all Ticket Counters are off at statue of unity. Online ticket is compulsory. 100% online tickets required to reach there. There is no offline quota. You can take ticket online on this official site –

Ticket A
Main Statue of Unity Ticket

These ticket has 3 options depend on your choice. You have to purchase one ticket from this.

A1 – Express Tickets (SoU Foreigner VG) – 1,500 Rs

This is express ticket and it does not requires to stand in queue. This is compulsory ticket for the Foreign (Non-Indian Citizen) Tourist.
This Ticket includes all tickets which is available in SoU Viewing Gallery (mentioned below)

A2- SoU Viewing Gallery (Most Preferred)

380 Rs/Adult,
230 Rs/Child (3 to 15 Years)
– Viewing Gallery,
– Glow Garden
– Valley of Flowers,
– Museum,
– Audio Visual Gallery,
– Sardar Sarovar Dam,
– Bus Ticket
– Laser show

A3- SoU Entry Ticket

150 Rs/Adult,
90 Rs/Child (3 to 15 Years)
Includes all tickets mentioned A2 except Viewing Gallery.

Important Notes :
Due to Covid-19, There are limited visitors allowed at all places including Laser (projection) Show. They do not have any Ticket counter open as of now. You can contact us for helping out. You can reach to us on whatsapp by given number at bottom.

For online booking please visit this official site

Ticket B
Eco Route Bus or Separate Places

There is 1 Eco Bus is running in front of the Statue of unity which go to all places near by so in case if you are not coming through car, you can take this bus and cover all the places mentioned below. If you do not prefer to go by their by you can reach to each place separately. B1 – Shows the route of Eco Bus and B2 shows if you plan to go by your own vehicle

B1 – Eco Bus (Hop on Hop off bus) – 300 Rs/Person – It takes approx 3 hours to complete all places metnioned below

Khalwani Eco Camp
Ekta Nursery
Ekta Mall
Cactus Garen
Butterfly Park
Arogya Van
Vishwa Van
Zarwani Waterfall


B2 – Separate Places – You can select the places which you want to go all places are far from each other.

B2.1 – Ekta Nursery – 30 Rs/Adult, 20 Rs/Kids
B2.2 – Ekta Mall – No Ticket
B2.3 – Cactus Garen & Butterfly Park – 60 Rs/Adult, 40 Rs/Kids
B2.4 – Arogya Van – 30 Rs/Adult, 20 Rs/Kids
B2.5 – Vishwa Van – 30 Rs/Adult, 20 Rs/Kids
B2.6 – Zarwani Waterfall – 500 Rs/Car

Ticket C
Jungle Safari
200 Rs/Adult, 125 Rs/Kids

Ticket D
Children nutrition park
200 Rs/Adult, 125 Rs/Kids

Ticket E
Ekta Cruise
413 Rs/Adult, 207 Rs/kids

Ticket F
Boating- 290 Rs/Adult

Ticket G
River Rafing – 1,000 Rs/Person

Timings of Statue of Unity

As per 18 October 2020 timing of statue of unity as given below.

Statue of Unity, Viewing Gallery, Museum and Hotel
Remain Open from
8 AM to 6 PM

Laser show at 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Remain closed on

Every Monday

How to reach Statue of unity

It is located far from the major city, due to that it does not have direct Rail and Air connectivity. Still you can reach there by following options

I personally suggest to use personal vehicle or hire cab because it has many things to see around so it’s comfortable to have hired or owned vehicle

Option 1 – Statue of unity from Ahmedabad by Car

We are operating private car from 1 person to 7 persons daily basis except Monday. Statue of unity from Ahmedabad by car. Please have a look schedule and prices click on this link below (Running all day except Monday)

Please check Schedule and car hire package from this link

Option 2 – Tour operator’s Private buses (From Ahmedabad)

Our partner bus service operating daily buses except monday to Statue of unity from Ahmedabad which includes the meals, Tickets and All including. To read more click on this link below

Bus is operating on sharing basis running only Saturday and Sunday. If there are 15+ travelers other day then it can operate in 5+ days prior booking.

Option 3 – By Government Buses

Due to Covid, Government Buses are not operating as per 5th December 2020. Please visit this link to confirm while checking this information and want to go via government buses.

Recently GSRTC (Gujarat State Road Transport Services) operated buses To and From Statue of Unity from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Dabhoi, Surat, Rajpipla and Ankleshwar. Here I have put down the timetable and price fare based on 1st February 2019.  I suggest to book online or check availability before going using this website

Timetable & Ticket prices from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Ankleshwar, Rajpipla and Dabhoi

to Statue of Unity From Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat
ST Bus Timings and Fare from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Ankleshwar and Rajpipla

Timetable & Ticket prices from Statue of Unity to Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Ankleshwar, Rajpipla and Dabhoi

Buses from Statue of Unity to Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Ankleshwar
Buses & Fares from Statue of Unity to Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Ankleshwar

Other option is – Nearest towns are Kevadiya Colony (2 kms), Rajpipla (25 kms) so take bus to Kevadiya or Rajpipla (as it has more frequency). From  rajpipla, you can hire rickshaw/car on sharing basis or you can get bus to Kevadiya colony every 1.5 hrs

  • 25 km from Rajpipla
  • 93 km from Bharuch
  • 90 km from Vadodara
  • 197 km from Ahmedabad
  • 154 km from Surat

How to reach Statue of unity By Air or Rail

Nearest Airports/Railway Stations are Ahmedabad (197 Kms), Surat(154 Kms), Vadodara(95 Kms) and Mumbai (420km) where Ahmedabad & Mumbai are well connected with National and International Flights and Railway networks.

For traveler, I suggest to hire cab from Airport or hotels which is most convenient way of transport.

As per 1st December 2020 – New Railway line is under construction from Chandod to Kevadia and expected to be ready for trial run very soon.

Reach Statue of unity By Sea Plane

Sea Plane is expected to start from 31st October 2020.
Expected price is : 9000 Rs/Person. Plane Depart from Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Riverfront and Arrive at Lake near Statue of Unity.

Accommodation near Statue of Unity

Also for the accommodation there is limited options to stay as it is in developing. For stay, I must suggest to go at Statue of unity from Ahmedabad by car

Option 1 – Narmada Tent City

There is narmada tent City. You can see online booking here

Narmada Tent City near Statue of Unity
Narmada Tent City Near Statue of Unity

Option 2 – Ramada Encore

Ramada Encore - Statue of Unity
Ramada Encore Statue of Unity

This hotel is located near to sardar sarovar dam and it has all kind of amenities. You can book it from,, and their own site

Option 3 – Narmada Nihar

Narmada Nihar Near Statue of Unity
Narmada Nihar Near Statue of Unity

Other economical hotel near statue of unity is Narmada Nihar. It offeres direct booking as well you can do booking using

Option 4 – Other options

There are budget stay options available too. Click here to see Options

Option 5 – Other options

Other alternatives you can get in eco campsite but it required direct booking. If you want for flexible options then I suggest to stay at Vadodara, Rajpipla from there you can get Air, Train, Bus and Local better connectivity.

Please discuss with me to find better staying options. I will guide for that.

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