Gandhinagar Rajbhawan Visit Possible Now for Common man

Gujarat’s green city gandhinagar has green and beautiful Rajbhawan which was lies in restricted zone. But favor from the current governor O.P.Kohli has taken initiative to keep it open for public for limited rights and time.

It’s really amazing moment to visit such a beautiful Rajbhawan.

From 15th May 2018 everyone can register themselves before going using following site –

Here are things which you need to keep in mind.

  • Rajbhawan fees : FREE
  • Open only on : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Not remain open on public holiday
  • Entry from gate number 2
  • Timing: 5 pm to 6 pm
  • Late by late Entry time is : 4:45 pm
  • Leave time late by late : 6:15 pm
  • Register before 7 days
  • Maximum 7 persons in group allowed
  • No mobile or camera allowed for security purposes
  • No direct registration
  • ID proof is required while visiting
  • Show email or sms of permission while entering
  • Maximum capacity is 50 persons

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